T.W.O. Presents Payback's a B*tch 2002

Welcome to T.W.O.'s Payback's a B*tch.
The matches were signed by Scott Thunder.

The card is as follows:
Main Event
Stratus  vs.  Scott Thunder
World Heavyweight Championship

Sinsyde  vs.  Paramecium
HaRdCoRe Championship

Spaz  vs.  Allen Vector
Lightheavyweight Championship

Skarekro & Skavenger  vs.  The Thuggas
Skarekro's Debut

Lestat  vs.  Stryknieghn

Missy Maniac  vs.  Dweebo

Kamikaze  vs.  Midnight Lightning
Jobber Championship

Our first match saw Scott Thunder's not so favorite Superstar (Kamikaze) in a degrading Jobber Championship Match against T.W.O. Jobber Champion Midnight Lightning.

Remember, you must lose the match to be declared the Jobber Champion of the T.W.O.

After a heavily one-sided match, Kamikaze disposed of Midnight Lightning with a powerbomb through a makeshift table.
In hopes of reviving the T.W.O. Women's division, Scott Thunder was able to lure former Women's Champion Missy Maniac back to the T.W.O. to make her in ring return at this pay-per-view.

Though she did not have a female opponent, Missy proved that she still has what it takes when she disposed of Dweebo.

Afterward, Dweebo attempted to attack Missy Maniac with a foreign object but T.W.O. Superstar Stryknieghn came to Missy's rescue.

Stryknieghn, who was declared rookie of the year in 2002 fought hard against Lestat, a martial artist who left his tag partner Santino for a singles career.

Stryknieghn was fighting on behalf of Santino and others who have been bullied around by Lestat. Unfortunately, Stryknieghn's attempt at teaching Lestat a lesson backfired and Lestat came away with the victory.

Lestat proved that he has what it takes for a singles career.
Skavenger warned fans and wrestlers that Skarekro was going to make his debut at Payback. The Thuggas however didn't take the threat to seriously.

On this night Skarekro make his first public appearance in his debut match, as he and his tag partner Skavenger took on the Thuggas, Natas & Blaze.

In the end, the Thuggas learned there was a new man in town, and his name was Skarekro.
These pictures show the most brutal DDT we in the wrestling industry have ever seen.
Skarekro drove Natas' head straight into the ground. Luckily this was not a career ending injury for Natas.

The newest editions to the T.W.O. roster, Skavenger & Skarekro.

This was the T.W.O.'s most anticipated Lightheavyweight Championship rematch in T.W.O. history. Allen Vector made his return a few weeks ago, bigger and better than ever, and at Payback's a B*tch he received a return match against his arch rival Spaz.

Spaz had ruled the Lightheavyweight division for several months but this was not his night. Maybe he underestimated Allen Vector, or maybe Allen Vector's training paid off. In any event, this night proved to be the end of Spaz' era as Lightheavyweight Champion.

Though HaRdCoRe matches are usually No-DQ, this match would be different. Paramecium and Scott Thunder were sick of seeing Sinsyde win matches with the help of his Hell's Faction friends. Therefore a stipulation was made. If someone interfered on Sinsyde's behalf, he would be disqualified and lose the belt.

In turns out that's exactly what happened. What was shocking about it was that it wasn't one of the Hell's Faction members who interfered. Allen Vector, an enemy of the Faction interfered by cracking Paramecium over the head with a steel chair.
As you can see from this picture, when Allen Vector attacked Paramecium, Sinsyde was standing off to the side apparently in shock. Was Sinsyde hoping to have Allen Vector replace Spaz in the Hell's Faction or was Allen Vector acting alone. Perhaps Allen Vector hates the Hell's Faction so much, that beating Spaz for the Lightheavyweight Championship wasn't enough. Now he cost Sinsyde the HaRdCoRe Championship as well.

To find out the answers to this controversial situation we must wait until our next show Dangerzone 61.

In what has now become an apparent annual tradition, Scott Thunder granted himself a World Title shot at current T.W.O. World Champion Stratus.

These 2 rekindled their never-ending feud with each other to put on a much anticipated rematch. Scott Thunder's tag team partner Paramecium even showed up in attempts to help Scott Thunder win. Ironically, in their 3 previous matches, Paramecium had been on the other side of the fence, plotting against Scott Thunder. Tonight however they were working together to screw over Stratus.
Paramecium attempted to take the referee out of the match with a handful of powder to the eyes.
Paramecium then tried to replace the referee in the match, however the referee fought back.

After knocking out Paramecium with another chair shot to the head, the referee counted the 1-2-3, after this brutal fireman's carry. For the second year in a row, Scott Thunder lost in the main event of his own pay-per-view.

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