Extravaganza 2 - Results
World Heavyweight Championship
Scott Thunder  def.  Mr. Malicious

Paramecium  def.  Bad Boy Barrett

Women's Championship
Natalya the "She-Devil" wins by forfeit

HaRdCoRe Rulz
Gus the "Annihilator"  def.  Crack-Edd

Lightheavyweight / Triangle / Ladder Match
'Cunning' Chris  def.  Dellico  &  Lightning

SPB  def.  Arachnid

To Allow Arabian Rainman to be Paul's Ho
Missy Maniac  def.  'Pimpin' Paul
Crack-Edd dropkicks Gus

Gus takes out the trash
Pimpin Paul faces Missy Maniac in a ceiling tile match
and takes one to the head.

By winning the match, Missy Maniac has given Arabian Rainman
the chance to live out his dream as Pimpin' Paul's ho.
Paul decides he would rather give up the life of a Pimp then have
Rainman as his "male employee" so Paul passes on his "Pimphood"
to Rainman, dubbing him Arabian Pimpman.

S.P.B. makes his PPV debut defeating Arachnid with an elbow drop.

Dellico sits down for one second a takes a ladder to the kisser
courtesy Midnight Lightning.

Lightning suplexes Lightheavyweight Champion 'Cunning' Chris.
Dellico suplexes Lightning off the ladder.
Chris performs a high risk maneuver out of the tree.

Dellico uses Midnight Lightning as a trampoline.
Chris and Dellico battle atop the ladder as Chris grabs the belt.

Bad Boy Barrett drops Paramecium onto a makeshift table.

Paramecium suplexes Barrett onto a chair... ouch!

Paramecium delivers a spinkick; then powerbombs Barrett.

Natalya receives the Women's Title via Fed-Ex.
World Champion Mr. Malicious charges the ring.

Thunder bashes Malicious with a steal trash can.
Malicious sends Thunder into the fence.

Malicious stomps Thunder.
Thunder cracks Malicious with a steal chair.

Malicious gives Thunder a spine crushing powerbomb.

Malicious passes out from an inverted figure-4 leg-lock.
Thunder wins the Title for the third time.