Dangerzone 52
Dangerzone 52 began with an announcement read from the T.W.O. ring announcer.

Announcement:  Ladies and Gentlemen, wrestlers and spectators, this is a message from the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners. We have not had much involvement with the T.W.O. in the public eye. Up until now we have allowed the T.W.O. CEO, Paramecium, sign what matches he wants, when he wants. Starting tonight that is going to change. We are still going to allow Paramecium and Scott Thunder to face the Hell's Faction for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships in the main event. But from now on, we, the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners will have final say when Championship Matches are involved. We feel that because of the union between Paramecium and Scott Thunder, it is very likely that they could monopolize control of the Championship Belts and award Title Shots only to the wrestlers they like. However, as the Board of Commissioners is concerned, we believe that Championship Matches should be signed for those who deserve them, regardless of their affiliation with Paramecium or Scott Thunder. As a final note, before the night is over, we will decide who will be given the World Heavyweight Title shot at next weeks Dangerzone 53 and who will receive the Title shot at our next Pay Per View, Rage Party 2002.

T.W.O. CEO / World Heavyweight Champion PARAMECIUM
and HaRdCoRe Champion SCOTT THUNDER
face Sinsyde and Spaz of Hell's Faction
for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships!

[In the Ring]
With the announcement read, it was now time for our first match of the evening. The T.W.O. Board of Commissioners had agreed that Chiko was being held back under Paramecium's management and therefore they decided to bring him back in the public eye by giving him a match tonight, at Dangerzone 52.

Fans were happy to see Chiko in competition again but when Arachnid came charging out to the ring, the fans began to cheer louder. Arachnid jumped into the ring and floored Chiko with a thunderous clothesline. Arachnid synched in his finishing hold, the Shark Attack, and it was lights out for Chiko.

Winner:  Arachnid

Lestat and Santino were obviously not to happy with the interference in their Tag Team Title shot at last weeks Dangerzone 51. In an interview they expressed how displeased they were with the Tag Teams in the T.W.O. especially the Hell's Faction and Supply & Demand. Lestat said that since these teams couldn't keep out of their Tag Title Match, tonight he and Santino would take out their frustration on Supply & Demand tonight. Santino said that if anyone tries to interfere in the match tonight he will personally make sure they are never able to interfere in a match ever again.

[In the Ring]
Our next match saw Stryknieghn take on the returning Kamikaze. Kamikaze announced at Dangerzone 51 that returning from his leg injury has put his career in perspective and in the near future he hopes to gain the HaRdCoRe Championship and become the second wrestler in the T.W.O. to become a Triple Crown winner (having held the World, Tag Team, & HaRdCoRe Championships).

Before the match began Kamikaze said that it was nice he was given a warm-up match against Stryknieghn. Stryknieghn heard this comment and decided that if it was a warm welcome Kamikaze was looking for then it was a warm welcome he would receive.

The match began as Stryknieghn attacked Kamikaze with everything he had. Kamikaze, having not been very active the last few months, was a bit overwhelmed but fought back nonetheless.

Just as the match was getting intense, Bad Boy Barrett came out to ringside. Barrett began burating Stryknieghn for attacking him at Dangerzone 51. (It was at Dangerzone 51 that Barrett made and open challenge, Stryknieghn happened to answer that challenge and won the match.)

Stryknieghn became fed up with Barrett's taunting and left the match to shut up Barrett. While Stryknieghn was picking Barrett and about to throw him over the fence, Kamikaze cracked Stryknieghn in the back of the head with a steel chair. Stryknieghn was out for the count when Kamikaze covered him for the 1-2-3.

Winner:  Kamikaze

In an interview with Supply & Demand (Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd) both wrestlers expressed their sympathy to Lestat & Santino for causing their loss to the Hell's Faction at Dangerzone 51. However, they have been very distraught over the kidnapping of Arabian Pimpman's head hoe Sugar Kooky. Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd agreed that they would fight Lestat & Santino tonight but asked that after they get out their frustration, would Lestat & Santino help Pimpman & Crack-Edd in their search for Sugar Kooky?

Natas & Blaze are walking through the halls when Stratus comes walking through and pushes them out of the way.

Natas:  Watch where you're goin' homes!

Blaze:  Yeah man, chill out, where's the fire?

Stratus:  I was just told that I don't have a match tonight so I'm going home.

Natas:  Listen Dawg, you ain't the only one without a match so don't act like you need special attention.

Stratus:  What am I wasting my time explaining myself to you for? I have better things to do, I'm outta' hear.

Blaze:  Why you gotta be dissin' us like that for Dawg?

Stratus:  Get out of my face chumps!

Natas:  You're going to have to MAKE us, fat boy!

Stratus turns around and floors both Natas & Blaze with a double clothesline before walking away.

Natas:  [Stumbles to his feet] I just had a brilliant idea! Since we both don't have a match tonight, how 'bout you step in the ring and face me man to man!

Stratus walked away before he could hear the challenge put forth by Natas, but the T.W.O. Interviewer was able to stop Stratus before he made it to his car and asked him if he would accept. Stratus accepted.

[In the Ring]
Before the match began the ring announcer asked Lestat & Santino if they would be willing to aid Supply & Demand in their search for Sugar Kooky after the match was finished. Lestat said "NO" while Santino said "YES."

Lestat:  What do you mean yes? We don't owe these guys anything! They cost us the Tag Team Championships.

Santino:  Why can't we help them? You expect them to take on the Hell's Faction alone? They need our help.

Lestat:  We'll talk about this later, right now we have some ass to kick.

Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd (Supply & Demand) came out to the ring and the match began. Santino started off the match like it was a typical wrestling contest, but when he tagged in Lestat, Lestat began to clean house. Lestat unleashed all his frustration on Pimpman and Crack-Edd.

While this was going on in the ring, Nymphous Fornicate (a member of the Hell's Faction and the abductor of Sugar Kooky came out to ringside). Santino told Nympho, "interfere and you're dead!"

When Lestat needed help, he tagged in Santino. Santino fought Pimpman and then Crack-Edd, while still keeping an eye on Nymphous Fornicate. When Santino began to wear down he tagged the rested Lestat back in. That's when Nymphous Fornicate made his move.

Santino had promised before the match that he would end the career of anyone who interfered. Nymphous Fornicate saw this opportunity to attack a dazed Santino. Fornicate clocked Santino with a steel chair and went in the ring after Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd.

A mee-lay ensued as Lestat used the outside interference to gain an upperhand. After attacking both members of Supply & Demand, Nymphous Fornicate hit the last man standing... Lestat. Lestat was out cold as Nymphous Fornicate ran into the back. A droggy Pimpman covered Lestat for the win.

Winners:  Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd aka. Supply & Demand

As Pimpman and Crack-Edd regained their composure, Santino attempted to help Lestat to his feet.

Lestat:  How could you let Nymphous Fornicate attack me like that? I thought you said you would be watching for outside interference!!!

Santino:  I was, but he knocked me out first!

The T.W.O. Interviewer saw this as the perfect chance to get a scoop and ran in the ring to get some post match comments.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Lestat, when Nymphous Fornicate hit Santino with the chair and then entered the ring, why did you allow him to attack Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd. I thought you were against outside interference.

Lestat:  I'm against it when the interference costs me the Tag Team Championships.

Santino:  So Nymphous Fornicate knocks me out and you let him get away with it?

Lestat:  I thought he was going to help me win by attacking Pimpman & Crack-Edd. Then the bastard hit me!

Santino:  I'll tell you what, you go find Nymphous Fornicate and give him an ass kicking for the both of us. I'll go meet up with Supply & Demand and see if I can help find Sugar Kooky.

The T.W.O. Interviewer had a chance to get an exclusive interview with Zygoplath.
[Translated from Zygoplathish]

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Zygoplath, you come from the planet Zygoplathia and you've wrestled in the UWA and T.W.O. back in 1999. We thought you retired, what are you doing back here tonight?

Zygoplath:  I was asked back by the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners and I couldn't say "no." The T.W.O. today is a lot different than it was back in the days of the Big Bad Battle 1999 and the interpromotional efforts with the Underground Wrestling Association. I've been keeping up with the happenings of the T.W.O. ever since they created the website in 2000 and I love the additions to the company and couldn't wait to come back.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I didn't know they could view the T.W.O. Web-Universe on the planet of Zygoplathia!

Zygoplath:  They don't call it the T.W.O. Universe for nothing do they?

T.W.O. Interviewer:  How long did it take for you to get here? I know Zygoplathia is several hundred light-years away.

Zygoplath:  We have teleporters on Zygoplathia that can teleport us throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. It costs a lot to travel by teleport but the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners were kind enough to pick up the tab.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  How long will you stay in the T.W.O. this time around?

Zygoplath:  As long as the fans want me here.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  And who do you look forward to wrestling the most?

Zygoplath:  I hope to one day face Paramecium for the World Heavyweight Championship in an interplanetary Title defense, the likes of which you on Earth have never seen. But first I must worry about my return match tonight.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Your first match back is going to take place tonight at Dangerzone 52?

Zygoplath:  That's right, tonight I will face the Wrestling Enforcer, a guy I wrestled back in the UWA, and the special referee for the match is going to be the other interplanetary competitor currently in the T.W.O., Superbman!

T.W.O. Interviewer:  You heard it right folks. Zygoplath has returned to the T.W.O. and tonight will take on Wrestling Enforcer with Superbman guest officiating.

[In the Ring]

Stratus met Natas and Blaze in the ring. Blaze was warned not to interfere and the bell was rung. Blaze did not pay too much attention to the official as he attempted to help Natas to a victory. Stratus was able to overpower both Natas and Blaze and come away with a pinfall victory.

Winner:  Stratus

Santino found Nymphous Fornicate and warned him that if he did not reveal the whereabouts of Sugar Kooky, his career would be ended tonight.

Nymphous Fornicate tried to talk Santino down but it was to no avail.

Nymphous Fornicate:  OK, OK, I don't know where she is right this minute, but I'll tell you were she will be.

Santino:  Start talking.

Nymphous Fornicate:  If you let me go, I will produce Sugar Kooky next week at Dangerzone 53. I will give Arabian Pimpman one chance to get her back. He will have to defeat me, fair and square, in the middle of the ring.

Santino:  If Arabian Pimpman can beat you in a match at Dangerzone 53, you will release Sugar Kooky from the grasp of the Hell's Faction?

Nymphous Fornicate:  That's right but you have to let me go, and no one is to interfere in the match!

Santino:  And why should I trust you?

Nymphous Fornicate:  Because if you don't, regardless of what you do to me, you will never see Sugar Kooky again.

[In the Ring]

Zygoplath's return match against Wrestling Enforcer began, with Superbman as guest referee.

Wrestling Enforcer knew that he wouldn't stand a chance in this contest with his foe Superbman conspiring against him. Not long after the match began another law enforcement officer came out to the ring to serve as a second official.

With this other law enforcement official at ringside and Superbman officiating the match on the inside, it wasn't long before order broke down.

The official on the outside claimed Zygoplath had cheated when Superbman had seen nothing. Then Superbman claimed Enforcer cheated while the outside official denied having witnessed anything.

Superbman and the outside official came to blows and the match was declared a no contest.

Winner:  No Contest

Afterward:  Wrestling Enforcer announced his second official as his younger brother. Fans and officials alike, noticed a striking resemblance but the question had to be asked. "Didn't your former Tag Team Partner the Wrestling Re-Enforcer shoot himself back in 1999?"

To which Wrestling Enforcer replied, "Yes he did, but that partner was not his brother, just a cousin. This new Enforcer look-alike was the actual second Wrestling Enforcer that debuted in the original Law & Order tag team of 1997."

Though they haven't worked together in years, they've kept in close contact and the second Wrestling Enforcer has been training, awaiting the invitation of his brother to return to active competition.

A representative for the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners announced that the Board has been debating on who should receive the World Heavyweight title shot at the next Pay Per View, Rage Party 2002. Becuase the Board could not trust Paramecium with the responsibility of giving the title shot to a formidable opponent, they have took it upon themselves to decide the most worthy T.W.O. Superstar.

The Board announced that they have narrowed the number 1 contention slot to 2 possibilities:  Stratus & Arachnid. The Board of Commissioners said that both Superstars have had impressive outings in recent weeks and both came away with big victories at our last Pay Per View. Since they could not agree on which of these 2 would receive the shot at Rage Party 2002, the Board has decided to continue watching both men and would make their decision in the following weeks.

[Dangerzone 53 - Main Event]

Paramecium and Scott Thunder last held the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships in the summer of 1999 and tonight would be their first time teaming together in years. Now World Heavyweight Champion and HaRdCoRe Champion, Paramecium and Scott Thunder would challenge their new rivals the Hell's Faction.

The Hell's Faction made their T.W.O. debut in 2000, long after the separation between Paramecium and Scott Thunder, and since has changed it's original members. Their mission since joining the T.W.O. has solely been the destruction of the T.W.O. and together, Paramecium and Scott Thunder have pledged to prevent the Hell's Faction from reaching their goal.

All eyes and ears were waiting in anticipation for this matchup as it would have been deemed an impossible contest if it weren't for the events of recent weeks. Now this once impossible dream match was taking place with the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships on the line.

All 4 Superstars held nothing back as the referee agreed to let the rule book go and allow mayhem to reign. It was an entertaining matchup to say the least, with weapons galore, this hard fought Tag Title contest was rivaled by no other in the history of the T.W.O.

Eventually things got a little too out of hand and the referee was knocked out. Paramecium and Scott Thunder were able to restore order in the ring, Thunder with his Singapore Cain and Paramecium with his Chain. The Hell's Faction were finished and for a moment it appeared as though we had new Tag Team Champions.

But the referee failed to regain consciousness in time. When he awoke, Sinsyde and Spaz had turned the tides with the outside help of Nymphous Fornicate. The referee awake in time to count Spaz covering Paramecium for the 1-2-3.

Winners:  Sinsyde and Spaz

After all was said and done, the match itself was a classic, but the outcome a travesty. A representative for the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners announced that Dangerzone 53 would contest 3 matches we've all been waiting to see and any outside interference would result in the suspension of those involved.

Paramecium will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against the man who had betrayed his trust at Redemption 2002, when T.W.O. Lightheavyweight Champion Spaz would challenge for the belt.

Scott Thunder will defend his HaRdCoRe Championship against former HaRdCoRe Champion and Hell's Faction leader Sinsyde.

Arabian Pimpman will have a chance to rescue Sugar Kooky from the evil clutches of the Hell's Faction when he faces Nymphous Fornicate.

These three matches are guaranteed to either make or break the Hell's Faction, and have been building in anticipation week after week. Thanks to the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners these matches will take place at Dangerzone 53.

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