Dangerzone 48

The show began as the Hell's Faction, consisting of Draco, Lightheavyweight Champion Spaz and Jobber Champion Sinsyde invaded Midnight Lightning's dressing room. They brought with them a referee and a cameraman, to make their actions official.

The entire Hell's Faction beat down Midnight Lightning, and Sinsyde covered him for the pin. The referee counted to 3 and awarded the loser of the match (Midnight Lightning) with the T.W.O. Jobber Championship.

After the brief encounter, Hell's Faction leader Sinsyde, sent a message to Paramecium, that he was planning on gaining a measure of revenge tonight, for humiliating him at Dangerzone 47.

In the Interview booth

T.W.O.'s resident interviewer caught up with "The Thuggas" Natas & Blaze and asked them how they felt about facing the T.W.O. Tag Team Champions tonight.

Natas:  Well, I feel great! We haven't been in the T.W.O. for more than a couple of weeks but we're being given the opportunity to win the Tag Belts and we won't disappoint.

Blaze:  We've won Titles in other organizations before and tonight we will add the T.W.O. Tag Team Titles to that list.

In the Ring

It was a match signed at Dangerzone 47. For one night only, Scott Thunder and Stryknieghn would team up to take on the forces of Stratus and Mr. Malicious. The history between these 4 individuals is storied and the tag team match would prove to be intense.

The match began with Scott Thunder and Mr. Malicious. These 2 individuals were known for their main event World Title clash a couple years ago. They began their Tag Team match with a lockup, arm ringer, and a series of submission maneuvers.

Then Malicious tagged out to Stratus. Stratus and Thunder had a brutal rivalry from late 1998 to mid 1999, with neither individual coming out on top. Their encounter in the tag match would prove to be power oriented, with the massive Stratus gaining the upper hand.

Scott Thunder tagged out to Stryknieghn. Stryknieghn has only been in the T.W.O. for a couple of months, but since his debut he has made a name for himself by challenging Stratus. Stryknieghn won the DQ victory over Stratus at our last PPV, but that wasn't enough to finish the rivalry. Both wrestlers are looking to best each other, and this Tag Team contest was no different.

These 2 teams were perfectly matched, and after an intense heated matchup, things started to get out of control! The referee called for a double-DQ, but the mayhem didn't end!

While Scott Thunder cracked Stratus over the head and back with the Singapore Cain, Mr. Malicious attempted to go for his ringside hatchet but was stopped by Stryknieghn. Stryknieghn and Malicious battled for the hatchet with Stryknieghn gaining possession and running off into the backstage area.

While Stratus was dazed, Thunder booked out of the ring faster than a cheetah. Stratus and Mr. Malicious were left in the ring wondering what hit them. When Malicious realized that his hatchet was gone, he vowed to do whatever it took to get it back.

Arachnid entered Paramecium's office.

Arachnid:  You summoned me?

Paramecium:  That's right. I've been watching how you were mistreated and kicked out of the Hell's Faction and I think that you deserve better.

Arachnid:  What?

Paramecium:  You're a former HaRdCoRe Champion and Tag Team Champion and Sinsyde has been treating you like crap ever since you joined the group.

Arachnid:  Well, he doesn't do it to be mean, he does it for the sake of the faction.

Paramecium:  You don't actually believe that crap do you?

Arachnid:  I don't know.

Paramecium:  Don't you even see why he's been treating you like this? You two used to have one of the most Hellistic feuds in the T.W.O. (back in 2000) He knew he couldn't compete with you so he brought you into his group. He knew that with you at his side, he would be virtually unstoppable.

Arachnid:  But we make a great team. Together we can do anything.

Paramecium:  That's what he wants you to think. How did he repay you for bringing the Hell's Faction the Tag Team Championships? He repeatedly held you back from attaining success as a singles performer.

Arachnid:  He has cost me a chance at the HaRdCoRe Title twice, and he did eliminate me from the Big Bad Battle.

Paramecium:  That's right. Every time you come close to snagging a singles title, he stops you. Why does he stop you? Because he wants all the glory for himself!

Arachnid:  You think he's stealing my spotlight?

Paramecium:  I know he's stealing your spotlight. In fact, for the last few months, he's left you in his shadow.

Arachnid:  I can't believe it! Why would he do that?

Paramecium:  Because the only person Sinsyde cares about is himself. Look at how he's held all you guys back. Meanwhile, when it comes to winning important matches, he's always getting you guys to cheat for him. But when one of you has a match, he's nowhere to be seen unless he's costing you the match. Trust me, it's no accident. He needs you guys to help him further his career, but he has no intention of returning the favor.

Arachnid:  That asshole! Why didn't I see this before?

Paramecium:  Because he had you brainwashed.

Arachnid:  What should I do?

Paramecium:  Help me take him down. Help me to free you and the rest of Hell's Faction from Sinsyde's control. Together we can restore order to the T.W.O. and bury Sinsyde.

Arachnid:  OK, I'm in.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you heard right. Paramecium has gotten through to Arachnid, a man brainwashed to follow Sinsyde for the past year and a half. Tonight, Paramecium and Arachnid will join forces to take on the Hell's Faction. This is a truly historic night, as it could mark the beginning of the end of the evil Faction.

In the Ring
It was Superbman's first match since being hospitalized after the HaRdCoRe 2002 PPV, and it was against Army Dude. As ordered by the official before the match began, Superbman would not be allowed to use his superpowers in this match or else he would be disqualified.
It was your typical man-who-thinks-he-is-a-superheroe vs. man-who-was-discharged-from-the-army-for-showing-homosexual-tendensies matchup. Both Superstars are not the best wrestlers in the world, nonetheless the quick Superbman and the limber Army Dude, put on a very, um... entertaining, to say the least.

Before a winner could be decided, the Wrestling Enforcer came out to the ring and attacked Superbman. Apparently someone in the jail was friends with Enforcer and decided to let him out of his cell. Now Enforcer was laying into his former Tag partner Superbman, paying him back for putting him in jail only a couple weeks ago.

Army Dude, couldn't stand by as his hated rival Wrestling Enforcer laid into an unsuspecting Superbman. Army Dude tackled Enforcer and pinned him to the ground, as Superbman regained his composure and began kicking Enforcer in the head.

Finally, officials came out to the ring and broke things up. It looks as though this feud is far from over.

The T.W.O. Interviewer got ahold of the Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd as they were preparing for their upcoming Tag Team Match.

Interviewer:  Pimpman, Crack-Edd, we have gotten word that the 2 of you are planning on teaming together tonight. Both fans and officials alike are wondering why the 2 of you have decided to join forces.

Arabian Pimpman:  As you heard last week, I was having some trouble with my head ho Sugar Kooky, and Crack-Edd here came to the rescue. He gave me some pills that straightened things out between me and Kooky.

Interviewer:  But do either of you have much experience in Tag Team wrestling?

Pimpman:  Crack-Edd has been in a few Tag Matches, but those where here-today-gone-tomorrow combinations. I have been more experienced in the tag team scene because of my escapades with my hos backstage, although that kind of wrestling can't be broadcast on T.W.O. TV. But tonight Crack-Edd and I have come together in search of a common goal.

Crack-Edd:  We want to gain respect, and change the way people look at us. It's time for the T.W.O. to see the new Pimpman and Crack-Edd.

Interviewer:  And do you have a Tag Team name?

Pimpman & Crack-Edd:  (in unison) Supply and Demand!

In the Ring


The new Team of Crack-Edd and the Arabian Pimpman (Supply and Demand) defeated the veteran team of PAB and DMS (The Acronyms)

The Hell's Faction grouped around their alter for a pre-match meeting.

Sinsyde:  I have word that Paramecium has brainwashed Arachnid and stolen him from us.

Spaz:  Excuse me, but I though that we kicked him out of the group.

Sinsyde:  That's right. But he wasn't supposed to join with the enemy.

Draco:  So what should we do?

Sinsyde:  Paramecium has already signed a match with the three of us facing the two of them.

Spaz:  They won't stand a chance.

Sinsyde:  That's right. Tonight we will gain revenge for what Paramecium did to humiliate me at Dangerzone 47.

In the Ring
The Tag Team Championships Lestat and Santino came out to defend the Tag Titles against "The Thuggas" Natas and Blaze.

This was only the second T.W.O. match for The Thuggas with the obvious home field advantage going to the resident Champions.

The Thuggas put on a great match, as they knew it could make or break their T.W.O. careers, but it in the end Lestat and Santino walked away with the Tag Team Championships.

Afterward the T.W.O.'s Interviewer got a hold of The Thuggas.

Interviewer:  How do you feel losing such a big match early on in your T.W.O. career?

Blaze:  We're just getting a feel for things here in the T.W.O.

Natas:  If you think this is it, you're dead wrong. This is just the beginning. Our quest for glory in the T.W.O. is far from over, and it's only a matter of time before we're given another opportunity like this one.

Blaze:  That's right. Next time will be different, you haven't seen the end of Natas and Blaze, this is just the beginning!

In the Ring, it was now time for the Dangerzone 48 Main Event!

The Hell's Faction, Sinsyde, Spaz and Draco came out to the ring. Then Arachnid was introduced. When he walked out to the ring he gave his former Tag Team partners a menacing glare. Then Paramecium was introduced, the World Champion and CEO of the T.W.O. came out to the ring and joined the side of Arachnid.

It was now time for what could possibly be the match that would make or break the Hell's Faction. Arachnid starting things off in the ring with Draco. It was last week that Draco and Spaz double-teamed Arachnid and this was his chance to pay them back. He put the hurt on Draco before Draco could tag out to Spaz.

Spaz, the T.W.O. Lightheavyweight Champion came in the ring and stared down Arachnid. The 2 Superstars engaged in a test of strength, with Arachnid knocking Spaz on his ass.

"Tag me in!" yelled Sinsyde, "I want a piece of that infidel!"

Spaz tagged in Sinsyde, and Arachnid tagged in the T.W.O. Heavyweight Champion Paramecium. "I've been waiting for this," said Sinsyde.

"I'm warning you again Sinsyde, be careful what you ask for," replied Paramecium.

The 2 grapplers locked up. It wasn't long before Paramecium had Sinsyde positioned for the swanton bomb. Draco grabbed a chair from ringside and threw it in to Sinsyde, but it was intercepted by Paramecium, who proceeded to kick the chair into Sinsyde's face.

The referee threatened to call for the bell, but Paramecium told him that this was now a No-Holds-Barred Match (as CEO he has that power). And that was all the Faction had to hear, Draco and Spaz ran into the ring and were met by Arachnid.

All Hell was breaking lose (as it usually does in the T.W.O.) and weapons and bodies were flying all over the place. During the struggle Sinsyde grabbed ahold of Arachnid and prepared to drop him in the Lay-Z-Boy DDT. But before he could, he was met with a chair to the back of the head and he released the hold. When Sinsyde turned around to see who was wielding the chair he saw none other than Spaz.

"What are you doing?!" yelled Sinsyde, "have you lost your mind?"

"No Sinsyde," replied Spaz, "for once I'm thinking clearer than ever!" Spaz had defected, and left the Faction to aid Paramecium and Arachnid. It was no longer 2 on 3, but 3 on 2, as Paramecium, Arachnid and Spaz had Sinsyde, and Draco out manned and overpowered.

It only took a couple finishing blows to render Sinsyde and Draco helpless, as their former Tag Team partners Arachnid and Spaz covered them for the pin.

Winners:  Arachnid, Spaz and Paramecium.

After the match, Paramecium grabbed a microphone and declared that Arachnid and Spaz had just made the best decisions of their careers. Now, without Sinsyde holding them back, the possibilities are endless.

Dangerzone 49