Dangerzone 64
Dangerzone 64 began as Santino and Draco came out to the ring and demanded an opportunity to speak. Fans were shocked because they knew that Santino and Draco had not been on the active roster in weeks. Santino spoke first.

Santino:  As most of you know, we are not part of the current T.W.O. active roster. But both Draco and I have held the T.W.O. World Tag Team Championships in the past. I with my old partner Lestat, and he as part of the Hell's Faction.

Draco:  Recently the T.W.O. began a Tag Title Tournament. A tournament which as of right now is not finished yet. Santino and I did not know of the start of the tournament a few weeks ago otherwise we would have entered our names.

Santino:  With our history in tag team wrestling we would be shoe-ins for the tag team titles. Unfortunately someone in the T.W.O. doesn't think Draco and I are worthy of a chance at the Tag Team Titles.

Draco:  We have come to Dangerzone 64 to demand a shot at the T.W.O. Tag Team Championships, as payback for not being entered into the original qualifying brackets a few weeks ago! And as the tournament will not hold it's final round until Extravaganza 4, I think tonight would be a perfect opportunity for fans to see the tag champions in action!

Just the music of the T.W.O. Tag Team Champions, THE CRAZY BASTARDS, blared over the backyard and Kamikaze and Spaz came out to the ring with the tag team championships.

Santino:  I can understand why you 2 wouldn't want to defend your tag team titles tonight. If you lose to us, we would go on to face Scott Thunder and Paramecium at Extravaganza 4 and you 2 would be out of a pay per view main event match.

Kamikaze:  We are not afraid to defend our belts against anyone, tonight or any other night.

Spaz:  And after we defeat Scott Thunder and Paramecium at Extravaganza 4, we will continue to defend these tag team championships against anyone who want a shot.

Draco:  Does that mean we have a match.

Kamikaze:  I don't know if you can call it a match. I'd call it the biggest ass-kicking of your life.

Spaz:  I suggest you take a picture, because after tonight you won't remember why you ever volunteered to step in the ring with THE CRAZY BASTARDS!

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I'm speaking with T.W.O. Icon Scott Thunder. Thunder, tonight at Dangerzone 64 you will be facing the T.W.O. World Heavyweight Champion Stratus in the main event rematch from our last pay per view. How are you going to approach this match differently than your last match with Stratus?

Scott Thunder:  I'm going to approach this match just like I do all my matches, I'm approaching it to kick some ass. This match will be different from our last match however because lately Stratus seems to be distracted with everything that is going on with him and his tag team partner Sinsyde.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  What do you mean by that?

Scott Thunder:  I heard that the 2 aren't very happy bed lately. They are letting their careers come before their relationship and it's really hurting the relationship. I think Stratus is going to be thinking too much about his relationship and not enough about the match at hand. That will leave me with a perfect opportunity to take back the World Heavyweight Championship.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Can you defend the World Title and compete for the Tag Titles at Extravaganza 4? 2 matches in one night, especially big matches like that is a hard thing to do.

Scott Thunder:  If anyone can handle 2 big matches in one night, it is me. Besides my tag team partner Paramecium is going to be part of the Tag Titles match and he will be defending his HaRdCoRe Title at Extravaganza 4.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Don't you think you guys will be spreading yourself too thin at Extravaganza 4? You're going to leave yourselves open for possibly 2 losses in one night.

Scott Thunder:  Let's get something straight right now. Paramecium and I do not lose. Why do you think they call me the Icon of Backyard Wrestling? Scott Thunder and Paramecium are the Main Event Players in the T.W.O. and that isn't going to change! We've gone toe-to-toe with every wrestler in the T.W.O. and we've beaten them all! It doesn't matter if it's one match a night, or 2, or 3, or 4, or a hundred. Scott Thunder and Paramecium will always be the Main Event!!!

The AssassiNation came out to the ring for their next match against the male-female duo of Stryknieghn & Missy Maniac. Last week Stryknieghn fought Nymphous Fornicate (of the AssassiNation) in a singles match which ended inconclusively duo to Barrett's outside interference. Afterward Nymphous Fornicate planted a big wet one on the lips of Missy Maniac. Tonight, Stryknieghn and Missy get a chance to settle the score with Bad Boy Barrett and Nymphous Fornicate.

The match was brutal as Missy took any opportunity she could to injure the manhood of the AssassiNation. Stryknieghn was no less brutal as he threw Barrett and Fornicate around like rag-dolls. In the end, it was Stryknieghn and Missy who came out victorious.

Winners:  Stryknieghn and Missy Maniac

Law & Order a.k.a. Wrestling Enforcer and his brother the Wrestling Re-Enforcer announced that they were looking for a new tag team partner to make their Law & Order duo into a trifecta. They said that tonight they would hold a tryout session where anyone could take them on in a tag team match. If they could be pinned, the person who did the pinning would be their new partner.

Dellico last held the Lightheavyweight Championship back in 1999. Since then he has been more involved in tag team action, having won the Tag Team Championships as part of the Acronyms. Tonight, with the blessing of the Acronyms, Dellico DMS was given another chance at singles gold.

Allen Vector came out ready and rearing to go, willing to defend his Lightheavyweight Championship against anyone the booking office saw fit. Both wrestlers put on one hell of a match, with martial artistry, high flying and technical skills which any wrestling federation would be proud of.

As Allen Vector jumped onto the fence to deliver his patented flying spin kick, he was met with a steal chair. Allen Vector lost his balance and fell crotch first onto the metallic spokes of the fence. As Allen Vector fell to the ground in a heap, Sinsyde appeared on camera as the one holding the chair. Fans looked around for the referee only to see that the referee had already been knocked out.

Sinsyde:  This is payback for costing me the HaRdCoRe Championship at the last pay per view!

As Sinsyde taunted Vector, he failed to see Dellico regain composure off camera. As Sinsyde turned to face the taunts of the audience, Dellico cracked him in the face with the steal ladder. Dellico went to see if Allen Vector was alright saying that he did not want to win the title this way.

Sinsyde, not to be outdone, can back with a bloody nose and cracked Dellico in the back of the head with the steel chair. Dellico fell unconscious to the ground. Sinsyde pulled Dellico over Allen Vector for the cover, and then went to wake the referee.

The referee crawled over to see Dellico covering Allen Vector and counted to three. As Sinsyde laughed, PAB came running out of the backstage area to see if his partner Dellico was alright. Meanwhile a stretcher was brought out and carried away Allen Vector who had yet to regain himself.

Winner and NEW Lightheavyweight Champion:  Dellico D.M.S.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I'm speaking with the man who in a few moments will be facing T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Champion Paramecium. Skarekro, are you surprised that only a few weeks after joining the T.W.O. you are already receiving a title shot at Paramecium?

Skarekro:  Of course not. I held many titles in other organizations, both in singles competition and tag competition with the partner Skavenger. Tonight will be my first singles match in the T.W.O. and I don't see any reason why in my first singles match I can't walk away the new T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Champion.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Where is Skavenger tonight?

Skarekro:  He has the night off, but he is still with me in spirit. He is hoping just as I am that I will walk away the new HaRdCoRe Champion at Dangerzone 64.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Did Paramecium find one of your signature dolls in his lockerroom as a symbol that he is next?

Skarekro:  Actually, no. This match was signed by the booking committee and actually Paramecium knew about the match before I did. So there was no need to give him a heads up. The dolls are only for those who don't know when I am going to strike.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Good luck tonight, I know it's a big match for you so I'll let you get ready.

Skarekro:  We've already had one title change hands tonight and you're about to see another.

Our next match saw Army Dude and the T.W.O. Jobber Champion Narc answer the call of Law & Order. Though Army Dude and Narc have no love lost for each other, it was decided for them that they would have to be partners to compete in the match against Law & Order. This match of course, was to decided a third member for the Law & Order group. If either Army Dude or Narc could pin a member of Law & Order then that person would become their newest member.

As Narc (the T.W.O. Jobber Champion) was getting his ass handed to him, Army Dude was picking up the slack, beating the piss out of Wrestling Enforcer and his brother Wrestling Re-Enforcer. After giving Re-Enforcer a pilldriver, Army Dude reached for his favorite weapon, the plunger!

Army Dude waved the plunger around getting a host of cheers from the audience. As he waved it around, Narc walked toward him and was beamed in the head by the plunger. Narc fell unconscious on top of Re-Enforcer as Army Dude beat down Enforcer with the plunger.

The referee counted Narc's pin and awarded him the match. Army Dude laughed and walked away knowing that he had the opportunity to beat up three of his most hated rivals while Law & Order were now stuck with the T.W.O. Jobber Champion as their new partner.

Winner and new Law & Order member:  Narc

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I have the special opportunity to speak with 2 new faces in the T.W.O., the Trash Wrassla's. Fellas, I was told that at Extravaganza 4, 4 new wrestlers will make their T.W.O. in ring debuts, and 2 of those 4 wrestlers will be you 2 gentlemen. How does it feel to finally be a part of the T.W.O.?

Jim Bob:  Axually, we waz suppozed to be makin' our debutt's a few weeks ago! But them yankee CRAZY BASTARDS attacked us befer we could make it to that thar ring!

Billy Bob:  We waz in the hozpitale fer the last copple weeks tryin' to git our memry back!

Jim Bob:  Stop lyin' Billy Bob, you waz drinkin' all them weeks! I waz the one that waz in thar hospitable!

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Before you guys start flinging cow manuer at each other let me ax you a question. Why the hell did the T.W.O. hire you to join the company?

Billy Bob:  Bekows we is the greatest wrasslin' team to evor come outea the south!

Jim Bob:  Yew yankee's just don't know wat good wrasslin' is yet. But wheel be learnen ya'! In't that rot Billy Bob?

Billy Bob:  Yer damn rot thot's rot! Yew couldn'a bin no rotter!

Jim Bob:  Yew got thot rot ya drunkin' bastard! And at Extravaganza Fur, you's all gonna fond out just hah rot that beeze!

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Thank you for those thought provoking words. Let's get back to the action.

Skarekro only made his debut a few weeks ago at our last pay per view, tonight he will face T.W.O. mainstay and HaRdCoRe Champion Paramecium. Paramecium was ready for the fight, just as he is ready for all fights, knowing that Skarekro is an unpredictable character.

This was Paramecium's first HaRdCoRe Title defense on Dangerzone but he made it look like he had been defending the belt since he was born. Skarekro was having a hard way to go trying to get Paramecium on the defensive, but Paramecium was on the top of his game, staying one step ahead at all times.

All of a sudden, Skavenger (Skarekro's tag team partner) ran out to the ring from the crowd. Skavenger dove at Paramecium from behind, but Paramecium listened to the crowd response and reacted just in the nick of time, spinning around with a superkick to the chin of Skavenger.

Skavenger went down for the count having never laid a hand on Paramecium. Skarekro charged from the other angle, and Paramecium spun around flipping Skarekro over his back and onto his partner Skavenger who was now crushed on the mat.

Paramecium leaped off the fence and performed a perfect swanton right on top of both competitors and then covered then simultaneously for the pin.

Winner:  Paramecium

T.W.O. Interviewer:  I'm speaking to Dellico D.M.S. and P.A.B. of the Acronyms. Guys, what do you think about Dellico's Lightheavyweight victory tonight?

PAB:  I think it's great that Dellico is the new Champion but I think we need to kick the crap out of Sinsyde for interfering. Dellico could have won that match without Sinsyde's interference.

Dellico:  I don't think I want this belt after a win like that. I don't want to be known as the guy who won the Lightheavyweight belt because of interference by Sinsyde. As a matter of fact, I want to give this belt back to Allen Vector right now.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  Sorry, but that's impossible, you can't give it back.

Dellico:  Of course I can. It's a free country. I'll just have the match stricken from the record books and I'll relinquish the belt back to it's rightful owner.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  That's not what I meant. I meant, you can't give it back to Vector because he isn't here. He's in the hospital emergency room right now receiving much needed medical care. We don't even know if he will be back next week.

PAB:  Look Dellico, I think it would be in the best interest of everyone if you just held on to that belt for now and when Allen Vector comes back to work you can talk to him about it.

Dellico:  I don't know if I would be comfortable defending the belt while the rightful champion is out with an injury.

T.W.O. Interviewer:  You may have no choice. This matter is more in the hands of the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners that it is in yours.

PAB:  And what about the fans who pay to see a Lightheavyweight Title match. Are you going to disappoint them too?

Dellico:  Fine. If the board wants me to defend the belt in Vector's absence than that is what I will do, out of respect for the booking committee and the fans who pay their hard earned money to see me in action. In the mean time, I am going to send Vector all my positive thoughts and hope that he can return with a speedy recovery so that I can return this belt safely to him.

The T.W.O. Tag Team Championships were on the line as Santino and Draco challenged THE CRAZY BASTARDS - Spaz & Kamikaze. Since Santino and Draco were not involved in the original qualifying round of the tag title tournament they were allowed to wrestle the champions prior to their tournament finals match at Extravaganza 4.

THE CRAZY BASTARDS made short work of Santino and Draco, defeating them in under 30 seconds. THE CRAZY BASTARDS proved that Scott Thunder and Paramecium will have their hands full in the tag team main event of Extravaganza 4.

Winner:  THE CRAZY BASTARDS - Spaz & Kamikaze

Fans were reminded of the matches they could look forward to at Extravaganza 4.

They were told that 4 wrestlers including the Trash Wrassla's would be making their T.W.O. in ring debut.

Also every single T.W.O. championship would be on the line as Natalya "The She-Devil" would make her return to active competition to defend the Women's Championship against Missy Maniac. Also 'Cunning' Chris would be making his return to challenge new Lightheavyweight Champion Dellico. (to see what 'Cunning' Chris has been up to as of late, follow these links:  Stupid Match of the Day 1   Stupid Match of the Day 2   Stupid Match of the Day 3   Stupid Match of the Day 4   Chris Goes to School

And of course, the main event, the finals of the Tag Team Title Tournament as The Crazy Bastards - Kamikaze and Spaz defend the Titles against The Main Event - Scott Thunder and Paramecium.

Speaking of main events, it's now time for the Dangerzone 64 main event, a World Heavyweight Championship re-match from our last pay per view as Scott Thunder challenges Stratus for the coveted belt.

The match began as a technical masterpiece and quickly deteriorated into an all out brawl and power contest. After several minutes of intense World Title competition, fans jaws dropped as the unthinkable happened.

Former T.W.O. wrestler Cadavor made his return to the T.W.O. arena as he walked down to the ring. After months away from the ring, fans were in shock, as they never thought they would see Cadavor again.

At first Cadavor stood at ringside, distracting both Scott Thunder and Stratus from the match at hand. But when Scott Thunder put Stratus in the figure four, Cadavor grabbed Scott Thunder's own singapore cain and proceeded beat the crap out of both wrestlers with it.

The referee called for the bell, but all head had already broken lose. Scott Thunder, Stratus and Cadavor were locked in a three-way brawl which required every official and security personnel to break it up. The match was declared a draw and fans looked on in shock as to what had just happened.

Did Cadavor just make his return? How would this turn of events effect Extravaganza 4? What will happen next week at Dangerzone 65? Will these guys even make it to Extravaganza 4 or will they kill each other in the process?

All these questions and more were circulating in peoples heads and the only way to find out any of the answers is to tune back in next week at Dangerzone 65.

Up Next... Dangerzone 65