"Together Again" - Ladder Match Pics
"The Mexican Sensation" Dellico comes out to the ring and unsuccessfully
attempts to get the crowd to chant "Mehico"

"Cunning" Chris comes out to the ring and tries to get the crowd
to chant "U-S-A," instead they all just sit there like bumps on a log

Finally some crowd participation as Dellico punched Chris
in the head the crowd counts "one, two, three" in Spanish,
then "Cunning" Chris counters and the fans count in English

"Cunning" Chris brings the ladder into the ring only to have Dellico throw him
and the ladder out of the ring

Dellico drops the ladder on Chris at ringside then puts on Chris'
propeller hat and attempts to levitate himself to the hanging belt

When the propeller hat doesn't work, Dellico puts the ladder back in the
ring only to have "Cunning" Chris drop-kick the ladder into his midsection

Back in the ring, Chris attempts to climb the ladder but Dellico hits him with
another ladder; later on the two battle atop the ladder

Dellico almost grabs the belt but Chris counters by tipping the ladder over
and both competitors are sent crashing to the mat below

Chris places the ladder over Dellico's head then jumps off
the ropes, crushing Dellico's head like a walnut

Dellico heads up top but Chris hits the ropes
causing Dellico to get tangled in the tree of woe

Chris then places a ladder in front of Dellico's face and proceeds to dropkick it

Dellico's face is rearranged

Dellico fights back and even performs a frog splash off the top rope

Dellico then goes for the pin but after being reminded that you can't win a
ladder match via pinfall, Dellico heads to the outside where he attempts to
shoot "Cunning" Chris

But the cunning one is able to dodge the bullets like a certain sci-fi hero

After running out of bullets, Dellico slams his guns to the ground and heads
back inside where Chris delivers his patented "Cunning Clothesline"

As Dellico lay motionless on the mat, Chris heads back up the ladder

Chris grabs the belt and falls to the ring below

Chris regains the belt for a record 4th time!