IFC/Comcast Film Competition Results
The results are in and "Living With Terror" has taken home 2nd Place in the IFC/Comcast Film Competition. It would have been first but someone at the IFC website didn't cut off voting on the date advertised.

Voting was advertised to end on Sept 5. But someone didn't cut off voting until Noon on Sept 6. Subsequently, even though "Living With Terror" was in first place from Sept 5 (6 a.m.) - Sept 6 (8 a.m.) it was not given the first place prize it so rightfully deserved. Instead, first place went to the film which surpassed "Living With Terror" in ratings shortly after 8 a.m. on Sept 6.

However, "Living With Terror" still aired on Comcast On Demand in the Metro-Detroit area and on various internet websites and the TRAILER did air on the Independent Film Channel!  Read More>>>
The various filmmakers arrive via limo to the red carpet
Charles & Jason given 1st class treatment by Comcast
Charles & Jason answer the reporters questions
Charles relaxes in the limo
Left to right:  Grams, Karen, John, Pat, Charles, Jason, Gramps, Jeremy, Natalie, Chris
Below are the standings as of 6 a.m. on Sept 6. The numbers here were virtually unchanged since midnight of Sept 5 (the believed cutoff point for voting). Two hours after this screen print was taken "Living With Terror" was voted down to second place. Voting was then frozen at noon.

Even though a lot of people close to the film were angered that IFC squeeked us out, Charles Dewandeler has expressed that Comcast treated them well and would like to thank Jerome Espy and everyone at Comcast who helped put on the event. He would also like to thank the people at "Uploaded" who did air the trailer for "Living With Terror" on the Independent Film Channel and made Charles Dewandeler the "Featured Director" for the month of November 2006. Read More >>>