Dangerzone 47
Dangerzone 47 began with Hell's Faction (Sinsyde, Spaz, & Draco) coming out to the ring.

Sinsyde grabbed the mic and complained about how Arachnid had cost them the match last week against the Tag Team Champions. He announced that tonight Arachnid would be taught a lesson for turning against the Faction as he would have to face Spaz and Draco in a handicapped match.

Sinsyde then made a challenge to Paramecium. He asked that Paramecium give him a World Title shot tonight.
Paramecium came out to the ring and turned down Sinsyde's request. He reminded Sinsyde that he had lost his World Title Match at Dangerzone 42 and due to pre-match stipulations he would never receive a rematch.

Sinsyde told Paramecium that if he did not grant his wish, there would be repercussions. Paramecium again refused the match and told Sinsyde to accept the fact that there would never be a Paramecium-Sinsyde rematch.
Paramecium left, and Hell's Faction returned to their dressing room.

The first match of the day was for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships.

Mr. Malicious and Stratus had performed as a Tag Team in 1998, but hadn't teamed together since. At Dangerzone 46 they worked together to beat down T.W.O. newcomer Stryknieghn. Tonight they challenged Lestat and Santino for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships.

The match began with Malicious and Santino in the ring. The 2 had a good showing of mat skills before trading off. Lestat showcased his martial arts skills, while Stratus displayed his pure power.

Before long the 4 competitors were engaged in a brutal affair that could be considered one of the best Tag Team encounters in the history of the T.W.O. but it came crashing to a halt when Stryknieghn entered the fray. Mr. Malicious went for his hatchet when Stryknieghn speared him and took the hatchet from him. Stratus attempted to stop Stryknieghn but with one swing of the hatchet, he was able to keep the big Stratus at bay.

With all the commotion Stratus didn't see Lestat's flying kick coming, and Lestat's foot met the back of Stratus' head. The big man toppled over next to the fallen Mr. Malicious. Lestat and Santino picked up their foes and delivered 2 psychodrivers to finish the match.

Winners:  Lestat and Santino


Stryknieghn cut an interview telling Stratus and Malicious that should they ever mess with him again, he would stop at nothing to exact revenge. "Don't let my rookie status fool you, get in my way again and I'll kick both your asses!"

In the ring

The Arabian Pimpman defeated Rain in a singles match. But things weren't looking too good between Pimpman and his head hoe Sugar Kooky.

Afterward Pimpman and Sugar Kooky went backstage where Sugar Kooky accused Pimpman of not being there for her, and not measuring up to the man he used to be. Then she left.

Pimpman was left alone in his locker room to feel bad for himself, then Crack-Edd came in.

Crack-Edd:  I heard everything bro.

Pimpman:  Are you eavesdropping on my conversations now?

Crack-Edd:  No, bro, my locker room is next door and Sugar Kooky isn't exactly the quietest girl in the T.W.O.

Pimpman:  Well, what can I do for you?

Crack-Edd:  It's not a question of what you can do for me, but what I can do for you.

Pimpman:  And what might that be.

Crack-Edd:  Sugar Kooky said that you hadn't measured up recently. Well, I have this special stuff that will make you all the man you can be. Get what I'm saying?

Pimpman:  And what is this gonna cost me?

Crack-Edd:  Nothing. The first one is free. But in the future I might need you to hook me up with one of your hoes.

Pimpman:  It's a deal. So what is this stuff you have for me.

Crack-Edd:  (hands Pimpman 2 pills) take these and call me in the morning.

In the ring

Draco and Spaz of Hell's Faction took on their former partner Arachnid. It was a brutal 2-on-1 contest and in the end Draco and Spaz came out the victors.

Paramecium received a message that Britney Spears was going to be at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts. She wasn't performing, but visiting and she had invited Paramecium (her biggest fan) to come and meet her. Paramecium jumped at the opportunity and announced that he was leaving to meet with Britney Spears.

In the Ring
Fans were treated to the debut match of Natas and Blaze!

"The Thuggas" - Natas and Blaze came out victorious in their debut match against "the Acronyms" - DMS & PAB

Afterward, Natas and Blaze warned that the T.W.O. Tag Team division was in trouble now that the "Thuggas" had arrived. Next week, "the Thuggas" will challenge Lestat and Santino for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships.

At the Macomb Center
Paramecium drove like a madman to get to the Macomb Center in hopes of meeting his dream woman Britney Spears. But when he arrived, he was told that Spears was never there. He had been duped.

Backstage at the T.W.O. Arena
Sinsyde, Spaz, and Draco - Hell's Faction - approached 'Cunning' Chris and Natalya "the She-Devil" (Paramecium's real-life brother and sister)

Sinsyde:  Hi kids. I have a message for your brother Paramecium. By now he's realized that I tricked him. But what he doesn't know is why.

Chris:  What do you want you big goof?

Sinsyde:  I want respect, I want Championship gold, and more importantly I want Paramecium and his family to beg for forgiveness.

Just then, Spaz and Draco attacked Chris and Natalya. Sinsyde propped up a chair and gave both family members the devastating Lay-Z-Boy DDT right on the cement floor! While Chris and Natalya lay bleeding and unconscious on the cement, Sinsyde and his Hell's Faction minions laughed and walked away.

In the ring

Scott Thunder defended the HaRdCoRe Championship against Stryknieghn.

Stryknieghn came out to the ring with Malicious' hatchet, while Thunder was armed with his Singapore Cain. The match didn't start with weapons however, instead both wrestlers started with wrestling maneuvers that would put Chris Beniot and Kurt Angle to shame.

It wasn't long before Mr. Malicious and Stratus came to exact revenge on Stryknieghn for interfering in their match earlier.

Scott Thunder and Stryknieghn saw them coming, Thunder grabbed his Singapore Cain and Stryknieghn grabbed the hatchet. Together they held Stratus and Malicious at bay until T.W.O. officials were able to push back Stratus and Malicious.

The match was declared a draw.

Scott Thunder grabbed a microphone and declared that he had little love for Stratus and Malicious as he has had his battles with both in the past. He asked Stryknieghn if he would be willing to form a temporary partnership to take on Stratus and Malicious next week. Stryknieghn agreed and the match was signed.

Next week, at Dangerzone 48 Scott Thunder and Stryknieghn will take on Stratus and Mr. Malicious is a HUGE Tag Team contest.

At the Township Jail
After attempting to attacked the hospitalized Superbman at last weeks Dangerzone 46, Wrestling Enforcer was arrested and detained at the local jail.

After just being released from intensive care, Superbman went to the jail to visit Wrestling Enforcer.

Superbman:  So the Wrestling Enforcer is in jail, how ironic!

Enforcer:  Why did they let you out of intensive care?

Superbman:  I have super strong healing abilities. I'm all better now.

Enforcer:  So did you come here to gloat?

Superbman:  Actually, I came to see if you've made any boyfriends since you've been in here.

Enforcer:  I'm sure that I haven't had any more anal probes in jail, then you did in the hospital.

Superbman:  I was considering dropping the charges on you, but now I've changed my mind.

Enforcer:  I'll be out of here soon enough. I have friends in high places here.

Superbman:  I find that hard to believe, you've never had any friends.

Enforcer:  When I get out of here I'm going to kick your ass!

Superbman:  By the time you get out of here, the only ass that will be in pain is yours. See you around.

Back at the T.W.O. Arena
Paramecium arrived back to find that his brother and sister had been attacked by the Hell's Faction and where now having their wounds attended to by a doctor. He asked who had done this and was told that it was Sinsyde.

Paramecium:  First he tricks me into thinking that Britney Spears wants to meet with me, and then he attacks my family? For this he will pay!

In the ring
Paramecium stomped out to the ring and called out Sinsyde. Sinsyde answered.

Sinsyde:  So, are you planning on giving me that Title Match now?

Paramecium:  So, all this was because you wanted a Title Shot?

Sinsyde:  That's right. And if I don't get my shot, I will continue to torment you until I do.

Paramecium:  If it's a Title Shot you want, then it's a Title Shot you shall receive.

Sinsyde:  Finally! Now we're getting somewhere.

Some goofy music started to play and the T.W.O. Jobber Champion Midnight Lightning came out to the ring.

Paramecium:  You should be careful what you wish for Sinsyde. You're getting a Title Shot all right, and that shot is against the T.W.O. Jobber Champion Midnight Lighting. If you lose you will become the new Jobber Champion!

Sinsyde:  I don't have to take this. I'm leaving!

Paramecium:  But Sinsyde, if you leave and are counted out of the ring, then you will have lost the match and you will become the Jobber Champion. The only way to avoid winning the Jobber Championship is to pin Midnight Lightning or make him submit. Now somebody ring the damn bell.

The bell rang for the match we hoped we'd never see. The 2 weirdest performers to ever enter the T.W.O., the eccentric Jobber - Midnight Lightning and the bizarre Sinsyde squared off.

It looked as though this match would be a no-contest, Sinsyde quickly trapped Midnight Lighting in his finishing maneuver, but before he could drop the Lay-Z-Boy DDT, Paramecium superkicked Sinsyde in the jaw.

Spaz and Draco ran out to help their Hell's Faction leader but Arachnid jetted out from nowhere and tackled them both. With Arachnid holding Spaz and Draco at ringside, Paramecium was able to perform his devastating Agnee Bomb on Sinsyde. Paramecium then picked up Midnight Lighting and threw him over Sinsyde for the pin.

Winner:  Midnight Lightning

Paramecium threw the Jobber Championship belt at Sinsyde and declared him the new Jobber Champion of the T.W.O. as Dangerzone 47 went off the air!

Dangerzone 48