HaRdCoRe 2002 - Pics

Paramecium leg drops Cadavor then gives him the swanton

Cadavor throws Paramecium onto a chair,
Paramecium drops a ladder on Cadavor's head

After being rapped in barbed wire, Cadavor delivers a devistating tombstone
to Paramecium but Paramecium would still return to retain the belt

Stratus gives Stryknieghn a brutal suplex/DDT and locks on a submission hold

Stryknieghn returns, spearing Stratus and causing his head to hit the 2-by-4

But Stratus came back to attack Stryknieghn with a chair and get
himself DQ'd, but he continued to unleash punishment until security arrived

Spaz put up a hell of a fight, including a nice legdrop and a face-buster

But the team of Santino and Lestat proved too much, gaining the Belts

Dropkicks were flying like crazy on the trampoline

Army Dude also delivered an elbow and flying head-butt

But Enforcer came back with a bodysplash and pushed Army Dude
off the trampoline for the win

Scott Thunder uses a handicapped sign on Vector
Vector returns with a steal chair
Thunder comes back with a Singapore Cain and a pin
Later on Thunder would defeat the winner of our next match to
become new HaRdCoRe Champion

It looked as though Arachnid had his match won until his own
partners in the Hell's Faction cost him the match with a
doubleteam and Lazy-Boy-DDT

Spaz hoists Rain and drops him to retain the belt in record time (8 sec)

Kamikaze drops Sinsyde on a couple chairs and locks in the sharpshoter
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