8.2011 - Press Release
Press Release:  For Immediate Release

Motor City Becomes The Movie City!

Motor City becomes the Movie City, Superheroes, Pirates and Wizards Beware…

Hollywood, CA - Los Angeles Film Director Charles Dewandeler returns to his roots in Detroit for the filming of `Parody Movie' a feature length comedy. Filmed and cast in Detroit, the movie stars a host of newly discovered Michigan talent.

Wannabe director David and his cocky, best-friend Curt set out to produce the greatest spoof movie ever!!! But they have no money and no script! This doesn't stop them from spoofing the greatest movies of all time! Superheroes, Pirates and Wizards beware, `Parody Movie' is going to rock your Universe!!!

Charles Dewandeler wrote the script after moving to Los Angeles. The story is loosely inspired by Dewandeler's own experiences in filmmaking, combined with his desire to pay homage to other comedy legends like Mel Brooks.

It's no surprise that the characters in `Parody Movie' spend a significant amount of time spoofing Superhero's like Batman and Superman. “I've spent so much time reading comic books and watching Superhero movies,” says Dewandeler, “that when I make a film, I look at the story through a comic book lens.”

“Two Words: Genius” says Tom Santilli, The Detroit Movie Examiner. His columns can be seen on Examiner.com and FilmSurvivor.com.

`Parody Movie' has just been released on DVD and is now available on Amazon.com.

The official movie trailer can be found on www.parody-movie.com