Living With Terror

   1st Place Narrative
   W.S.U. MovingMedia Festival 2005
2nd Place
IFC/Comcast Film Competition 2006
  Jason Echols
  Nick DePinto
  Julian Gant
  Dorothy Salazar Dunne
  John Kerfoot
  Nathan Storey

Charles Dewandeler

Director of Photography
Nathan Storey

Executive Producer
Joel Silvers
Jason Echols & Nick DePinto

Following 9/11, Americans are urged to report suspected terrorists to the U.S. Government "Tips" program. While Ahmed is trying to apply at Wayne State University he bumps into two concerned students. Thinking they are doing the right thing they confront Ahmed and call the cops.

Ahmed is arrested and interrogated. The detective (Nick DePinto) tells Ahmed that hundreds if not thousands of Muslims are being detained and that he may face jail time before Ahmed explains that he is NOT a terrorist. The detective to lets Ahmed go but warns that his name will be "in the system."

The next day Ahmed leaves the house still determined to apply for school. But conveniently forgets to wear his traditional scarf and Kufi Cap. His grandmother (Dorothy Salazar Dunne) stops him outside, and places the scarf and cap back on him.
   Production Notes
The film was shot over the course of three days (non-consecutive). The Interrogation Scene with Echols and DePinto was shot first. The outdoor scenes on the campus of Wayne State University were shot on the second day, including the bully scene with Julian Gant.

On the third and final day of shooting, the cast and crew met at a house in Dearborn (which really did belong to a Muslim), where Dewandeler shot 5 indoor scenes (including a night scene) and the final outdoor scene with Dorothy at sunset.

Dewandeler then cut the more than 2 hours of raw footage down to a 15 minute film. As with all films there were minor snags. The first and funniest came when Dewandeler was denied the blessings of the Wayne State Police Department who refused to help in shooting the arrest and/or interrogation scenes.
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