Dangerzone 61
If you have not yet viewed the results of T.W.O.'s most recent PPV event Payback's a B*tch, click here.

Dangerzone 61 began as Paramecium and Scott Thunder came out to the ring.

Scott Thunder first congratulated Paramecium on his HaRdCoRe Title win at Payback's a B*tch. Paramecium said it was the greatest feeling in the world to be able to defeat Sinsyde for the belt and become a Triple Crown Champion.

*NOTE:  A Triple Crown Champion is one who has held the World, HaRdCoRe and Tag Titles in their T.W.O. career.

Scott Thunder said that he knew what Paramecium meant because it was he (Scott Thunder) who had become the T.W.O.'s first Triple Crown Champion (in 2002) and now Paramecium had become the second.

Paramecium then made a HUGE announcement. Of course, every announcement made by Paramecium is HUGE but this was the HUGEST!

Paramecium announced that starting tonight the T.W.O. would be holding the biggest ever Tag Team Tournament and the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships will be on the line. Paramecium said that this tournament will be open to 16 teams. Not only where teams in the T.W.O. invited to join but other teams from around the world as well.

Paramecium said that never before in wrestling has a promotion held a Tag Title Tournament when the promotion already has Tag Champions. You might wonder, "why hold a tournament when there are already champions?" T.W.O. CEO Paramecium said that he loves tournaments and that is why he tries to hold at least 1 tournament a year.

This of course would be a special occasion because tournaments usually take place leading up to the Master of the Mat PPV. However, our next PPV event is Extravaganza 4. Extravaganza is the T.W.O.'s premier PPV event and this tournament will be the first in it's history. Of course, the majority of the tournament matches will take place on Dangerzones but the finals of the tournament will take place on the biggest stage the T.W.O. has to offer, the main event of Extravaganza 4.

The Tag Team Champions Supply & Demand came out to the ring and demanded to know what role they would play in the tournament. Scott Thunder assured them that this tournament is perfectly legitimate and only serves one purpose... to find out which tag team is the absolute best in backyard wrestling. He told Supply & Demand that they have already been selected to enter the tournament as team no. 16 and would have to defend their T.W.O. Tag Team Championships through each round of the tournament if they wanted to remain Champions through Extravaganza 4.

Paramecium announced that he did give advanced notice to outsiders who might want to join the T.W.O. for this special occasion but all teams have through tonight to qualify. All qualifying matches will take place tonight at Dangerzone 61 and only 8 of the 16 will advance to round 2 of the tournament scheduled to take place next week.

Since most teams have been picked before showtime, here is a list of the current brackets. All matchings are random and each team did not know who they would be facing until just now.

Qualifying Round
Quarter Finals

Tag Team Champions
Stratus & Sinsyde
Spaz & N. Fornicate
Kamikaze & Barrett
Law & Order
Rain & Lightning
The Thuggas
Thunder & Paramecium
Out of This World
Skarekro & Skavenger
Los Compadres
Stryknieghn & Missy
Lestat & Dweebo
The Acronyms
Supply & Demand
*NOTE:  The third from last entry in the qualifying round is still open for 2 last minute entry's.

Enough explaining of the rules, lets start the tournament results already.

[In the Ring]

Our first opening round match saw World Heavyweight Champion Stratus & Hell's Faction leader Sinsyde face off against fellow Hell's Faction members Spaz and Nymphous Fornicate. Sinsyde attempted to convince Spaz and Nymphous to forfeit the match but they didn't go for it. Instead, these four guys put on one hell of a match and it was hard to tell that they are really friends. In the end, Stratus and Sinsyde were able to pull off the win, as Sinsyde gave Nymphous Fornicate the Lay-Z-Boy DDT and covered for the 1-2-3.

Winners:  Stratus & Sinsyde

The T.W.O. Interviewer got a chance to speak with Skarekro and Skavenger who made their T.W.O. in ring debut at Payback's a B*tch.

Interviewer:  The 2 of you apparently have a lot of history together as a team, competing in many backyard wrestling federations. Now that you've made the jump to the T.W.O. are you glad you came and what do you think about being added to the tournament today?

Skarekro:  I think our debut was a great success, and speaking of the tournament we actually were notified of this tournament a couple weeks ago. Back then it was still in the works but Paramecium promised us that if we signed for Payback's a B*tch he would give us a spot in the tournament and that's exactly what happened.

Interviewer:  Have you two held titles in other backyard wrestling federations?

Skavenger:  We have held belts in some other rival organizations like the XTW, and we will definitely push our way through this tournament starting later tonight.

Interviewer:  Any messages to the other teams out there who don't really know too much about you guys yet?

Skarekro:  Stop picking on my little buddy Skavenger here. He first came to the T.W.O. to scope things out about a month before I actually made my debut. He took a lot of flack from certain people and now they've learned their lesson. Let's not let that happen again.

[In the Ring]

Our next opening round match saw Kamikaze and Barrett once again teaming together despite their history of friction. They took on Wrestling Enforcer and his brother, who have been affiliated with the T.W.O. since 1997. It was the more experienced duo of Law & Order which came out victorious.

After the match, Kamikaze powerbombed his partner Bad Boy Barrett proclaiming that he would "never tag with (Barrett's) sorry ass again!"

Winners:  Law & Order

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Another recent addition to the T.W.O., Rain and Lightning made their debut as a team a couple weeks ago and have thus far remained undefeated. What do you feel your chances are in this tournament?

Rain:  I hope we win, just because I would like to see the look on Paramecium and Scott Thunder's face after holding us back for so long. Midnight Lightning is the Jobber Champion of the T.W.O., a belt which isn't very respected and I've been delegated to dark matches for the past year. Hopefully tonight we can start our trek toward main event status, a place which we've been working toward for years.

Midnight Lightning:  Googleplexemptmania!!!!!!

Interviewer:  Thank you for those thought provoking words. You guys better get ready your match is next!

[In the Ring]

Rain and Midnight Lightning took on The Thuggas in an amazing display of incompetence but somehow pulled off the victory continuing their winning streak at 2-0.

Winners:  Rain & Lightning

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Another team which has been competing in the T.W.O. for a matter of weeks is Los Compadres. You too have remained undefeated in the few weeks you have been together, how do you think you will fare in this tournament tonight?

Lamirda:  I am very fortunate to have found Chiko Bombardez when I did. After re-joining the T.W.O. about 2 months ago I knew I was an outsider. Now I have someone to hang with who can work with me and we can both help each other to become better wrestlers. I think this tournament will be a great exercise for us and I hope we do well.

Chiko Bombardez:  I hope we do well because this would mean a big push for Lamirda and I. The Spanish population in America has surpassed the Black population making us the biggest minority in the country. Hopefully we can also be major players in the T.W.O. tag team division as well. We are going to win this for all the little guys of this country.

[In the Ring]

Our next match featured the only 2 members of the T.W.O. to ever become Triple Crown Champions, Scott Thunder and the current HaRdCoRe Champion Paramecium. Their opponents, Superbman and Zygoplath of the Out of This World tag team gave Thunder and Paramecium a run for their money. Scott Thunder and Paramecium however lived up to their legacy as one of the greatest tag teams in backyard wrestling as Scott Thunder gained a submission victory from Zygoplath.

Winners:  Scott Thunder & Paramecium

T.W.O. World Champion Stratus and Hell's Faction leader Sinsyde yelled at Spaz and Nymphous Fornicate.

Sinsyde:  You guys are lucky that Stratus and I ended up winning that match earlier tonight or we would be really pissed right now! Besides, I'm still pissed at you for not finding Allen Vector at the PPV and beating the crap out of him for costing me the HaRdCoRe Belt!

Spaz:  We told you, after interfering in the match he ran to his car and took off. I would have been happy to dispose of him, especially after he took my Lightheavyweight Championship.

Sinsyde:  And where is Allen Vector tonight? I haven't seen or heard of him, he isn't in the Tag Title Tournament and he isn't defending that Lightheavyweight belt, where is he?

Nymphous Fornicate:  We don't know, the kids in hiding. He won't be back in town until Dangerzone 62.

Spaz:  Unless he shows up as one of those last minute entries into the tournament.

Stratus:  I doubt it. Who would be his partner? His brother Arachnid? Yeah right. I haven't seen him wrestle in months. And what's with all these people saying you have Allen Vector interfere.

Sinsyde:  I did not have Allen Vector interfere! Why would I have someone purposely cost me the HaRdCoRe Championship? No that bastard Paramecium is a Triple Crown Champion and the Hell's Faction has nothing. No Lightheavyweight Belt, no HaRdCoRe belt! All we have is your World Title now Stratus.

Stratus:  What's this "we" crap, I never officially joined this Faction, this belt is mine and mine alone. I only work with you when we are taking on our common enemies, Scott Thunder and Paramecium.

Sinsyde:  Fine, don't join the greatest group in the history of backyard wrestling. Spaz, Nympho and I can do just fine by ourselves.

Spaz:  Actually Sinsyde, I've been thinking. This Hell's Faction thing just isn't working anymore. The most success I've had is when I held the Lightheavyweight Championship and that was something I did on my own. I thinks it would be in my best interest if I left the group.

Sinsyde:  Nymphous Fornicate, can you believe this? We're going to have teach this punk Spaz a lesson. He thinks he's going to ditch us like that traitor Arachnid did!

Nymphous Fornicate:  Actually I was thinking this whole Faction thing was going downhill too. You never won the World Title like you planned, then you regained and lost the HaRdCoRe Title. We have no other belts. What is the purpose of us remaining a team? Let's face it, our plan didn't work out.

Sinsyde:  But we need to stick together. It's the only way our plan will eventually work.

Spaz:  I'm making a new plan. I'm not letting you or the Faction hold me back any more. I'm out of here. (Spaz gets up and walks out of the Faction dressing room)

Nymphous Fornicate:  I'm with Spaz, I'm done with the Faction (Nymphous Fornicate walks out and catches up to Spaz in the hallway). We partner, what are we going to do next?

Spaz:  Sorry Forney, when I said I was leaving the group, I wasn't just talking about Sinsyde, I was talking about you too. In fact, I'm going down to some of the other dressing rooms and looking for a new tag team partner and I'm going to re-enter the tournament in one of those vacant spots. I suggest you do the same.

(Spaz continued to walk down the hall as Nymphous Fornicate stopped and stood in shock)

[In the Ring]

Skarekro and Skavenger made short work of Los Compadres, Lamirda and Chiko Bombardez. Los Compadres winning streak ended at 2-1.

Winners:  Skarekro & Skavenger

Spaz happened to bump into Kamikaze backstage.

Spaz:  Congratulations on dropping that punk Bad Boy Barrett. He was holding you back.

Kamikaze:  Thanks, but I don't know what I'm going to do next. Do I go singles or find another tag partner?

Spaz:  Do whatever you want, but I'm going to find me a new tag partner and I'm re-entering that tournament and I'm going to win it all.

Kamikaze:  You're looking for a new partner?

Spaz:  Yeah, you want in?

Kamikaze:  Sure, I wouldn't mind be a Tag Champion again.

Spaz:  Yeah, me neither, lets go.

[In the Ring]

The T.W.O. Interviewer came out to the ring and announced that it was now time for the empty brackets in the tournament to be filled. He introduced team one. It was 2 guys from another wrestling organization known as the
X-terminators and their partners were 2 guys known as the Trash Wrassla's. But before the Trash Wrassla's could make their way out to the ring they were attacked by Kamikaze and Spaz.

The X-terminators stood in the ring and grabbed a microphone. One of them yelled out, "what the hell is going on here?"

Spaz:  We're your new opponents. I'm Spaz and this is my heterosexual tag team partner Kamikaze.

Kamikaze:  I think it's time we officially welcomed you to the T.W.O.

X-terminator No. 1:  We came to wrestle the Trash Wrassla's not these crazy bastards!

Spaz:  Did you know we were the "crazy bastards"?

Kamikaze:  No, but I kinda like that name. Somebody ring the bell so we can start this match!

The match was announced and Spaz and Kamikaze "The Crazy Bastards" came into the ring and began beating the crap out of The X-terminators.

All of a sudden some music started blaring on the speakers and everyone looked to the entrance-way. Standing there was Nymphous Fornicate and he was being joined by a familiar face... Bad Boy Barrett.

Nymphous Fornicate:  Excuse us gentlemen but I believe we have some unfinished business.

Bad Boy Barrett:  Long before the days of the Hell's Faction the T.W.O. had a tag team known as the AssassiNation. Do you know who was in this tag team?

Kamikaze:  No, why don't you enlighten us.

Bad Boy Barrett:  It was a guy known as Military Man and his partner Bad Boy Barrett. Since then, Military Man has changed his name. Do you know what his name is now?

Spaz:  No, what?

Nymphous Fornicate:  Military Man changed his name to Nymphous Fornicate.

Bad Boy Barrett:  Recently, these former members of the AssassiNation were part of separate tag teams. But their partners deserted them!

Nymphous Fornicate:  So I went down to the dressing room of my former partner Bad Boy Barrett and asked if he wanted to rekindle our tag team.

Bad Boy Barrett:  So ladies, take a good look, because the AssassiNation is back!!!

Nymphous Fornicate:  Not only are we back, but we want a match with our former tag team partners Kamikaze and Spaz!!! And we want the match right now!!!

Kamikaze:  You ready to fight these 2?

Spaz:  You bet I am, let's get these X-tamponhaters out of here!

Spaz and Kamikaze cleared the ring of all other wrestlers and invited the AssassiNation to come get some!

The match was announced as an impromptu substitution for the open brackets in the qualifying round of the Tag Title Tournament. The AssassiNation started off with a lot of passion in this match but The Crazy Bastards, Kamikaze and Spaz, were too strong and too quick.

After having disposed of the Trash Wrassla's and the X-terminators, The Crazy Bastards defeated the AssassiNation to advance to round 2 of the Tag Title Tournament.

Winners:  The Crazy Bastards, Kamikaze and Spaz

A lot of buzz was going around  backstage especially within the locker room of Stratus and Sinsyde who couldn't believe that Spaz and Nymphous Fornicate had actually left the Hell's Faction and formed 2 new tag teams. With either team posing as a possible threat to Sinsyde.

[In the Ring]

Our next tag team match featured an interesting combination of wrestlers. It was Stryknieghn who came to Missy's aid after an attack by Dweebo at Payback's a B*tch and it was Lestat who had defeated Stryknieghn at the same event. Tonight they would have to opportunity to team with each other to inflict more punishment on their enemies.

Stryknieghn and Missy played the match safe as they focused all of their efforts on the weakest link of their opposing team, Dweebo. Dweebo has never won a match in his short T.W.O. career and Missy took full advantage of that as she DDTed and pinned him while Stryknieghn fought off Lestat outside of the ring.

Winners:  Stryknieghn and Missy Maniac

The T.W.O. Interviewer got his first interview with the T.W.O.'s newest Tag Team, the Crazy Bastards.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Kamikaze and Spaz, the 2 of you had no idea going into tonight that you would become a team and advance together in this tournament. Looking back at the nights events how do you feel this move will impact your career?

Kamikaze:  I am definitely moving the direction I want to be. I could not stand working with Barrett, we had no chemistry and he was holding me back. Now that Spaz and I have formed a team, I am sure that my career is headed back on track.

Spaz:  I feel exactly the same why. Kamikaze's career is back on track because of me. The funny thing is, I carried the Hell's Faction and now I finally have a partner whom I can work with equally in the ring. Let's face it, whenever I had a tag match with Sinsyde, Nymphous Fornicate or anyone else that was in that group, I was doing all the work. Sinsyde needed me in the group to carry his fat ass! When I was having so much success in singles competition he looked to Stratus to help him out in tag teams because he knew he had no one else. Now that I've finally dumped him, I can begin to focus on my career and Sinsyde and Hell's Faction can eat $#*^.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  What do you guys think of your former partners Barrett and Nymphous Fornicate reforming the team known as the AssassiNation?

Kamikaze:  I think they are much better off working with each other because obviously those 2 are real friends. Instead of being hangers-on with people who can't stand them, they can now be hangers-on with each other.

Spaz:  However, the 2 of them will never be as good a team as Kamikaze and I. As you can see, they've known each other much longer than us and they got their assess handed to them by 2 guys who just formed a team in one night!

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I'm glad you 2 are so happy with the new direction with which your careers are headed in the T.W.O. and I wish you the best in the tournament.

[In the Ring]

It is now time for the main event of Dangerzone 61. Veteran tag team the Acronyms (PAB & DMS) took on T.W.O. Tag Team Champions Supply & Demand (Arabian Pimpman & Crack-Edd) in the final match of the qualifying round of the 16 Team Tag Title Tournament.

The Acronyms of course have been a mainstay in the T.W.O. for a couple of years now and are themselves former Tag Team Champions. On this day, however, it was the current T.W.O. Tag Team Champions Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd who proved to be the better team and retained the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships.

Winners:  Supply & Demand

We have already been promised that round 2 of the Tag Title Tournament will take place next week at Dangerzone 62.

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