Dangerzone 43
Dangerzone 43:
HaRdCoRe Master of the Mat - Opening Round

Intro - Tonight, in the T.W.O. Arena, 16 of the T.W.O.'s Top Superstars will begin competition for the vacant HaRdCoRe Championship. Of these 16, only 8 will qualify and be allowed to compete in Round 2 at Dangerzone 44. Let's begin the festivities.

Match One - Lestat vs. Spaz
Lestat pulls off the victory with the Psyco-Driver.
Winner:  Lestat
NOTE:  Because the Lightheavyweight Title was NOT on the line in this Tournament Match, Spaz is still T.W.O. Lightheavyweight Champion.

Match 2 - Scott Thunder vs. Cadavor
Cadavor is able to grab Thunder for a Tombstone Pile-Driver, but with one free hand, Scott is able to grab his Singapore Cain and use it to crack Cadavor in the family jewels. Cadavor falls to the ground releasing Thunder. Thunder quickly recovers and places Cadavor in the figure four leg-lock. Cadavor can't take much more, and submits.
Winner:  Scott Thunder
Afterward - Scott Thunder boasts about how he plans on winning the HaRdCoRe Tournament and becoming the first TWO Superstar to become a Triple Crown Champion, having held the Tag Team, World, and HaRdCoRe Titles.

Paramecium agrees to defend the World Title against the Mexican Sensation... Dellico.

Match 3 - Stratus vs. Allen Vector
Stratus, the man who forfeited the HaRdCoRe Title in order to gain a World Title Shot at the Big Bad Battle comes out to the ring. He declares that he is a shoe-in to win the HaRdCoRe Championship which he never lost in the first place.
His opponent, the longest reigning former Lightheavyweight Champion, Allen Vector, comes out to the ring.
As the match begins Stratus appears to show no respect for his smaller opponent.
Just as Stratus thinks he has the match won, a strange wrestler runs out from the backstage area and attacks Stratus. The dazed Stratus is left vulnerable for Vector's Spin-Kick off the fence, and the pin.
Winner:  Allen Vector

Afterward:  We see the first interview with a newcomer.
"My name is Stryknieghn. Paramecium just signed me to a contract last week. I was offered the opportunity to make a typical wrestling debut against some jobber like Midnight Lightning, but I turned it down. I came to make a major impact in the TWO and I'm starting with one of it's biggest stars. So Stratus if you're listening, my name is Stryknieghn and I'm waiting for match with you "big man."
Match 4 - Mr. Malicious vs. Wrestling Enforcer
Mr. Malicious comes out to the ring with Hatchet in hand. Anything is legal in this HaRdCoRe Tournament Match-Up. Or so we thought. Before the match started, Mr. Malicious announced that he would be the first person to win the HaRdCoRe Tournament twice. Then the referee grabbed the microphone and said that Hatchet's had been barred from the TWO.
Wrestling Enforcer pulled out his gun and threatened, that is Malicious did not put his Hatchet away, he would blow Mr. Malicious' head right off his shoulders.
The referee, not wanting to get in the middle of things, ran for dear life.
Mr. Malicious attempted to take a swing at Wrestling Enforcer and Enforcer instinctively shot at him. The bullet ripped from the gun and pierced Mr. Malicious in the right arm, causing him to drop the Hatchet. The referee rang for the bell immediately and declared that Malicious was unable to continue and had him taken away to the hospital.
Winner:  Wrestling Enforcer
Afterward - Wrestling Enforcer declared that he would do whatever it took to make it to the finals of the Tournament.

Match 5 - Arachnid vs. Arabian Pimpman
Arachnid of Hell's Faction (another former Tournament winner) couldn't wait to get in the ring and compete for the HaRdCoRe Tournament. At the last tournament it was Arachnid that outlasted the 16 competitors to win the title, and he says that he plans on repeating that feat this year.

Arabian Pimpman comes out to the ring with a lovely lady as usual and asks her who she thinks will win the match tonight. She replies by saying that if Pimpman were to win, she would be sure to properly congratulate him backstage.
In the closing moments of the match, Arachnid threw Pimpman over the fence. He then picked up the hoe and threw her over the fence on top on Pimpman. While Pimpman regained consciousness he was more worried with the well being of his hoe than winning the match.
The referee counted to 10, and when Pimpman could not reenter the backyard, he was counted out of the match.
Winner:  Arachnid

Match 6 - Kamikaze vs. Sinsyde
Sinsyde is a current co-holder of the Tag Team Titles, and former HaRdCoRe Champion.
Kamikaze is a former 2 - time Tag Champion and former World Heavyweight Champion.
After ten brutal minutes in competition, the match reaches its time limit. With no pinfall or submission, the referee must decide who shall go on in the tournament.
As the referee deliberates on his decision, Draco and Spaz of Hell's Faction come out to ringside.
With the Hell's Faction glaring down on the referee, he decides that in all fairness, Sinsyde should be allowed to compete in the tournament.
Winner:  Sinsyde
Afterward - Kamikaze is obviously displeased with the decision and will probably not take this decision lying down.

Match 7 - Father Athos vs. Superbman
With Superbman replacing Father Athos as leader of the T.W.O. Justice League, peace hasn't really existed between these two competitors.
Winner:  Superbman

Match 8 - Crack-Edd vs. Chiko
Crack-Edd declares before that match that he is at victory number 97 and if he wins tonight, he will be at 98 consecutive singles victories.
Chiko announces that if he wins tonight, he will have 2 victories and be well on his way to beating Crack-Edd's winning streak.
Unfortunately, Chiko dreams do not come true, and Crack-Edd gains the pinfall and victory number 98.
Winner:  Crack-Edd

Main Event - World Heavyweight Championship / Ladder Match
Dellico ( DMS ) vs. World Heavyweight Champion Paramecium
As the World Title is suspended from the tree both competitors use the ladder to their advantage in this match, hitting each other with it, jumping off of it, etc.
It is Paramecium who pulls out the ladder from underneath Dellico as he is reaching for the Championship belt. Dellico crashes to the ground with a sickening thud, and Paramecium slams the ladder down on Dellico's head. With possible brain contusions, Dellico lay motionless on the ground as Paramecium climbed the ladder.
PAB, Dellico's Tag Team Partner in the Acronyms, comes running down to the ring. Paramecium sees him charging and dives off the ladder, shoulder blocking PAB to the ground. Paramecium then delivers a swanton off the fence onto both PAB and DMS.
With both Acronyms down, Paramecium climbs the ladder and retrieves the belt for the victory.
Winner:  T.W.O. Heavyweight Champion, Paramecium.

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