Dangerzone 46:  Unity
It was the T.W.O.'s first show since the HaRdCoRe Master of the Mat 2002.

The broadcast began with a video tribute to T.W.O. Superstar Cadavor. At the end of the tribute it was announced that Cadavor was leaving the T.W.O. ... again.


Draco, Arachnid, Sinsyde and Spaz (The Hell's Faction) were talking.

Arachnid:  Why did you guys attack me at the Pay Per View? I would have had that tournament won!
Sinsyde:  There is one thing that you have yet to learn of the Faction. You do not go against direct orders. A couple weeks ago you instructed to allow me to advance in the tournament and you chose to ignore that decision. Therefore, you had to be punished.

Arachnid:  But what about my career? Don't I get a chance to win anything?

Sinsyde:  Not unless it has been commanded. And as for you (to Draco) because of you, the Faction has lost the Tag Team Championships.

Draco:  Because of me? Spaz was in that match too!

Spaz:  Yeah but I'm still Lightheavyweight Champion, I still have gold. It's your fault we lost the Tag Belts.

Sinsyde:  It's OK, the Faction will regain the Tag Titles, but Draco must be punished.

Spaz:  Yes.

Draco:  No!

Sinsyde:  Spaz, you must fight Draco tonight and show him how we treat losers!

Draco:  What about you Sinsyde? You lost your match at the PPV.

Sinsyde:  Did anyone ask you your opinion? Don't talk back to me.

Arachnid:  It seems as though everything that goes wrong is our fault and none of it is your fault Sinsyde.

Sinsyde:  That's right. Now you're getting it. And tonight when you and I face those infidels (Lestat & Santino) you will have an opportunity to redeem yourself by helping me win back the Tag Titles.

In the ring:
T.W.O. CEO and World Champion Paramecium came out to make an announcement.

As you all heard, Cadavor has retired again! That's right, he couldn't hang with the big boys. After the beating I dished out to him in the No-DQ World Title Match, who could blame him? Lets hope we never have to see his face again.
I congratulate the T.W.O.'s new HaRdCoRe Champion Scott "TGB" Thunder for winning the Tournament and becoming the T.W.O.'s first ever Triple Crown Winner (Being former World, Tag Team and now HaRdCoRe Champion). And I almost cried when I saw him and his Acronym buddies celebrating backstage afterward, but tonight the celebration is over! I would like to make one thing perfectly clear about how Thunder won that Tournament, he didn't have an opponent in the final round. He was supposed to fight Crack-Edd but Crack-Edd didn't show. So Thunder, tonight you're going to have to make up for not fighting a finalist in the tournament, by defending your newly won HaRdCoRe Championship in a handicapped match. You heard me! Tonight Scott Thunder will defend his HaRdCoRe Championship for the first time against 2 men, his fellow Acronym members PAB and DMS! Again Thunder, congratulations!

As for the Tag Team Championships, Lestat and Santino defeated Hell's Faction members Spaz and Draco at the PPV, and tonight fellow Faction members Sinsyde and Arachnid are getting a Tag Title Shot at the new Champs.

I would like to quickly mention Rain's loss at the PPV to T.W.O. Lightheavyweight Champion Spaz. It was a record breaking match, as nobody in the T.W.O. has lost a Title match in 8 seconds before. So I would like to congratulate Rain at setting that record. And tonight, I will have Rain face the T.W.O. Jobber Champion Midnight Lightning. Those 2 should be evenly matched.

I know some of you are inquiring as to the health of Superbman. He was absolutely destroyed at the PPV when he fought Mr. Malicious in the T.W.O.'s first ever Hatchet Match. But he is still alive and recovering at a local hospital. He has been sown up with more than 100 stitches and seams to be holding together.

I would like to finish my announcements tonight by talking about Crack-Edd. Crack-Edd, you were able to gain a victory over Arachnid in the Semifinals of the Tournament, which gave you your 100th consecutive singles victory in the T.W.O. I congratulate you as well, a 100-win winning streak is nothing to sniff at. But tonight Crack-Edd, I have decided to grant you a World Heavyweight Championship Match against ME. Tonight at Dangerzone 46, I will either end your winning streak at 100, or you will win my World Title. See you then.

(((You haven't checked out the results of the HaRdCoRe 2002 PPV? What are you waiting for?)))

Stryknieghn  vs.  Mr. Malicious
Match One:

The match was brutal, but luckily for Stryknieghn, Mr. Malicious' Hatchet had been barred from the T.W.O. (since the Hatchet Match at the PPV).

After a few minutes of a very brutal match, Stratus came out to the ring and mowed down Stryknieghn. The referee called for the bell and disqualified Malicious for outside interference. This didn't stop Malicious or Stratus.

After chasing the referee out of the ring, Stratus and Malicious double teamed Stryknieghn, delivering one devastating move after another. Finally relief came in the form of referee's with clubs and tazers. They were able to get Stratus and Malicious away from Stryknieghn and into the backstage area.

The referee's attempted to help Stryknieghn to his feel but he refused help and walked back on his own.

Winner by DQ:  Stryknieghn

Scott "TGB" Thunder was talking with his Acronym partners PAB and DMS.

TGB:  Well guys, you heard Paramecium's announcement--

PAB:  What announcement? I don't listen when that jackass is talking.

TGB:  He said that tonight I have to fight the 2 of you in a handicapped match.

DMS:  all right! The moment that I have been waiting for, I will become HaRdCoRe Champion for sure.

TGB:  Why are you excited?

DMS:  PAB, what would happen if we won? Would we be joint HaRdCoRe Champions?

PAB:  I don't know, I guess as the T.W.O.'s head official I would have to make a ruling.

DMS:  Can I be Champion PAB, can I?

TGB:  Everyone just calm down!!! Nothing is happening to my title tonight, it is staying around my waist!

PAB:  Do you honestly think you can beat the both of us?

TGB:  Of course I can!

DMS:  Do you think Paramecium will let me bring the Ladder as my third partner? Then the match will be 3-on-1!

PAB:  I'm sure you can, it's a HaRdCoRe Rules Match.

DMS:  all right! Scott is going down!

TGB:  Whatever happened to the Acronym motto?

PAB:  What motto? We want gold!

DMS:  Viva Dell Rasa!!!

TGB:  Oh brother!

Lightheavyweight Championship:
Draco faces his Hell's Faction partner Spaz for the T.W.O. Lightheavyweight Championship.

Before the match, the T.W.O. Interviewer got comments from both participants.
Spaz:  At the PPV you saw me retain the Lightheavyweight Championship in the quickest title defense in T.W.O. History. I could try and beat the record tonight, but I've been instructed by Sinsyde to teach Draco a lesson. Tonight, I will make Draco pay for disgracing the Faction.

Draco:  Sinsyde thinks he is punishing me tonight by having me face my own Tag Team partner, but that isn't true. If things go as I think they will, I am going to defeat Spaz for the Lightheavyweight Championship and teach him a lesson for being so cocky. Then when I return to the Faction lockeroom, Sinsyde will praise me and Spaz will the one who is punished.

The match got underway and was back and forth from the get-go. Fans didn't know who to cheer as both were part of the evil Faction. Spaz got in his finishing move and it looked as if the match was over, but he refused to go for the pin.

The match continued as Spaz attempted to punish Draco, but Draco started a comeback. Just then, Nymphous Fornicate ran out to the ring and clocked Draco with a pipe to the back of the head. Fans didn't know what to think as Spaz went for the pinfall and the victory.

Winner:  Spaz

Midnight Lightning was bragging to himself--or was it his split personality--talking about how tonight was the night he could finally drop the Jobber Title by defeating the pathetic Rain.

Jobber Championship:
Midnight Lightning  vs.  Rain
It looked as though Midnight Lightning's mind games would have the match won in his favor, by Rain pulled off the upset and gained the pinfall.

Still Jobber Champion:  Midnight Lightning

Draco and Spaz returned to the Hell's Faction lockeroom. There Sinsyde asked Draco if he had learned his lesson and he said yes. Sinsyde told Arachnid that they'd better get ready for their Tag Title Shot.

Handicapped / HaRdCoRe Championship:

PAB / DMS and the Ladder came out to the ring ready for the opportunity to win the T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Championship.

DMS:  (to the Ladder) No, you won't become HaRdCoRe Champion!

PAB:  Neither of you will become the HaRdCoRe Champion.

DMS:  (to the Ladder) Fine, if I win the title I will give you the first title shot!

PAB:  Oh brother, this is going to be a long match.

Scott "TGB" Thunder came out to the ring with the HaRdCoRe Championship in hand.

TGB:  Will you guys agree that after I kick your asses, the integrity of the group will remain. The last thing we need is for the losing members of the team to start resenting me for all the accomplishments that I've had in my tenured history.

DMS:  Just shut up and fight, you Tall Gumpy Bitch.

PAB:  Yeah, put your belt where your mouth is!

The match began, and all hell broke loose. Thunder had to compete with DMS and then PAB and then DMS and then PAB, it was impossible to get a second to breath. DMS and PAB ended up gaining the upper hand and used the Ladder to perform some double team maneuvers on Thunder.

DMS went for the pin on Thunder, but PAB broke it up. DMS and PAB began arguing, and this gave Thunder the chance to grab his Singapore Cain. When DMS and PAB agreed to work together, they were greeted with Singapore Cain shots to the head. Scott Thunder beat them both down, slammed the Ladder on top of them and stood on top of that for the pinfall.

Winner:  Scott Thunder

Lestat and Santino bragged about their defeat of Hell's Faction members Spaz and Draco at the PPV and said that tonight, other Hell's Faction members, Sinsyde and Arachnid

Tag Team Championship Match:

Both teams came out to the ring and the bell rang.

Lestat and Santino worked well together, while Arachnid wasn't on his best behavior with Sinsyde. Sinsyde began arguing with Arachnid and eventually Arachnid left the match. Sinsyde was left alone to fend with Lestat and Santino and it eventually became too much. Lestat gave Sinsyde the psychodriver on the steel chair for the win.

Winners:  Lestat and Santino

Afterward:  Sinsyde yelled at Arachnid backstage and threatened to kick him out of the group for insubordination. Arachnid said that he thought Sinsyde needed to learn an important lesson about teamwork. Sinsyde told Arachnid he would make him pay at the next Dangerzone.

At the Hospital:
Superbman was taken to the hospital after his loss to Mr. Malicious in the T.W.O.'s first Hatchet Match.

While in the hospital, (watching Dangerzone 46 on TV) Superbman got a visitor. It was his friend Wrestling Enforcer.

Superbman:  Finally a visitor, I thought I was going to be laid up here alone the rest of my life.

Enforcer:  I came because there is something we need to talk about.

Superbman:  I think I know what it is.

Enforcer:  What's that.

Superbman:  I know your wrestling career has been in the dumps lately, you can't seem to win many matches and you keep fighting that Army Dude guy, but things will get better I promise.

Enforcer:  No! That's not what I came here to talk about!

Superbman:  Then what did you come here for?

Enforcer:  I came to talk about the Justice League.

Superbman:  I'm so happy you guys asked me to join! I was in the T.W.O. for like a day, and already I was being excepted into a group!

Enforcer:  That's nice. But really, have you seen Gus the Annihilator lately?

Superbman:  No, I thought he was with you.

Enforcer:  Well, it appears as though he's disappeared. I haven't seen him in months.

Superbman:  Do you want me to use my SuperSences to detect his whereabouts?

Enforcer:  No, forget about him, and forget about the League! He's gone, and you just got your ass chopped up and handed to you by Mr. Malicious! From now on, the Justice League is disbanded!

Superbman:  Disbanded?

Enforcer:  Disbanded!

Superbman:  You can't break up the group without the consent of the other members!

Enforcer:  I'm the only original member left and you're the only other member. So if I say the group is disbanded, then the group is disbanded!

Superbman then used his SuperKinetic abilities to lift up the chair next to his bed and crack it over Wrestling Enforcer's head!

Enforcer fell to the floor with a big thud and bunch of nurses came running into the room.

Nurse:  What happened to him?

Superbman:  He tried to hit me with the chair but slipped and fell and knocked himself out!

The nurses believed him and called the police and had Wrestling Enforcer arrested.

We were treated to an interview with 2 new additions to the T.W.O. As the Interviewer announced, Natas and Blaze would make their T.W.O. debut in 2 weeks at Dangerzone 47.

Interviewer:  Why did you want to come to the T.W.O.?

Natas:  The T.W.O. is the best backyard wrestling league going today and we wanted to see how we could measure up with the big boys.

Blaze:  We dominated in the federation we came from. We were the top dogs and there was no competition. Meanwhile the tag teams in the T.W.O. were bragging about how much better they were than us so we figured we'd bring it and see who was man enough to step up to the plate.

Interviewer:  Who are some of the guys that you're looking forward to facing in the T.W.O.

Natas:  Oh, all of them. We don't care if it's anyone from the big Stratus, to the World Champ Paramecium or the Jobber Champion Midnight Lightning. We've been watching these guys and we can't wait to step in the ring with any of them.

Blaze:  We haven't been told yet who we're wrestling next week at Dangerzone 47, but whoever they are, they are going to learn where we got our nicknames, "the Masochists."

Interviewer:  Where did you get the nickname, "the Masochists?"

Blaze:  Watch next week and find out.

Main Event
T.W.O. World Heavyweight Championship

Crack-Edd came out to the ring and told everyone to pay attention because this was going to be a record breaking night in the T.W.O. Not only would he go on to win his 101st consecutive singles victory, but he would also become the T.W.O. World Heavyweight Champion.

Paramecium came out to the ring and announced that he would make history tonight as he would be the first person in 100 matches, to defeat Crack-Edd.

The match began and both wrestlers were very intense. Fans knew that this would be a memorable match-up but they didn't know for whom.

Crack-Edd pulled off a couple of good moves, but Paramecium came back with a flying elbow of the fence, a swanton, flying legdrop, and suplex off the fence. The match was a classic, and both wrestlers put up a main event worthy match, but in the end Paramecium pulled off the victory and ended Crack-Edd's winning streak at 100 (as predicted).

Winner:  Paramecium

Dangerzone 47