Childhood Pics
My diaper smells funny
Problem Child
Early signs of stardom
Baby Charles and Cousin Brad
The Tin Man
"What are you thinking?"
Looks like a politician
Charles and sister Natalie

Charles and dog Oreo
before family had to give
dog away due to allergies
Acting goofy w/ bro,
sis, and cousin Mike
Playing parts from Batman (1989)
Friend (Bob), Sis (Vicki Vale), Bro (Batman)
and Charles (The Joker)
Charles (age 13) cut the backyard to look like Mickey's face
Here it is that summer and the following winter
Getting a caricature at a theme park
Senior Photo
Charles literally climbing the walls in H.S.
friend Scott Czasak points in the background
Senior Photo
H.S. Graduation 2000
Charles and friend Paul
Senior Photo