T.W.O. Show Results - Extravaganza 4 - Pictures
Stryknieghn shatters a table-top over Paramecium.

Stryknieghn crushes Paramecium throw the makeshift table.
Then introduces the referee to the steal chair. Ouch!

Stryknieghn drills Paramecium into this makeshift wall.

After winning the HaRdCoRe Title, Stryknieghn taunts the former champ.
Paramecium is carried away. What does this mean for his match later tonight?
Not since Extravaganza 1 has there been a Triple Threat for the World Title on a T.W.O. ppv event. Tonight, the World Title was again decided in a Triple Threat Match containing 2 members of the original Triple Threat Match, Scott Thunder & Cadavor.

This would be Stratus' most grueling Title defense of his career. Not only because he was fighting 2 men, but because he could lose the Title without being pinned.
The 3 participants make their way to the ring.

Cadavor throws Thunder over the fence. Stratus chokeslams Cadavor. Then a huge double suplex.

Cadavor handcuffs Stratus to the fence, piledrives Thunder and pins him for the win.

Scott Thunder shows his disappointment that he didn't win the belt himself,
but is somewhat relieved that Stratus is no longer the World's Champion.
Stratus lost the title without even being pinned.
Earlier tonight Stryknieghn won the HaRdCoRe Championship. As a bonus match, Lestat received this Title shot as a rematch from his victory over Stryknieghn at our last ppv.

This was the first time the HaRdCoRe Championship was defended twice in one ppv, and due to outside interference it would be the first time the belt changed hands twice in one ppv as well.
Both Lestat & the new HaRdCoRe Champion were ready for a fight.

Steal trash can lid to the face of Lestat.

Stratus interferes and F-5's Stryknieghn on a steal trash can.

Double Chokeslam through the makeshift table for the win. Even though Stratus and Lestat
have never seen eye-to-eye, their hatred for Stryknieghn has brought them together.

This match was a Detroit Rulz Tag Team Match where no tags are needed, anything goes, no-DQ.

This match also served as the finals to the T.W.O.'s 16 Team Tag Title Tournament.

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Spaz knocks out Paramecium w/a steal chair shot that busts the CEO open.

Scott Thunder & Paramecium us the Cain to clothesline Kamikaze.

Spaz slams Paramecium face first on the steel chair.
Paramecium is then rapped in barbed wire
& powerbombed through a makeshift table.

Kamikaze is hit in the head with a handicapped parking sign.
Paramecium has a steal chair dropkicked into his face and is then speared.
Spaz is hit in the head with the ladder.

Paramecium performs the most breathtaking Swanton we have ever seen,
off the 10 foot ladder onto Kamikaze and through a table.

The Main Event - Scott Thunder & Paramecium live up to their billing,
defeating The Crazy Bastards and for the Tag Team Championships.
Spaz attacks his partner Kamikaze.
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