"Together Again" - Main Event Pics
Earlier in the night Scott Thunder had a video message for Stryknieghn
now the two circle the ring

Stryknieghn clocks Thunder in the head with a foreign object

Stryknieghn effectively chokes out Scott Thunder; but instead of going
for the pin, Stryknieghn heads out of the ring in search of another weapon

Stryknieghn returns with Scott Thunder's own Singapore Cane

Stryknieghn chokes out Thunder again then grabs another object

Thunder waits for the right moment then hits Stryknieghn where it hurts most;
Thunder regains the use of his signature weapon and begins to unleash hell

Thunder hits Stryknieghn repeatedly

Thunder has effectively gained the upper hand

Thunder shows Stryknieghn what it's like to be choked out

But after failing to get the pin, Thunder contemplates what
he should do next

Thunder gets the first table, but Stryknieghn attacks Thunder again with
the Singapore Cane and places Thunder on the table

Stryknieghn jumps off the ring apron on to Scott Thunder

The crowd cheers as Thunder is sent through the table

Unable to secure a pinfall, Stryknieghn takes Thunder over to
the Spanish announce table where Dellico is providing Spanish
commentary for our Latino friends

Thunder gets the upper hand and attempts a leg-drop on the table but
the table doesn't break completely because the ground is too soft

Thunder bulldogs a prone Stryknieghn then heads backstage

Thunder releases a secret lever which drops the set wall on top of Stryknieghn

This still isn't enough to gain a pinfall on Stryknieghn so Thunder sets up
his opponent on yet another table

It's shades of Mick Foley as Thunder leaps off the top rope...

And comes crashing down on Stryknieghn below

Again the table does not break due to the wet ground
but Thunder slides over the table and covers Stryknieghn for the 1-2-3!!!

Thunder retains his World Heavyweight Championship in a hard-fought match-up
and heads backstage to rest in front of a hot fire