Dangerzone 62
Dangerzone 62 will feature the Quarter Finals of the 16 team Tag Title Tournament.

Here is a look at the current tournament standings.
Qualifying Round
Quarter Finals

Tag Team Champions
Stratus & Sinsyde
Spaz & N. Fornicate
Stratus & Sinsyde
Law & Order
Kamikaze & Barrett
Law & Order
Rain & Lightning
The Thuggas
Rain & Lightning
Thunder & Paramecium
Thunder & Paramecium
Out of This World
Skarekro & Skavenger
Los Compadres
Skarekro & Skavenger
The Crazy Bastards
The Crazy Bastards
The AssassiNation
Stryknieghn & Missy
Lestat & Dweebo
Stryknieghn & Missy
Supply & Demand
The Acronyms
Supply & Demand
*NOTE:  The final match of the tournament will take place at Extravaganza 4.

[In the ring]

Dangerzone 62 began with a singles match stemming from one of last weeks qualifying matches. Lestat was so disappointed with his last minute partner Dweebo that he challenged him to a match tonight.

Due to Lestat's martial arts background and his history with the T.W.O., he had no trouble disposing of the lowercard rookie Dweebo.

Winner:  Lestat

The T.W.O. Interviewer got a chance to speak with a newcomer to the T.W.O. named Narc.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Narc, it is a pleasure to meet you. I've heard of your debut tonight with the T.W.O. and would like to get a comment from you about this momentous night in your career.

Narc:  To tell you the truth I'm not nervous or anything. The guys backstage are telling me that I should have butterflies but I feel perfectly natural here.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I was told that tonight you will be debuting against T.W.O. mainstay Army Dude. Have you ever met Army Dude before tonight?

Narc:  No. But I have heard a lot about him. Would you like me to tell you some of the things I've heard?

T.W.O. Interviewer:  No thank you. We are a backyard wrestling website not a trash site. We don't report rumors.

Narc:  Well, I heard one really good rumor about Army Dude that I think you would like to hear about.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Again, no. Not interested.

Narc:  And it's not just a rumor. I hid in his dressing room and watched him earlier today to see if what I heard was true. Don't you want to know what I found out in his locker room?

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I will say this one last time. We don't deal in rumors! We deal in wrestling entertainment!

Narc:  Fine, then I won't tell you about his pink underwear.

[In the ring]

Our next match featured 2 of the remaining 8 tag teams in the 16 team Tag Title Tournament. Skarekro & Skavenger who made their official tag team debut at our last pay-per-view faced off against a team which first formed at last weeks qualifying round. Kamikaze and Spaz hit things off in the opening round and have since been referred to as the Crazy Bastards.

Tonight both teams pored everything into this tag team affair, proving once again how fierce the competition has become in the T.W.O. Though Skarekro and Skavenger have a greater history together (including their time with other backyard wrestling federations) it was the newer combination of established T.W.O. stars that pulled off the victory.

Winners:  The Crazy Bastards - Spaz & Kamikaze

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I'm being joined by Army Dude who is set to take on newcomer Narc later this evening. Army Dude, what are your thoughts when it comes to facing new wrestlers in the T.W.O.?

Army Dude:  First of all let me say the  T.W.O. has the greatest cast of backyard wrestlers the world has ever seen. With that said, I always support our creative staff and our relations staff which is constantly negotiating contracts with current superstars and prospecting talent. I think if we're not constantly trying to improve then we have no business being here, and I completely support any additions or improvements to the T.W.O. roster.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Does that mean you look forward to working with new guys like Narc.

Army Dude:  I do look forward to working with new guys, with the exception of Narc.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Why is that?

Army Dude:  I have heard nothing but bad things about the guy. Apparently he has been a part of other organizations and all he does is rile things up backstage. He gossips and talks about people behind their backs, and he causes a lot of trouble.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Now, Army Dude, right now you are the one who is talking bad about a coworker. I thought you were above this. Now I told Narc earlier that he was not to spread rumors about other T.W.O. Superstars and I hope that you will show him the same respect.

Army Dude:  Respect? He doesn't deserve my respect! Did you not hear him spreading rumors about my underwear a few minutes ago?

T.W.O. Interviewer:  A persons underwear preference is nobody's business but their own. After all, if the T.W.O. didn't let people with pink underwear perform then I would be out of a job.

Army Dude:  I think the bigger problem is with guys sneaking into other guys locker rooms.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Now, don't be hypocritical here Army Dude. We all know that you are no stranger to locker room hoping.

Army Dude:  What is this? Make fun of Army Dude night? What have I ever done to you?

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Nothing. But I haven't given up hoping.

[In the ring]

Our next Tag Tournament Quarterfinals match saw T.W.O. World Heavyweight Champion Stratus and the former Hell's Faction leader Sinsyde take on Law & Order. It was at last weeks Qualifying round that fellow Faction members Spaz and Nymphous Fornicate split to form their own tag teams. Tonight, Sinsyde is without his Faction but still has ties with the World Heavyweight Championship through Stratus.

Former tag team champions Law & Order put on a worthy effort against the 2 big men, but in the end it was World Heavyweight Champion Stratus who gained the pinfall on Wrestling Enforcer and his twin brother the Wrestling R-Enforcer.

Winners:  Stratus & Sinsyde

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I'm speaking with T.W.O. CEO and HaRdCoRe Champion Paramecium. Paramecium, last week you started this tournament so you could find out which tag team in the T.W.O. was truly the best. How do you think the tournament is going to far?

Paramecium:  As you can see the T.W.O. tag team roster is the largest it has ever been. I knew that if we were to ever hold a tag title tournament this would be the time to do it. As you saw last week, an unprecedented 16 teams squared off in the opening round and in one night it was narrowed down to 8. As we've seen already tonight, 4 of those teams have fought and 2 more have been eliminated. I think the competition is strong, I think it is fierce, I think it has rejuvenated interest in our Tag Team Titles and I think it will prove which team is the absolute best.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I know you are partial to tournaments. Why do you enjoy tournaments so much and what do purpose do you think they serve in wrestling?

Paramecium:  The one thing tournament show, is the level of competition in any sport. Everyone starts off equal and therefore everyone has an equal shot at winning. With everyone focused on one goal, it is fun to see who will sink and who will swim. It would take 15 for each team to be given a Tag Title Shot. But in the less than a third of the time everyone gets a chance to show what their made of and find out who is the best.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Do you think there is any aspect of a tournament that is unfair for the participants?

Paramecium:  I think it is more fair than the usual title defenses. Usually in a title match, the advantage goes to the champions. But I have thrown the tag champions Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd into the mix as though they were just another tag team. It shows completely unbiased bracketing and gives every team the equal opportunity to walk of this thing as the tag champions at Extravaganza 4.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Speaking of Extravaganza 4, are there any announcements you can make as to who will be there and what matches will take place?

Paramecium:  One match which hasn't completely been finalized yet is the Women's Championship. The Women's Championship is a belt which we haven't seen contended in over a year. If negotiations go as I hope they will, we will see Natalya the She-Devil in action at Extravaganza 4 defend that belt against the number 1 female competitor.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  What other titles will be contested at Extravaganza 4.

Paramecium:  I will do everything in my power to make sure that every T.W.O. Championship will be on the line at Extravaganza 4.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I also heard that there will be some new faces at the event.

Paramecium:  That's right, we have plans to debut 4 new Superstars to the T.W.O. roster. As you've already talked about earlier in the show Narc is a new wrestler making his debut tonight. But at Extravaganza 4 we plan to unveil the in ring debut's of 4 new Superstars. Hopefully we will be able to give more information before then but right now that is all I can tell you.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  How many matches will take place at Extravaganza 4?

Paramecium:  With 6 Title defenses and 4 other matches it will bring our grand total to 10. But the specific matches have not been signed yet. Of course, the finals of the Tag Tournament will serve as the Tag Team Title defense for that night.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  If I may change the subject a little. Your HaRdCoRe Title victory at Payback '03 was marred in controversy. You and Scott Thunder told Sinsyde that if anyone interfered on his behalf he would be stripped of the belt and it would be awarded to you. In that match, newly crowned Lightheavyweight Champion Allen Vector interfered hitting you in the head with a steel chair. You and Scott Thunder remained true to your word and stripped Sinsyde of the belt and you were proclaimed the new HaRdCoRe Champion. Since then Sinsyde has denied any involvement with Allen Vector and Allen Vector himself has not been made available for comment. What involvement did you have in Allen Vector's involvement?

Paramecium:  Scott Thunder and I had no involvement with Allen Vector whatsoever. I would have won that Championship regardless of any outside interference and Allen Vector and I have no past history or involvement together.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I beg to differ. You, Scott Thunder and Allen Vector were involved in a 6 man tag match before Payback '03. It is quite possible that you and Thunder could have asked for Vector's help in stripping the Hell's Faction leader of that belt.

Paramecium:  That is completely untrue! Scott Thunder and I do not require anyone's help in winning Championships. We've both proven that in the past! Allen Vector could only have been acting as per orders from Sinsyde or Vector could have been acting alone. I would not trust anything Sinsyde has to say about the matter because he has lied and deceived people in the past! If you want to know what Allen Vector's motivations are you're going to have to ask him yourself!

T.W.O. Interviewer:  When will we be able to interview Allen Vector? He conveniently had last week off.

Paramecium:  He did not wrestle last week because last week was the opening round of the Tag Title Tournament and Allen Vector did not have a tag team partner! As a matter of fact, he is scheduled to be here tonight to defend his newly won Lightheavyweight Championship against Superbman. If you want to talk to him, you can do so when he arrives. But I have not seen him since he attacked me at Payback '03.

[In the ring]

Our next match saw Narc make his T.W.O. wrestling debut against T.W.O. mainstay Army Dude. Both wrestlers felt compelled to bring weapons to the match as Narc brought in a toilet seat and Army Dude brought a plunger.

It looked as though Narc would have a successful first match when he attempted to hit The Dude with his toilet seat, but Army Dude ducked it and shoved the handle of the plunger right up Narc's ass. The referee ended the match and awarded the victory to Army Dude.

Winner:  Army Dude

The AssassiNation - Nymphous Fornicate and Bad Boy Barrett bumped into Missy Maniac backstage.

Nymphous Fornicate:  Missy, I heard that tonight you and Stryknieghn will be facing Supply & Demand for the Tag Team Championships. I just wanted to wish you good luck.

Missy Maniac:  Ok, thank you.

Nymphous Fornicate:  How about a good luck kiss.

Missy Maniac:  I don't think I know you good enough for that. Besides my tag team partner Stryknieghn could be here any minute. He is really big and very protective of me and I don't think he would approve of you trying to take advantage of me.

Bad Boy Barrett:  What he doesn't know won't hurt him.

Stryknieghn:  What's going on here?

Nymphous Fornicate:  We were just saying how great you two looked together.

Bad Boy Barrett:  Yeah, we were just saying that it would be great if you and Missy won the tag belts tonight because that would make Missy the first female ever to win the tag titles.

Stryknieghn:  She doesn't seem to appreciate your company so I suggest you get the hell out of here!

Nymphous Fornicate:  When you win the belts you'll give us the first title shot right?

Missy Maniac:  Get out of here!

AssassiNation:  Yes ma'am.

[In the Ring]

Our next Tag Title Tournament Quarterfinal match saw competition between Rain, Lightning, Thunder and Paramecium. Thunder and Lightning started things off, but Midnight Lightning quickly tagged out to Rain. Rain and Thunder pored down on each other until Thunder applied the figure 4. Midnight Lightning ran in for the save but was superkicked out of the ring by the T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Champion Paramecium.

Rain realized that Thunder would not relinquish his hold and decided to submit. This would be Rain & Lightning's first loss since becoming a team 1 month earlier. Scott Thunder and Paramecium will advance in the tournament to meet their arch rivals Stratus and Sinsyde at next weeks Dangerzone 63.

Winners:  Scott Thunder and Paramecium

Allen Vector arrived to the arena in his car. As he got out, the T.W.O. Interviewer ran over to him and attempted to get an interview.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Please, Vector a comment about your interference in the HaRdCoRe Championship match at Payback '03.

Allen Vector:  Sorry, no comment. I have a title defense tonight.

The T.W.O. Interviewer continued to follow Vector backstage but Vector continued to ignore him as he slammed shut the door to his dressing room.

[In the ring]

Stryknieghn and Missy Maniac put forth a formidable challenge for Supply & Demand but in the end it was the Tag Team Champions, Arabian Pimpman and Crack-Edd who proved why they are the T.W.O. Tag Team Champions.

Winners:  Supply & Demand

Stratus and Sinsyde were watching the monitors backstage when Sinsyde turned to Stratus and asked if he would help attack Allen Vector in his Lightheavyweight Title defense later in the evening. Stratus said "no" suggesting that Sinsyde temporarily forget about his HaRdCoRe Title loss and look forward to facing Scott Thunder and Paramecium at next week's Semifinal Tournament Match. Only after defeating Scott Thunder and Paramecium would Sinsyde and Stratus really gain a measure of revenge.

[In the ring]

Our main event of the evening was a Lightheavyweight Championship Match between Allen Vector and Superbman. It was Allen Vector's first Championship defense since winning the title at Payback '03. Due to the controversy behind Vector's involvement in the HaRdCoRe Championship match at he pay-per-view, fans were on the edge of their seats waiting to see if anyone would interfere in this Lightheavyweight Title defense.

In the end, Allen Vector retained the title with his patented spinkick off the fence and there was no sign of outside interference.

Winner:  Allen Vector

After the match had concluded, the T.W.O. Interviewer ran into the ring and asked Allen Vector again if he had any dealings with Sinsyde or Paramecium before the HaRdCoRe Championship match at Payback '03. He said "yes."

Allen Vector:  Yes, I did talk to one of them before the match.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Who was it? Paramecium or Sinsyde?

Allen Vector:  It was Sinsyde.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Why did Sinsyde ask you to interfere in the match?

Allen Vector:  Sinsyde came up to me and congratulated me on my Lightheavyweight Championship victory and he promised me that he would watch my back if I helped him retain the HaRdCoRe Championship. That was it.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  But Sinsyde said that he never spoke to you.

Allen Vector:  He's obviously lying. I wouldn't trust anything that Sinsyde says.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  There you have it folks. Allen Vector says that he was working for Sinsyde when he inadvertently cost Sinsyde the HaRdCoRe Championship. That's it for Dangerzone 62. We'll see you next week at Dangerzone 63 when we hold the Semi-Finals of the Tag Title Tournament.

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