Dangerzone 55
Dangerzone 55 began with a big Tag Team Championship Match. Lestat and Santino were granted this Tag Team Title Shot under the condition that this would be their last chance at rekindling their friendship. Lestat and Santino had not been on the best of terms these last few weeks and if they could not pull things together for this match then the duo would be doomed.

The new Champions Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd aka Supply & Demand won the gold at last weeks Dangerzone 54 and tonight would be defending the belts against one of the best teams in recent memory.

Supply & Demand proved up to the task as they defeated the less than cohesive team of Lestat and Santino.

Winners:  Supply & Demand (Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd)

The Acronyms ran into The Thuggas. Both tag teams have been hoping for another tag team title shot and both are considered worthy by the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners. After an exchange of heated words, T.W.O. officials were sent to keep The Acronyms and The Thuggas from attacking each other. It was then announced that both teams would be facing each other tonight in a number 1 contenders tag team match.

{Also fans were reminded of the 6-man-tag main event tonight as Paramecium, Scott Thunder, & Draco would face the Hell's Faction - Sinsyde, Spaz & Nymphous Fornicate}

[In the Ring]

After weeks of trying to get his hands on Bad Boy Barrett, Stryknieghn would get his wish tonight by facing both Barrett and Kamikaze in a handicapped match. Stryknieghn went into the match full steam. He was able to hold his own while fighting off 2 individuals at once.

After incapacitating Kamikaze and throwing him over the fence to the other yard, Stryknieghn wasted no time in demolishing the smaller, weaker Bad Boy Barrett. Stryknieghn finally got revenge on the little twerp by making him tap to the Restryction.

Winner:  Stryknieghn

Afterward Kamikaze congratulated Stryknieghn on his win but reminded him that Stryknieghn could not successfully defeat Kamikaze despite his repeated attempts. Kamikaze challenged Stryknieghn to a fair contest at Rage Party 2002 to prove that Kamikaze is the better man in a fair contest. Stryknieghn accepted.

Stratus and Arachnid asked the T.W.O. CEO Paramecium which of them would receive the World Heavyweight Title shot at Rage Party 2002. Paramecium told them that since their feud was not settled last week, he would give them one more chance to prove themselves tonight. If one of them could not gain a clear victory then Paramecium would have to choose which of the 2 was more worthy, Stratus or Arachnid.

[Also Backstage]
Cameras caught up to Lestat & Santino as they were fighting backstage. Chairs and other backstage materials were being destroyed in the melay and many officials were called in to break the 2 up. Since it appeared as though their loyalty as a team had disintegrated it was decided that they would fight at Rage Party 2002.

[In the Ring]

Two very worthy tag teams competed for a chance to face the Tag Team Champions at Rage Party 2002. The Acronyms and The Thuggas both have held gold in the past and were hoping to be declared number 1 contenders tonight. Unfortunately only 1 team could win and that was the more experienced PAB & DMS.

Winners:  The Acronyms

And so it was signed, The Acronyms would challenge Supply & Demand for the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships at Rage Party 2002.

Sinsyde & Draco were seen talking. This was interesting as Draco had just professed his hatred for the Hell's Faction at last weeks Dangerzone 54. T.W.O. camera's went in a little closer to pick up what they were saying.

Sinsyde:  Draco, I understand that you were disappointed we didn't visit you in the hospital but we tried to visit you and Paramecium wouldn't let us in. He said you weren't allowed any visitors and that you were still sleeping.

Draco:  You're lying! Paramecium would never do that.

Sinsyde:  You don't believe me? Don't you remember he said before that he would do whatever it took to destroy the Hell's Faction? He's purposely trying to put you and I against each other because he knows that they best way to destroy the Faction is by splitting it up from within. We already lost Arachnid a couple months ago, we can't afford to lose you too.

Draco:  But when I was still in the group I was always taking backseat to the other guys. Why do you show so much interest in me now?

Sinsyde:  Draco, I understand we didn't show you the respect you deserved before but things are going to change. Come back to the group and you'll see how much we really appreciate and need you.

Draco:  I'm sorry Sinsyde but I don't trust you and probably never will.

Sinsyde:  Give me a second chance. Please.

Draco:  Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, now I remember. I did give you a second chance once and guess what? You blew it. Now more second chances.

Sinsyde:  Fine! Be that way! I can see you no longer care about the Faction, our mission or your friends. You can join Paramecium and Scott Thunder in that 6-man-tag if you want. I'm not going to stop you. But you'd better realize they don't care about you. All they care about is ripping us apart, and once they're through they'll kick you to the curb.

Draco:  We'll see about that.

[In the Ring]

Stratus and Arachnid were given another chance to fight for number 1 contendership at Paramecium's World Heavyweight Championship. The match (like the one they had last week) was brutal and hard fought but they knew the only way to win was to keep it in the ring and stay focused.

Both Stratus and Arachnid proved over the last few months that either of them is worthy of a Title shot but only 1 would get the match at Rage Party 2002.

In the end it was Stratus who gained the upper hand and was crowned number 1 contender at Paramecium's World Heavyweight Championship for Rage Party 2002.

Winner:  Stratus

[At the Jail]
It was last week that Zygoplath was arrested by Wrestling Enforcer for being an illegal alien. Now he was sitting in jail awaiting bail. There was no bail money to be found but Zygoplath's tag team partner Superbman could not stand by while his friend was held in jail.

Superbman flew to the outside wall of the jail and blasted a hole in the wall with his powerful steel force punch. Before Wrestling Enforcer knew what had happened Superbman had grabbed his partner Zygoplath and flown off to safety.

Wrestling Enforcer called air traffic control to see if they could locate the villains but low and behold they could not. Wrestling Enforcer then called the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners and asked that they call the proper authorities as soon as the criminals made their next T.W.O. appearance.

The Board had a better idea and suggested that at Rage Party 2002, Law & Order (The Wrestling Enforcers) could face Out of This World (Zygoplath & Superbman). This match would be deemed a special restraint match and the only way to win would be to handcuff your opponents together and throw them in the back of a police truck.

Wrestling Enforcer asked how this would solve their dilemma and he was told that this match would have very special conditions. If The Wrestling Enforcers win, then Superbman and Zygoplath would have to spend a year in prison. However, if Superbman and Zygoplath won, The Wrestling Enforcers would have to drop the charges.

Wrestling Enforcer agreed to these terms and another match was signed for Rage Party 2002.

[In the Ring - Dangerzone 55 Main Event]

Our main event of the evening:  Draco, Paramecium and Thunder vs. Nymphous Fornicate, Sinsyde and Spaz of the Hell's Faction in a big 6-man-tag match.

This match was very fast-passed and hard to follow as no tags were needed and all 6 participants threw caution to the wind.

In the end, the anti-faction won out as Draco scored the pinfall on Spaz.

Winners:  Draco, Paramecium & Scott Thunder

After the match it was announced that at Rage Party 2002, Scott Thunder would defend his HaRdCoRe Championship against Sinsyde and Draco would challenge Spaz for the Lightheavyweight Championship.

Rage Party 2002