Redemption 2002

Para & Spaz  vs.  Sinsyde & Draco
Multiple Belts in the Tree Match

Stratus def. Stryknieghn
No Hold Barred

Scott Thunder def. Nymphous Fornicate
T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Championship

Army Dude def. Wrestling Enforcer
Trampoline Re-Match

Arachnid def. Natas & Blaze
Handicapped Match
It was the biggest main event in T.W.O. History. 4 Championships were on the line in this high stakes Multiple Belts in the Tree Match, World Heavyweight, Tag Team and Lightheavyweight. This match was also No-DQ and many weapons and tables were used.

The object of this match was to grab any Title out of the tree and the person gaining possession of that Title would become the new Title holder. Adding extra intrigue, any wrestler was allowed to grab any title.
The match started off brutally as Paramecium bulldogged Sinsyde through a table, Sinsyde powerbombed Paramecium, and Spaz spinkicked Draco in the back of the head.

Sinsyde DDT'ed Paramecium through a table, and Draco attacked Spaz with a metal can.

Paramecium set up Sinsyde and performed the patented swanton off the fence.

Spaz mounts a comeback on Draco as Sinsyde powerbombs Paramecium through a table.

With Draco stunned and Sinsyde and Paramecium distracted, Spaz retained the Lightheavyweight Championship by grabbing it out of the tree.

Paramecium propped Sinsyde up against the table and climbed the ladder. Sinsyde quickly mounted a comeback by pushing Paramecium's ladder over as Paramecium was sent crashing through the table.

With Paramecium down, Sinsyde climbed the tree after the Tag Team Championships. One belt fell to the ground and Spaz picked it up. Sinsyde was able to hold on to the second belt and jumped to the ground. The T.W.O.'s new Tag Team Champions were now Sinsyde and Spaz.

Paramecium came to just in time to be attacked by Spaz. It was a rouse all along. Spaz never left Hell's Faction, he was just working as a spy to doop Paramecium. Paramecium fought his way through the Hell's Faction members and ran over to the tree. There he saw a familiar face in the shadows. It was Scott Thunder. Was Thunder going to attack Paramecium and join the Hell's Faction too?

Scott Thunder, sworn enemy to Paramecium allowed him to climb the tree. While Paramecium was unhooking the World Heavyweight Championship from the highest branch in the tree, Scott Thunder fought off the Hell's Faction at the base of the tree.

Paramecium grabbed hold of the belt, but didn't want to risk being attacked by the Hell's Faction before he could reach the ground. He decided to put his well-being on the as he jumped from the top of the tree and came crashing down on the boxes bellow. For a couple short moments Paramecium lay motionless on the ground as onlookers gasped for breath.

Scott Thunder held the Hell's Faction at bay as Paramecium regained his composure and held the World Heavyweight Championship over head. Scott Thunder came over and congratulated the World Heavyweight Champion by raising his hand in victory. But fans wondered what this meant. Scott Thunder and Paramecium had been T.W.O. Tag Team Champions in the past but that was years ago. They had been involved in an intense feud as recently as Extravaganza III. Had these 2 arch rivals put aside their difference to work together once again? We must wait until Dangerzone 51 to find out.