Dangerzone 44
Dangerzone 44:  There can be only one no. 1 contender!

Intro - Tonight Cadavor, Mr. Malicious, Stratus and Stryknieghn will compete in a Four-Way War for the number one contention at Paramecium's World Title. The winner will face Paramecium at the HaRdCoRe 2002 Pay-Per-View. Also, the Tournament Quarter-Final matches will take place.
Lestat vs. Scott Thunder
Allen Vector vs. Wrestling Enforcer
Arachnid vs. Sinsyde
Superbman vs. Crack-Edd

Debut Match:  Santino vs. Arabian Pimpman
Arabian Pimpman came out to the ring first. He announced that he was going to have the pleasure of welcoming a newcomer to the T.W.O. Santino then came out to the ring. As a goodwill gesture Pimpman offered Santino a complementary hoe for the evening, as reward for joining the T.W.O.
Santino thanked Pimpman and asked the hoe to stand by ringside until after the match. Then Pimpman spoke up.
Pimpman:  What match?
Santino:  You and me. The match that was signed.
Pimpman:  But I offered you a hoe. You are supposed to take her backstage and leave me alone.
Santino:  I didn't come to the T.W.O. to mess around, I came here to fight. Now are you hear to fight or mess around?
Pimpman:  I am a lover not a fighter.
Santino:  Then what the hell are you doing in a wrestling organization?
Pimpman:  Making a lot of money by pairing beautiful women with lonely men who work on the road 200 days out of the year and hardly get to see their families. I have brilliantly exploited my services in a ripe marketplace.
Santino:  You have a nice local for your 7-11 as well.
Pimpman:  Thank y-- what a minute, I don't own a 7-11. Just because I'm Arabian, that doesn't mean you can make fun of me by using racial stereotypes and sarcastic remarks.
Santino:  And what are you going to do? Throw sand at me?
Pimpman:  That's it! Now you've gone too far!
Pimpman charges at Santino, but Santino ducks out of the way and Pimpman crashes right into the hoe.
Pimpman:  Luckily her silicone broke my fall.
Pimpman turns around to a big foot to the face and is knocked out. When Pimpman doesn't answer the ten count Santino is declared the winner.
Santino throws the hoe over his shoulder and heads to the back.

Hell's Faction members Arachnid and Sinsyde are talking about their upcoming match.

Arachnid:  Sinsyde, I know lately things haven't been going well. At Extravaganza III you accidentally hit me and cost me the chance at regaining the HaRdCoRe Championship. Then at the Big Bad Battle, you threw me over the fence so that you would win the World Title Shot at Dangerzone 42. But I know all of that wasn't intentional. You've always put the goals of the Faction ahead of your own personal goals, and I just want to make sure that it is alright with you that we fight tonight in the Quarter-Finals.
Sinsyde:  It was not I who chose to fight you tonight, it was the Tournament Brackets that caused this match to take place. And because of that, tonight, a sacrifice will have to be made for the betterment of the Faction.
Arachnid:  Wait a minute, what does that mean?
Sinsyde:  You know that I must win this match tonight, so that I can go on to the HaRdCoRe Tournament and regain the HaRdCoRe Title for the Faction.
Arachnid:  Why can't I win the HaRdCoRe Title for the Faction?
Sinsyde:  Because it is not you which he has chosen to lead the Faction. You know that. I wish the decision were up to me, but the fates have already commanded that I must advance in the HaRdCoRe Tournament. You do understand?
Arachnid:  Yeah, I understand alright. I don't know why I didn't see this earlier. I'll see you in the ring... brother. (Arachnid walks out on Sinsyde)

Quarter-Final Match:  Scott Thunder vs. Lestat
Scott Thunder:  What Lestat needs to know, is that he does not stand a chance with the ICON on the T.W.O. and that is me, Scott Thunder!
Lestat:  Thunder, I've had scarier opponents in kindergarten. Let's get this over with so I have time to clean your blood off my boots.
Scott Thunder swings at Lestat with the Singapore Cain, but Lestat ducks. Thunder lunges toward Lestat, and Lestat dodges to the left and grabs the Cain. He pulls it from Thunder's grasp and breaks it in two over his knee.
Lestat then takes one half of the Singapore in each hand and shows off his martial artistry. Just then, Spaz of Hell's Faction up from behind Lestat in an attempted sneak attack. Lestat turns around just in time and lays into Spaz with a barrage of shots from the Singapore Sticks.
With Spaz laid to near waste outside the ring, Scott Thunder charges Lestat from behind. Lestat turns around to a Singapore Cain to the face. Thunder had grabbed the Singapore Cain from a fan at ringside while Lestat was distracted. Lestat crumbles to the ground in a mass and Scott Thunder goes for the pin. 1 - 2 - 3
Winner:  Scott Thunder

Wrestling Enforcer is loading his gun.
Interviewer:  Enforcer, what do you plan on doing with that gun tonight?
Enforcer:  Whatever I have to do to become HaRdCoRe Champion.
Interviewer:  But aren't you afraid of being suspended from the T.W.O. by using a deadly weapon?
Enforcer:  This is a No-Disqualification HaRdCoRe Rules tournament and as the rules state, wrestlers are able to use foreign objects. This is my foreign object. And if any of the members of the T.W.O. Board of Commissioners has a problem with that, I'll sue them in court. I know my rights, and as an officer of the law, I have acquaintances with the best lawyers in town.
Interviewer:  Is the HaRdCoRe Championship worth killing someone over?
Enforcer:  In a day and age where people kill over sneakers, the HaRdCoRe Championship is more than valuable enough to take someone's life.

Quarter-Final Match:  Allen Vector vs. Wrestling Enforcer
When Enforcer took a moment to try and grab his gun, longtime rival Army Dude came out and stopped him. This "distraction" gave Vector the chance he needed to claim the victory.
Winner:  Allen Vector

Tag Team Championship:  Hell's Faction vs. the Acronyms
With a lot of back-and-forth action and use of the ladder all hell was breaking lose. Just then Lestat and Santino come out to the ring and laid out Spaz and Draco with a double psycho-driver.
The referee came to and declared the match a draw.
Still Tag Champions:  Hell's Faction

Contention Match:  'Cunning' Chris vs. Rain
'Cunning' Chris and Rain gave a remarkable Lightheavyweight Contest. Both of these wrestlers are former T.W.O. Lightheavyweight Champions and would be worthy of Title Shot. But tonight, the winner of the match was Rain.
Winner:  Rain

Quarter-Final Match:  Superbman vs. Crack-Edd
Backstage - Superbman claimed he could not be harmed and would easily walk away with the victory.
Backstage - Crack-Edd claimed to have 98 consecutive singles victories and said that he would win tonight bringing his grand total to 99.
Hmmm. This match would be interesting.
These two started off the contest with a feat of strength. They locked hands and attempted to overpower the other individual. In an attempt to gain the upper hand, Crack-Edd kicked Superbman bellow the belt. But this move backfired and Crack-Edd fell to the grasping his foot.
Crack-Edd:  What's the deal man? I think your crotch broke my foot.
Superbman:  I've told you before, I am the man of steel.
The female fans at ringside screamed in admiration and some even wrote their numbers on pieces of paper and threw them into the ring.
While Superbman was posing for the female fans, Crack-Edd grabbed a steel chair and cracked it over Superbman's head. The chair dented and Superbman was even hurt.
Crack-Edd:  Made of steel right?
Superbman:  What is the matter with you people? You must have less than super hearing. I keep telling you I'm made of steel and nobody listens.
Crack-Edd then grabs a tube of toothpaste from ringside and squirts its contents onto Superbman.
Superbman:  NO! Sodium Monofluorophosphate! You've found my only weakness!
Superbman runs screaming into the back and is counted out of the ring.

Winner:  Crack-edd (winning streak = 99)

Quarter-Final Match:  Sinsyde vs. Arachnid
After a few minutes of mayhem other Hell's Faction members Spaz and Draco ran out to the ring. Along with Sinsyde, they triple-teamed Arachnid and it looked as if the match was over.
Just then, Sinsyde's opponent from the opening round, Kamikaze came out to the ring.
Kamikaze took out Spaz and Draco with a steel chair and then went after Sinsyde. Hell's Faction didn't know what hit them.
Arachnid was able to clench the Shark-Bite on Sinsyde. The referee checked Sinsyde and declared that he was out cold.

Winner:  Arachnid

Main Event:  Four-Way No. 1 Contention Match
Cadavor vs. Mr. Malicious vs. Stratus vs. Stryknieghn
There were no tags in this match, it was every wrestler for himself. The winner would face T.W.O. World Heavyweight Champion Paramecium at the HaRdCoRe Pay-Per-View.
Stratus was the first person eliminated and the World was shocked that the rookie Stryknieghn was the one who claimed the pinfall.
Mr. Malicious grabbed for his Hatchet but the referee stopped him and said that this was not a HaRdCoRe Rules match, and he would disqualify Mr. Malicious.
While the referee was distracted with Malicious, Stratus cracked Stryknieghn over the head with a steel chair, leaving him susceptible to Cadavor's pin.
Stryknieghn was the second person eliminated.
Now it was down to Cadavor and Mr. Malicious.
These two went old school with all of their classic moves.
Eventually Paramecium walked out to the ring to watch the mayhem live. He kicked a fan out of his ringside seat and sat down.

As the referee was warning Paramecium not to interfere in the match, Mr. Malicious inadvertently clothslined him. The referee went flying and crashed into Paramecium.

With the ref temporarily out. Paramecium ran up and started arguing with Mr. Malicious, calling him a cheater. Malicious grabbed his Hatchet and threatened to swing it at Paramecium.
Cadavor snuck up behind Malicious, but Malicious heard him coming. He turned around and held up his hatchet. When he did so, the back-end of the hatchet cracked Paramecium in the side of the head.
Paramecium fell to the ground, bumping into the referee. This jarred the ref and he started to come to.
Cadavor yelled at Mr. Malicious to put down the hatchet! The referee looked up just in time to see Mr. Malicious swing the hatchet at Cadavor. Luckily Cadavor ducked, otherwise the hatchet would have taken his head right off!
The referee called for the bell and disqualified Mr. Malicious for attempting to use the hatchet against Cadavor.

Winner:  Cadavor

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