Dangerzone 54
Tonight, Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd challenge the Hell's Faction for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships...

Paramecium vows to show the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners who is boss...

Can Lestat and Santino patch up their differences and become a cohesive team again...?

Who will become the number 1 contender:  Arachnid or Stratus...?

All this and more at Dangerzone 54!

[In the Ring]
The show began as Sinsyde, Nymphous Fornicate and Spaz (collectively known as Hell's Faction) came out to the ring. Sinsyde announced that tonight it would be Nymphous Fornicate and Spaz who would defend the Hell's Faction's Tag Team Championships against Supply & Demand. Sinsyde said he would not be in the match himself because he has permission from the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners to challenge for either the T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Championship or the T.W.O. World Heavyweight Championship.

Suddenly the music of the T.W.O.'s most notorious duo blared over the backyard and Paramecium & Scott Thunder stepped out to the ring.

T.W.O. World Heavyweight Champion Paramecium announced that tonight he would take back control of his company from the Board of Commissioners. "Nobody except the T.W.O. CEO knows what is best for the company and that CEO is me!" Paramecium went on to say that tonight not only would Sinsyde receive a shot at either the HaRdCoRe Champion Scott Thunder or the World Champion Paramecium, but he would receive a shot against both simultaneously!

Sinsyde was not happy to hear that he would be facing Paramecium and Scott Thunder in a handicapped match but he did not back down from the challenge.

Paramecium then warned Nymphous Fornicate and Spaz that they'd better have come prepared for their Tag Title defense against Supply & Demand because that match is going to take place now.

The music for Supply & Demand (Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd) blared over the speakers and they made their way to the ring, while Paramecium, Scott Thunder and Sinsyde were escorted backstage. This was a safety precaution of course, so as not to encourage any outside interference.

Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd were ready for this contest at it was a few weeks ago at Dangerzone 50 that Pimpman's head ho Sugar Kooky was abducted by Nymphous Fornicate. It was at our last Dangerzone when Pimpman was finally given a match against Fornicate in order to free Sugar Kooky. The match at Dangerzone 53 ended with Nymphous Fornicate coming out victorious and announcing that he would never free Sugar Kooky. Tonight Pimpman and Crack-Edd vowed that if Hell's Faction could take Sugar Kooky from them, they would just have to take the Tag Team Championships from the Hell's Faction.

After all was said and done, Dangerzone 54 marked a historic night for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships as Supply & Demand (Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd) gained a considerable measure of revenge on the Hell's Faction by defeating them for the belts.

Winners and New T.W.O. Tag Team Champions:  Supply & Demand

Natas & Blaze, the team which likes to me known as the Thuggas was overheard badmouthing another team.

Natas:  Yo, did you see those dorks last week attempt to fight the Wrestling Enforcers?

Blaze:  You bet I did. I don't know what the dilly-o is wit' those "Out O' Dis World" boyz but they got no bizniz as a tag team.

Natas:  'Specially since they only met a couple weeks ago. They ain't got a chance against 2 experienced fly boyz like ourselves.

*Note:  Tonight Natas & Blaze will face Out of This World in tag team action.

[In the Ring]

It was last week that Kamikaze had a chance to win the HaRdCoRe Championship when his match was ruined by Stryknieghn. Stryknieghn couldn't care less about the career of Kamikaze, all he was worried about was finding an annoying runt by the name of Bad Boy Barrett.

The match was very brutal as these 2 big 275 pounders gave each other all the fight they had. In the end both men were battered and bruised but it was the outside interference of Bad Boy Barrett which cost Stryknieghn the match.

Winner:  Kamikaze

After the pinfall Stryknieghn ran into the back in search of Barrett but the little guy had already made a clean getaway.

Stratus and Arachnid approached T.W.O. CEO Paramecium backstage and asked if Paramecium could help the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners decided on a worthy number 1 contender. Paramecium stated that as the holder of the T.W.O. World Heavyweight Champion he had been awaiting the decision of the Board as to who his challenger would be at Rage Party 2002. He had seen the hoops that both Stratus and Arachnid had to go through to prove themselves and thus far have not been given an answer from the Board.

Paramecium declared that under his authority these shenanigans would end and tonight Stratus and Arachnid would have the opportunity to prove themselves once and for all. "Tonight," Paramecium said, "both of you will wrestle in a one-on-one singles match and the best man will be declared the number 1 contender."

[In the Ring]

Superbman and Zygoplath the older but less experienced tag team were eager to put the younger more experienced Thuggas in their place. Superbman and Zygoplath had their first tag team match at last weeks Dangerzone 53 when they lost to Law & Order (the Wrestling Enforcers). Natas & Blaze (the Thuggas) joined the T.W.O. in early 2002 after winning championships in other backyard promotions. They have yet to reach their peak in the T.W.O., however both feel destined to become future T.W.O. Tag Team Champions.

On this night Out of This World had their work cut out for them but began to show that they could possibly overcome the experience of their opponents. Just when it looked like Zygoplath would score the pinfall, the Wrestling Enforcers interfered and cost them the match.

Winners:  Natas & Blaze

Afterward Wrestling Enforcer arrested Zygoplath for being an illegal alien.

Lestat and Santino talked about their upcoming match tonight against the Acronyms. Both Lestat & Santino agreed that they would have to put their differences aside and attempt to work cohesively again. If they could not return to their former position atop the tag team roster then they would surely never again hold the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships.

[In the Ring]

In a brutal 2-on-one beat down, Paramecium and Scott Thunder were able to annihilate Sinsyde. There was no chance of Sinsyde gaining either the HaRdCoRe or Heavyweight Championships until his cohorts (Nymphous Fornicate and Spaz) of the Hell's Faction came to his aid.

It suddenly turned into 3-on-2 as Paramecium and Scott Thunder were fighting off all 3 members of the Hell's Faction. The referee allowed the match to continue and must have been under the influence of the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners.

Scott Thunder applied the figure four on Sinsyde while Paramecium fought off Fornicate and Spaz outside the ring. It looked as though Sinsyde might submit but somehow he was able to reverse the maneuver. Scott Thunder screamed in pain but refused to let go of the hold.

As both Sinsyde and Thunder were reeling in pain a shocking figure made his way out to the ring... Draco. A forgotten Hell's Faction member whom we haven't seen since Dangerzone 51. Draco made his way up to Sinsyde and Thunder as everyone in attendance waited to see what would happen next.

Draco then made his move, flipping Scott Thunder and Sinsyde over placing all the pressure back on the legs of Sinsyde. Sinsyde was forced to submit.

Winners:  Scott Thunder and Paramecium

Afterward Scott Thunder, Paramecium, and Draco cleared the ring of the Hell's Faction as Draco grabbed the mic and said a few words as to his leaving the group.

Draco:  After Arachnid left the group and Nymphous Fornicate joined it seemed as though Sinsyde had better things to do then pay attention to Draco. I was left out of the loop when you guys planned to fake Spaz leaving the group and tricking Paramecium. Sinsyde forbade me to wrestle for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championship belts. When I'd had enough I stormed out of the dressing room at Dangerzone 51 and was jumped by Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd. As I was beaten bloody none of you came to my rescue! Sinsyde you always told us we were like a family to you, but when I woke up in the hospital beaten and broken none of you were there! I realized then how I had wasted my time in the Faction. I called the T.W.O. offices and left a message telling the Board of Commissioners where I was. The next day Paramecium and Scott Thunder were at my bedside along with Arabian Pimpman, Crack-Edd and some of the other guys wishing me well. A couple weeks later I was back to my normal self and I had these guys to thank for it. Where was the Hell's Faction? Where was Sinsyde? They were nowhere to be found. No I see who my true friends are and I have seen the Hell's Faction for what they truly are, a bunch of low-life deadbeats who stick together because separately they are nothing.

Stryknieghn said that watching the last match gave him an idea. He said that since Bad Boy Barrett refuses to face Stryknieghn on his own, he would challenge Barrett to face him next week with Kamikaze in his corner. That means Kamikaze and Bad Boy Barrett can have their chance to face Stryknieghn in a handicapped match at Dangerzone 55.

[In the Ring]

Despite their attempts to work as a team, Lestat & Santino were not able to pull things together in their match against the Acronyms. PAB & DMS came out victorious and announced that in the future they would appreciate it if the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners would grant them a tag title shot.

Winners:  The Acronyms (PAB & DMS)

Paramecium, Scott Thunder and Draco announced that at next weeks Dangerzone 55 they would face the Hell's Faction in a HUGE 6-man-tag main event.

[In the Ring]

We have been waiting for weeks to find out which of these 2 (either Stratus or Arachnid) is worthy of a World Heavyweight Title shot at Rage Party 2002 and this singles match was signed to find a number 1 contender.

Both contestants put on a hard fought matchup and they knew the future of their careers could rest on the outcome of this match.

Both wrestlers picked each other up seemingly with ease and threw each other around. Including the running slam above which Stratus used to drive Arachnid's body into the ground.

The match was so out of control that it spilled into the backstage area where both wrestlers used a plethora of foreign objects to attack each other with.

Neither wrestler would stay down for the pinfall or submit and the match lasted a good half hour. The referee threatened that if neither wrester could make it back to the ring and gain a pinfall at the half hour mark he would end the match without a decisive victor. When neither wrestler made it back to the ring the referee used his discretion to end the match and T.W.O. officials were sent to split Stratus and Arachnid up.

Winner:  No-Contest

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