Extravaganza 3 - Results
World Title & Control of the T.W.O.
Paramecium  def.  Kamikaze
w/ Scott Thunder at ringside

HaRdCoRe Championship
Stratus  def.  Arachnid

Gun in the Tree Match
Army Dude  def.  Wrestling Enforcer

Lightheavyweight Championship
Armand  def. Allen Vector

Tag Team Championship
The Hell's Faction  def.
Lestat / Armand / Ogre

Women's Championship
Natalya  def. Jade

Ability to be an Acronym
Dellico (DMS)  def.  Scott (TGB) Thunder
w/ Head Referee PAB Officiating
Thunder chases Dellico.

Thunder cracks Dellico w/ the Cain.
Dellico attacks Thunder with another Singapore Cain.
The referee (P.A.B.) grabs the Cain from Dellico and
beats Thunder with it. Helping Dellico win the match.

The 6-Man Tag Team Championship Match was filled with action.
Arachnid drops Lestat in a fireman's carry.
Sinsyde gives Armand a Lay-Z-Boy DDT.

Sinsyde attacks Ogre with a barbed wire bat.
Armand delivers a beautiful dropkick.

Sinsyde hits Lestat with a steal chair while other action continues
in the background. Arachnid & Sinsyde raise their hands in victory.

Army Dude enters with bandages rapped around his head. He is still
feeling the pain from when Wrestling Enforcer shot him several months
back. They battle atop the ladder as Enforcer knocks Dude off.

Hanging from the tree like American Gladiators, they kick each other
until Army Dude falls. Dude grabs possession of the gun and shoots
Wrestling Enforcer between the legs.

In his last match before his unfortunate passing, Armand defeated
Allen Vector for the Lightheavyweight Championship.

Stratus gives Arachnid a running slam.
Arachnid counters an attempted powerbomb.

Both men showcase their strength with big power moves.

Sinsyde (Arachnid's Hell's Faction partner) hits Arachnid with
a foreign object. But was he aiming for Arachnid or Stratus?

Stratus finishes Arachnid off with a big slam through a makeshift table
and a tombstone on a steal chair.