Hatchet Match - Malicious  vs.  Superbman
The T.W.O.'s first ever Hatchet Match would prove to be memorable.
Malicious started the match by swinging the Hatchet at Superbman. Superbman ducked and rapped his cape around Malicious' throat for the choke.
Superbman took a step back and shot laser beams out of his eyes, but Malicious held up his Hatchet, deflecting the lasers with it's shiny blade. The beams shot back at Superbman hitting him right in the face!
With Superbman temporarily blinded, Malicious went in for the kill. He chopped the hatchet right into Superbman's chest. It appeared at first as if the blow hadn't hurt much.
Malicious pulled back the hatchet and gave it another go. Superbman tried to plead with Malicious but Malicious went forth anyway. This time the hatchet cracked right through Superbman's midsection and Malicious struck blood!
Malicious now new Superbman could be hurt. He pulled the hatchet back once more and attempted to amputate Superbman's left leg!
Malicious moved in for the Superbman's head! He took a swing, but Superbman put up his hand to block.
The hatchet didn't go straight through the hand, but Superbman's hand was rendered incapacitated!
bman tried to crawl way, but Malicious wasn't through yet. He plunged the hatchet deep into Superbman's spine! Superbman screamed in pain and claimed to be unable to move his legs!
The referee ended the match and awarded the victory to Mr. Malicious. TWO stagehands rushed out to the ring and lifted Superbman onto a makeshift stretcher.
If there is any question as to the brutality of this match, one only needs to look at the pictures above. The mats were drenched in blood, as was Mr. Malicious' hatchet. Needless to say, this will probably be the last Hatchet Match in the TWO!