Dangerzone 49
Superbman  vs.  Wrestling Enforcer
Our first match of the evening saw Wrestling Enforcer (back from Jail) to take on Superbman (back from the hospital).

Army Dude served as special guest referee.

Army Dude wanted to officiate a fair matchup, Wrestling Enforcer was warned not to use his gun or nightstick, and Superbman was warned not to use his superb-powers.
Things started to get out of control, and Army Dude threatened to disqualify both men. When this didn't work, Army Dude decided to take the law into his own hands and grabbed Wrestling Enforcer's gun.

Army Dude threatened to shoot both individuals should they not comply with his orders. Superbman saw the gun as a dangerous weapon and heated it with his lazer-vision. The gun go so hot, that Army Dude dropped it. Other officials ran out to the ring to hold back all three wrestlers from attacking each other.

As Superbman, Wrestling Enforcer and Army Dude were being separated and pulled backstage, T.W.O. commentators Chuckie Dee and Mr. Czasak announced that fans could look forward to seeing a Triangle Match between these 3 individuals at next weeks anniversary show, Dangerzone 50.

Paramecium's office
The T.W.O. CEO and World Heavyweight Champion, Paramecium was talking to Arachnid and Spaz. Just last week, at Dangerzone 48, Paramecium was able to convince Arachnid and Spaz to liberate themselves from Hell's Faction. Tonight, Paramecium and a partner of his choice will face the Tag Team Champions Lestat and Santino.

Paramecium:  Well guys, you don't know how happy I am that the 2 of you finally saw the light and left the Hell's Faction.

Arachnid:  You can stop telling us, we get it.

Spaz:  Yeah, we know how great it is that we can now decide our own fates in the T.W.O. without being held back by the Faction. What we want to know is, why did you call us into your office.

Paramecium:  Tonight, in the main event of Dangerzone 49, myself and a partner of my choosing will get a Tag Team Title shot at Lestat and Santino, and my question to the 2 of you is, which of the 2 of you should it be?

Spaz:  I'm already Lightheavyweight Champion, I don't need the Tag Belts, pick whomever you like.

Arachnid:  I didn't leave the Hell's Faction to join another group, I have no interest in being a Tag Team Champion, all I care about is going singles and reestablishing a name for myself.

Paramecium:  I see your point. But I need someone to join me in the Tag Team match tonight, and I can't think of anyone better suited than the 2 of you. You are 2 of the greatest in the T.W.O. and I would be honored to Tag with either of you.

Arachnid:  Well which is it going to be? I've got better things to do than stand around here.

Paramecium:  I pick Spaz. Spaz I know you have a bit of a history with Lestat and I think you would be a great asset in the ring. Together we are destined to become the next Tag Team Champions. And once we win, I will be both World Heavyweight & Tag Team Champion and you will be both Lightheavyweight & Tag Team Champion.

Arachnid:  If you don't need me, I'm going to head out, I have better things to do that watch you kiss Spaz' ass.

Paramecium:  Actually, I was hoping you would stay. We are going to need someone at ringside to make sure that your former Faction partners, Sinsyde and Draco don't interfere in the match.

Arachnid:  You want me to be your muscle, and bust their heads if they attempt to interfere?

Paramecium:  Yes.

Arachnid:  Sounds like fun. I'm in.

The interviewer talks with 'Cunning' Chris.

Interviewer:  'Cunning' Chris, you are a former Lightheavyweight Champion, you've done a lot in the T.W.O. but recently you haven't been as active as you'd like to be. Why is that?

'Cunning' Chris:  I feel there has been a shortage of competition. The only guy out there right now that I would really like to fight is the Lightheavyweight Champion Spaz, but we all know that match isn't going to happen as long as he is tied up in that soap-opera crap with the Hell's Faction.

Interviewer:  A match with Spaz may not be all that far away, but let's talk about something else right now. Next week is the historical Dangerzone 50. It's the 50th anniversary of the beginning of T.W.O. Dangerzone and it should be a very special night. Will you be fighting at that show?

'Cunning' Chris:  Yes I will. I have received word that an old rival of mine who hasn't competed in the T.W.O. in over a year is going to be there. I hope that this is true because I have already been given clearance to face that individual at Dangerzone 50-should he decide to show.

Interviewer:  That person you are talking about, could that be Bad Boy Barrett?

'Cunning' Chris:  I guess the cat is out of the bag-yes it is Barrett. I never got a chance to settle my feud with him over the Lightheavyweight Championship years ago, and I really hope that he is going to make a special appearance at Dangerzone 50.

Interviewer:  Well folks, you heard it here first, should everything go according to plan, 'Cunning' Chris and Bad Boy Barrett will both be in singles action at next weeks historic Dangerzone 50! Now let's go back to the ring for the next matchup.

Hatchet-on-a-pole Match
Mr. Malicious vs. Stryknieghn
This next match only took place, per the request of Mr. Malicious and Stryknieghn. It was deemed "unsanctioned" by T.W.O. officials but only allowed to happen because Stryknieghn had stolen Mr. Malicious' hatchet at Dangerzone 48. The rules are simple - get the hatchet, use it on your opponent, and get a pinfall or make him submit.
Mr. Malicious and Stryknieghn came out looking fierce in this match, and fans eagerly anticipated the possibility of seeing one of these individuals torn limb from limb.

The match started in the ring with a collar-and-elbow tie up, and proceeded to brawl including eye gouging and attacks bellow the belt.

As the No-Holds-Barred action grew more intense, it was inevitable that Mr. Malicious' ally (Stryknieghn's enemy) would make his presence known. Stratus came out to the ring and made a b-line for the pole - because there was no stipulation declaring who could or could not retrieve the hatchet - Stratus' following actions were perfectly legitimate.

Stratus grabbed the hatchet off the pole and plotted to use the weapon on his rival Stryknieghn. Malicious and Stratus weakened Stryknieghn with some doubleteam maneuvers, then Malicious picked up Stryknieghn and Stratus went in for the kill.

Stratus reached back in a baseball-like stance and proceeded to swing the hatchet at full speed right for Stryknieghn's head. Stryknieghn would surely be killed on impact, so he did the only thing he could do. Stryknieghn shifted all his weight, as he crouched down and pulled Malicious forward. While Stratus held the hatchet in full swing, in split second timing Stryknieghn had repositioned himself and thrust Malicious' head right into the path of the oncoming hatchet. Stratus was already committed to the swing and couldn't pull back in time.

The hatchet came into full contact with Mr. Malicious' mask with a sickening cracking sound. Malicious dropped to the ground as Stratus looked on in disbelief. The hatchet had blasted it's way right through the mask of Mr. Malicious and the mask was now lying in pieces by Malicious' head. Upon closer look, T.W.O. officials quickly noticed that the hatchet had indeed struck Malicious in the left temple and he was out cold. An EMT arrived quickly and loaded Malicious onto the stretcher.


The backstage area stood still, as wrestlers crowded around monitors looking to see if Malicious would be OK.

Announcer Chuckie Dee got up from the broadcast position and ran into the ring just as Malicious was being loaded up and carted off. Chuckie Dee walked up to Stratus and asked if everything was all right, as Stratus continued to look on in disbelief. Stryknieghn had already fled the scene and was watching the happenings on a monitor backstage.

Chuckie Dee and a camera crew followed the stretcher backstage as Malicious was placed in an ambulance and driven off to the hospital.

The crew wasn't ready to go into the next match just yet, so Chuckie Dee grabbed a microphone and improvised with some candid interviews.


Chuckie Dee:  Stryknieghn, I see that you're a little shooken up and that's perfectly acceptable. You were just involved in what may turn out to be one of the most instrumental moments of your career. Stratus almost had your number, he could have split your skull open like a melon, but instead you improvised and now Mr. Malicious is headed to the emergency room in your place. What are your thoughts?

Stryknieghn:  Well, I have many things going through my head right now. First off I'm concerned for Malicious, I don't like the guy but I would never hope for my enemy to be cracked in the head with a hatchet. Secondly, I'm appalled that Stratus would interject himself in my match with the intent to end my career. Luckily I came away without any serious injury but I was a split second away from a career ending injury or even death and I can't begin to imagine how that one event could have drastically changed the rest of my life.

Chuckie Dee:  Obviously Stratus has not gotten over his DQ loss to you at this past HaRdCoRe PPV, I am wondering if we will see you and Stratus in the ring again at the upcoming Redemption 2002 PPV.

Stryknieghn:  Assuming Stratus doesn't get suspended or otherwise punished for his actions, I would be more than willing to face him again at Redemption 2002.

Chuckie Dee then left Stryknieghn's dressing room and went out looking for Stratus.


Chuckie Dee:  Stratus, I know this isn't the best time to ask for an interview but I would like to get your reaction for the fans at home.

Stratus:  I may have just killed a friend of mine. What do you want from me?

Chuckie Dee:  I want a few words on your reaction to what just happened. What were you thinking going into that ring with the intent of ending Stryknieghn's career?

Stratus:  Let me get one thing straight, I did not go into the ring with the intent to end a career, I went in there with the intent of helping Malicious get back his hatchet and teach Stryknieghn a little lesson in the process. It was Mr. Malicious who held Stryknieghn up and told me to swing.

Chuckie Dee:  And you didn't think about what would happen if you did?

Stratus:  I wasn't thinking everything through, I just wanted to teach Stryknieghn a lesson. You don't come to the T.W.O. and pick a fight with the "Big Dawgs" Stratus and Mr. Malicious. The guy has been here just a few months and he already thinks he is the greatest thing walking, all because he has a DQ win over me.

Chuckie Dee:  Back to Mr. Malicious for a second. We saw the look on your face when you cracked that hatchet into the side of Malicious' head. What were you thinking in those moments.

Stratus:  When I saw Stryknieghn duck and pull Malicious into the path of the hatchet I tried to pull it back, but it was already in full swing and obviously I didn't react fast enough to stop the blow. When I saw the hatchet smash it's way through the mask I felt like I was watching it in slow motion. My awareness was heightened and I just watched in that split second as the hatchet forced it's way through the mask and connected with the side of Malicious' skull.

Chuckie Dee:  We saw Malicious go down like a sack of bricks, tell me what you were thinking as you looked down at his unconscious body lying in the ring.

Stratus:  When I was looking down I just kept saying to myself, "this isn't real, this didn't just happen," but of course it was, I was looking right at it. I felt the hatchet strike right in the side of his head. I've never seen anything more real. I couldn't snap myself out of it. Then you came in the ring as the EMT's were loading him on the stretcher.

Chuckie Dee:  What do you remember when the EMT's came into the ring?

Stratus:  First they checked to make sure there was a pulse, and I heard one of them say that there was. Then another guy checked to see if he was breathing and his passages were clear and I heard him say that his breathing was shallow but that he was still breathing. They wasted no time in getting him on the stretcher and into the ambulance.

Chuckie Dee:  We were very lucky that the ambulance was close by. Were you worried about any possible repercussions from what happened?

Stratus:  I was and still am worried about the state that Mr. Malicious is in - whether or not he will ever be the same or ever wrestle again. As far as legal ramifications, I'm not too worried because anything that happens in that ring stays in that ring, and it's part of our contracts that we can't sue or be held liable for anything that might go wrong in that ring.

Chuckie Dee:  You weren't worried that the police would be called out and you would be in handcuffs right now?

Stratus:  No, that's not how it works. Even if someone did press charges it would be thrown out as a work related accident. I would never be held responsible for negligence or anything, it just doesn't work that way. But I do know one thing, if there is any permanent damage, I will never be able to forgive myself.

Chuckie Dee:  But had you cracked Stryknieghn's head open, would you have forgiven yourself?

Stratus:  That's different. That's dog-eat-dog competition, I would not feel guilty about something like that, but Malicious is my friend and I would never intentionally injure my own friend.


Chuckie Dee saw the T.W.O. CEO (Paramecium) off camera and quickly ended his interview with Stratus and went to talk to the CEO.

Chuckie Dee:  Paramecium, could I have a moment of your time please. From the perspective of CEO - how do you feel about the events which just transpired here?

Paramecium:  First off, I'm disgusted. I'm disgusted that something like this could ever happen in my company and I'm disgusted that the person responsible was a veteran like Stratus.

Chuckie Dee:  Will there be any punishment for Stratus' actions?

Paramecium:  Legally I cannot sue Stratus or put him in jail for what happened, however I could fine, suspend, or fire him for being a bad employee. However, the logistical problems arise when dealing with the issue that this was an unsanctioned match to start with. Add - on top of that - the point that Mr. Malicious encouraged Stratus to interfere. It's almost like those 2 had it coming. Sooner or later what goes around comes around, and with all their double teaming and goings on that they were a part of it was about time that their plan backfired on them.

Chuckie Dee:  Are you saying as CEO that you are not going to be taking any action against Stratus?

Paramecium:  I'm not saying that I definitely won't, but unless my lawyers indicate otherwise, I don't think I technically can. We're walking a fine line when talking about means of punishment and in the future it is possible that Stratus could come back and claim wrongful punishment. I would rather not get dragged into that.

Chuckie Dee:  We've been inactive now with Dangerzone 49 for quite a few minutes, what are the plans for the rest of the show?

Paramecium:  Right now the plan is to continue. I was just talking to some of the wrestlers and we are planning on getting them in the ring in the next couple of minutes for a big tag team contenders match. The winning team will receive a Tag Title shot at Dangerzone 50.

Chuckie Dee:  So we have wrestlers and people getting together right now to bring this show back online?

Paramecium:  That's right, and my tag match later tonight with Spaz is still on too. I'm going to stay on the phone with the hospital to make sure everything is going all right and then shortly I will be out there wrestling too.

Chuckie Dee:  So you have talked to the hospital? How are things looking right now?

Paramecium:  It's too early to say right now. Doctors are working on Mr. Malicious in the ER as we speak. I do have confirmation that he does have a pulse and appears to be breathing, but he has not shown any indications of regaining consciousness, and the doctors have not yet checked for possible brain damage. As far as we know Mr. Malicious may very well be in a coma and may be impossible to bring him out, but right now it is too soon to tell.

Chuckie Dee:  Did the doctors tell you if the hatchet pierced his skull?

Paramecium:  As we saw the hatchet blasted right through his mask and struck him in the side of the head in what appeared to be the temple area. There was extensive bleeding and there is reason to believe that the left portion of his skull was fractured, but to what extent the damage was is unknown at this time.

Chuckie Dee:  Is it possible that the hatchet could have broken through the temple and made direct contact with the brain?

Paramecium:  I couldn't tell from the images we saw, it looked to be extensive damage and there was a lot of blood poring out of the impact area, but the doctors cannot tell me for sure how deep the cut went until after some x-rays, and they cannot perform the x-rays until after Malicious has been stabilized and last I heard that was not the case.

Chuckie Dee:  Well, it's a good thing that Mr. Malicious was wearing that mask, without the mask to cushion at least some of the blow I think it's safe to say that Malicious would be dead right now.

Paramecium:  I'm certain that had the hatchet struck a person without a mask, like Stryknieghn, it would have broken clear through the skull and instantly killed them. Mr. Malicious was lucky to have been wearing his trademark mask, and had he not we would have been pronounced dead on the scene. As of right now he still has a chance - albeit a small one - he still has a chance.

Chuckie Dee let Paramecium leave and get back to work.

In the ring, the next match was about to take place.

Tag Team Contenders Match:

"The Thuggas"
Natas & Blaze
"The Acronyms"
"Hell's Faction"
Sinsyde & Draco
"Supply & Demand"
Crack-Edd & Arabian Pimpman

The Thuggas - Blaze & Natas

Hell's Faction - Sinsyde & Draco
The Acronyms - D.M.S. & P.A.B.

Supply & Demand
Crack-Edd & Arabian Pimpman

It was the biggest Tag Team Match in the history of the T.W.O. 4 of the T.W.O.'s biggest Tag Teams were competing for a shot at the Tag Team Championships at the anniversary episode of Dangerzone 50.

This was not an elimination Tag Match, anybody from any team could tag in anybody from any team, and the winning team was that which gained the first pinfall.

At one point Natas & Blaze were both tagged in the ring at the same time. They started to wrestle each other, but then realized that if they were wasting their time. Natas laid down for the pin thinking that if his own partner pinned him, they would win the match. Dellico DMS saw this as a potential problem and threw in the ladder to break up the count.

The referee stopped the count but decided to disqualify the Acronyms. Dellico DMS and PAB were sent back to the locker room and the match continued. Things started to get intense when Crack-Edd was tagged in against Blaze. Draco spitted at Crack-Edd and his partner Pimpman charged across the ring to his defense. As the referee turned to hold back Pimpman, Sinsyde dragged the battling Natas and Crack-Edd outside the ring, while Draco made a fake slapping noise and threw Blaze in.

The referee turned around to see Sinsyde, Crack-Edd, and Natas battling outside the ring area, and Draco covering Blaze in the ring. The referee made the mistake of assuming that a legal tag was made and counted to pinfall.

Winners:  Sinsyde & Draco of Hell's Faction

Sinsyde & Draco will go on to face the T.W.O. Tag Team Champions at Dangerzone 50.

The T.W.O. Interviewer got an exclusive with Kamikaze.

Interviewer:  Kamikaze, we haven't seen you since Master of the Mat 2002. It was at that PPV that you suffered a minor leg injury in your match against Sinsyde. However, you where still able to finish and even win the match. How is your leg feeling and when will you be back in action?

Kamikaze:  Actually, that statement was a bit incorrect. My leg has been bothering me since my match against Paramecium at Extravaganza III. It wasn't until right before the Master of the Mat PPV that I realized my leg needed surgery. I agreed to fight Sinsyde at the PPV, but I was given permission to leave right after that match and have surgery the next day. Now it's been a few weeks since the surgery and my ligament is feeling much better.

Interviewer:  Will you be in action soon?

Kamikaze:  The doctors haven't given me clearance to wrestle, but I do have a leg brace that keeps the strain off the ligaments. Even though I don't have doctors clearance I do plan on wrestling at Dangerzone 50.

Interviewer:  Who will you be fighting?

Kamikaze:  Nothing is written in stone, and I might get turned down for the match because of leg, but I would like to wrestle Paramecium again, for the World Title.

Interviewer:  Are you telling me that you plan on coming back against doctors orders to fight Paramecium at Dangerzone 50 with the T.W.O. Heavyweight Championship on the line?

Kamikaze:  That's what I plan on doing.

Interviewer:  Well folks, you heard it here first, Paramecium injured Kamikaze's leg at Extravaganza III, but Kamikaze plans on taking back that World Title at Dangerzone 50. Looks like it should be a good show.

HaRdCoRe Championship Match
Our next match saw T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Champion Scott Thunder defend his belt against "The Big Dawg" Stratus.

Before the match began, T.W.O. cameras caught up with Stratus and asked him how he was feeling going into this match. He said, "I'm still a bit shaken from the events earlier, but for the next few minutes I'm putting that in the back of my mind and focusing all my efforts at regaining that HaRdCoRe Championship."
Just for kicks and giggles, we then asked Thunder was his thoughts were. He said, "as long as the big bastard doesn't come at me with the hatchet I think I'll be fine."

The match got under way and it was obvious that Stratus wasn't at his best. Thunder attacked Stratus' tree-trunk legs, bringing him down to the ground and off his feet. There Thunder wrestled a great technical match.

Stryknieghn made his was down the ring, and spectators were amazed to see him carrying the bloody hatchet used on Malicious earlier. Eventually weapons made their way into the ring, and Stratus got ahold of Thunder's singapore cain. Stryknieghn got Thunder's attention and threw him the hatchet.

Thunder circled Stratus with the hatchet, while Stratus circled with the singapore cain. Both wrestlers were waiting for the other to make the first move. Stratus went in, swinging the cain at Thunder, but Thunder swung the hatchet in defense, shattering the saingapore cain. Stratus was now holding the remnants of the cain while Thunder circled with the hatchet.

Stratus had his attention focused so deeply on the hatchet, that he forgot about Stryknieghn at ringside. Stratus walked right in front of Stryknieghn without realizing and Stryknieghn synched in the sleeperhold. Thunder wound up for a swing with the hatchet but Stryknieghn yelled out "NO!" Thunder put down the hatchet and applied the figure 4.

With Stratus in the sleeper and figure 4, there was no escape and he eventually passed out.

Winner:  Scott Thunder

After the HaRdCoRe Title match it was announced that Stryknieghn and Stratus would fight at the upcoming Redemption 2002 in a No-Holds-Barred Match.

Chuckie Dee came on with a special announcement about Mr. Malicious. He said that Malicious had been moved up to stable condition and that the doctors are expecting him to recover. What is currently unknown is whether or not Malicious will have any permanent damage. Chuckie Dee said that all should tune in to Dangerzone 50 to find out the future of Mr. Malicious' career.

It was now time for the main event of Dangerzone 49

T.W.O. Heavyweight Champion Paramecium and T.W.O. Lightheavyweight Champion Spaz came out to the ring to face the T.W.O. Tag Team Champions Lestat and Santino.

There was no sign or mention of Arachnid, but Paramecium and Spaz didn't look worried.

The match began with Spaz and Lestat, the 2 wrestlers with the history that hadn't yet been put to rest. It wasn't long before each team was making multiple tags and the pace of the match was getting quicker and quicker. The competition intensified as both teams showed no regard for the rules and began fighting 2-on-2 with no tags being made.

Adding to the intensity, Hell's Faction members Sinsyde and Draco began making their way out to the ring. It looked as though the main event was about to be ruined when Arachnid ran out from the shadows and took down both Hell's Faction members with a series of chair shots.

Arachnid stood over the limp bodies of his former Hell's Faction partners while Paramecium and Lestat battled in the ring. With a quick maneuver, Lestat spun around and landed a devastating kick to the chest of Paramecium. Paramecium fell backward, outside the ring and into Arachnid. Arachnid was stumbled a little and then turned around to see who it was. He saw Paramecium getting up from the ground and hear Spaz yell, "it was an accident! Lestat did it!"

Arachnid got mad and charged after Lestat with the chair. Paramecium grabbed Arachnid and tried to pull the chair out of his hands, "don't do it, you'll get us disqualified!"

Arachnid turned around and stared Paramecium right in the eyes and said, "you don't tell me what to do. Nobody tells me what to do."

Arachnid pushed Paramecium back and turned to Lestat. As Arachnid turned around he was met with a foot to the face. Lestat had kicked Arachnid right in the mouth and Arachnid was knocked out. "Don't ever come at me like that again!" Lestat yelled to the fallen Arachnid.

Paramecium and Spaz both charged at Lestat and Santino and the rivalry was resumed. The fighting continued in no-holds-barred fashion for the next couple minutes until Sinsyde started coming to.

Sinsyde grabbed the steal chair and lunged toward Paramecium. KLANG! Paramecium superkicked the chair back into Sinsyde's face. Sinsyde fell to the ground, and Paramecium followed up with a springboard off Draco's back into a bodysplash on Sinsyde.

Paramecium heard Spaz in trouble and charged back into the ring. After struggling with Santino in the ring, Paramecium was knocked backward and tripped over Arachnid's limp body. Paramecium assumed that Arachnid had tripped him on purpose and gave him a swift kick to the ribs before going back after Santino.

Just then, Arachnid reached out and grabbed Paramecium's foot tripping him a second time, this time on purpose. As Paramecium attempted to regain his balance, Santino hooked Paramecium and dropped him in the psychodriver. Lestat was able to fend off Spaz while Santino gained the pinfall on Paramecium.

Winners:  Lestat & Santino

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