Dangerzone 42:  Supercard
The show began, as it has in the past, with Paramecium (World Heavyweight Champion and CEO of the T.W.O.) coming out to the ring and making his opening statements. He started off by stating that tonight he had signed 7 of the best matches that we may ever see on Dangerzone.

The Main Event, of course, would feature Paramecium defending the coveted T.W.O. Heavyweight Title against the leader of Hell's Faction, Sinsyde. This would be Sinsyde's one and only shot. If Sinsyde were to lose this match tonight, he would never be granted another World Title Match again. Also, if someone from the Hell's Faction or the T.W.O. were to interfere on Sinsyde's behalf, he would be disqualified and therefore would not win the World Title and not allowed a rematch.
Also tonight,
Scott Thunder would take on Hell's Faction member, Arachnid in a one-on-one match-up.

Also, Father Athos will team with Army Dude and Cadavor to take on the Justice League (Superbman, Wrestling Enforcer, and Gus the Annihilator) in a six man tag match.

Per request of Stratus, Stratus will take on Jeff Star (the controversial referee in Stratus' World Title Match at Big Bad Battle 2001) in a No-Holds-Barred affair.

Also, Lestat will take on Spaz for the T.W.O. Lightheavyweight Championship.

Allen Vector will be given an opportunity to settle his dispute with Arabian Pimpman tonight, in a match.

And Rain will take on Acronym member P.A.B. in a match for honor.

       With that said Paramecium left the floor open for anyone to air any grievances about the evenings matches, and Sinsyde came out to the ring. The Hells Faction leader told Paramecium that he has no intent on winning the World Title by cheating and that the rest of the Hell's Faction wouldn't dare interfere in the match.

Scott Thunder is talking to his servant Kamikaze, and Thunder tells him that for his match tonight against Arachnid, he wants Kamikaze to stand guard at ringside to insure that no member of the Hell's Faction interferes in the match. Kamikaze agrees to do so but Thunder makes it clear that he does not want Kamikaze to interfere in the match, as Thunder would like to take Arachnid apart by himself.

Opening Contest
P.A.B. and D.M.S. come out to the ring for the next contest. P.A.B. turns to Dellico and jokingly tells him "now don't interfere in this match, if there is one thing I do not want it's to win the match with outside interference."

PAB                         Rain
Then Rain is introduced. When he comes out to the ring he complains that he is a former Lightheavyweight champion and should be given some respect in the T.W.O. instead of having his matches mocked by dorks like the Acronyms P.A.B. and D.M.S.

The match gets underway, and Dellico (D.M.S.) takes a seat at ringside with his ladder to watch.

After a couple minutes of fighting, Rain jumps off of the fence at P.A.B., but P.A.B. reacts by pushing the referee in front of Rain. Subsequently, the referee was knocked unconscious. With the ref down P.A.B. asked D.M.S. for the ladder which he had at ringside.
Dellico threw the ladder at P.A.B. (which PAB was not ready for) and so he ducked. The ladder flew over PAB's head and clocked the referee again.

Now the ref was out for good, and PAB was left without an official to take on Rain. Rain threw PAB into the fence and ran after him for the Rain Splash, but PAB again moved and as Rain flew in mid air, PAB grabbed him in the back of the head and drove him face first into the fence.

As Rain began bleeding from the nose, PAB delivered his patented Running Stunner finishing maneuver. PAB covered Rain for the pin, but there was no referee to count the pinfall. Dellico sprang into action, pulling the shirt off the referee and placing it on himself. He then ran over to count the 1-2- but was stopped at 3 by the real official.

Dellico and the referee began getting into it, while PAB was trying to get somebody's attention to count the pinfall. In the confusion, Rain was able to regain his composure, grabbed the ladder, and cracked PAB in the back of the head. With PAB down, Dellico went after Rain, but the referee, insisting that there be no outside interference, kicked Dellico in the crotch and threw him over the fence. Rain gave PAB the spinning DDT and covered him for the pinfall victory.

Lestat and Mr. Malicious are sitting and talking.

Lestat: Well, it looks like Paramecium is finally giving me the matches that I want. I can't wait to get my hands on Spaz and teach him a lesson for trying to use my families finishing maneuver in his matches.

Mr. Malicious: I understand that part of it, but can the Lightheavyweight Title really be on the line, I think you're bigger than Spaz.

Lestat: Not by that much. Besides, since when do promoters really care about the Lightheavyweight title and weight divisions, as far as Paramecium is concerned, he just wants to see me kick Spaz' ass tonight.

Mr. Malicious: You know, a couple months ago Spaz and I had a bit of a feud going, and I kicked his ass in a big Dangerzone confrontation. It looks like tonight is your turn. And hey, if you need any help with the rest of Hell's Faction, I'll be backstage watching the match.

Stratus vs. Jeff Star

Stratus  vs.  Jeff Star
Stratus, who has been after the biased referee Jeff Star since Big Bad Battle 2001 was able to sign this match at our last Dangerzone.

Stratus comes out to the ring first and tells fans that tonight they will witness the biggest beat-down in the history of pro-wrestling.
Jeff Star comes out to the ring acting like he is "all that" and brags to Stratus that he doesn't know what he is getting in to. He says that if Stratus tries to break the rules in any way, Paramecium has his back, and he will be fired.

Stratus didn't even wait for the opening bell. He grabbed Star in a headlock and wouldn't let go. Then drove him face first into the ground with a bulldog. Stratus turned around and held Star in a reverse headlock, but could tell that Star's body had already gone limp. Stratus dropped backward, DDTing Star straight into the ground again. Star was visibly unconscious and probably had an injured neck by this point.

But Stratus wasn't done yet. He went for the foreign objects. The referee tried to stop Stratus but was thrown to the ground. The ref then stood up and left the match. Without an official, Stratus proceeded to crack the defenseless Star with repeated chair shots. He then scaled the ladder and performed the devastating Stratus splash.

As star lay lifeless, EMT's came out to the ring attempting to revive him. Stratus wouldn't have it, and threw the EMT's over the fence, and continued his assault. He rapped Star up in a barbed wire small package. "I'm going to deliver this mass of garbage to Paramecium's dressing room door as an early Christmas present." Stratus picked up the Jeff Star barbed wire mass and proceeded to walk out of the ring.

Just then Paramecium arrived. "Stratus, do you honestly think I care one iota about Jeff Star?" I don't care what you do with him, all I care is that I never have to see his mangled carcass again. As far as I'm concerned, after the doctors put him in a much needed body cast, I would never allow him back into the T.W.O. after this kind of humiliation. Do what you want with him, but I have an important match later on, and I can't be disturbed."

With that said, Stratus threw Jeff Star over the fence at the EMT's. They moved out of the way to avoid the barbed wire mass, and Star crashed to the ground with a sickening THUD! Stratus then went into the back for an adult beverage, and to watch his match on instant replay.

Last week Pimpman told Allen Vector that if Vector fought Cadavor he would receive a free ho for the evening. Vector agreed to the match.

Today he asked Pimpman for his compensation and Pimpman told him than since he did not win the match against Cadavor, Vector could not have a ho.

Vector told Pimpman winning the match wasn't specified as a requirement to attain a ho and therefore Pimpman should give him a ho anyway.

Since they couldn't come to an agreement, it was decided that they would face each other in the ring. If Vector wins, he gets a ho for the evening. If Pimpman wins, Vector does not get a ho.


Allen Vector
In the ring

In the end, Allen Vector came out victorious and the hoes came out to the ring to personally congratulate him.

Pimpman was obviously mad, but there was nothing he could do.

Sinsyde and Arachnid talked about their matches tonight. Sinsyde told Arachnid not to allow any member of the Faction to interfeare in the World Title Match tonight, because if they do he will be disqualified and never receive a World Title Match again.

Lightheavyweight Championship
The winner of the Lightheavyweight tournament, Spaz, comes out to the ring ready to defend his title.
Lestat is already in the ring,
ready to defend he and his brother's
honor and finishing maneuver.

The Lightheavyweight Title starts off fast and heavy. Both competitors waste no time tearing into each other. Lestat delivers a series of kicks, and Spaz returns with quick forearms to side of the head. Spaz runs and bounces off the fence, as Lestat meets him with a spinning kick to the face.

Lestat goes for the cover, but the pin is broken up by Arachnid.

Arachnid gives Lestat the fireman's carry...
... while Spaz takes out the referee.

Mr. Malicious attacks Spaz
Then he goes after Arachnid

When the referee gets up, he sees the carnage in the ring, and throws the match out for outside interference.

Scott Thunder tells Kamikaze to come out to the ring with him, as he is ready for his match against Arachnid right now.

In the ring
Scott Thunder comes out and begins clearing the ring.

Kamikaze and Mr. Malicious pull Spaz away, and defend the ring from any other interference, while Scott Thunder clamps on the figure four, causing Arachnid to tap. Scott Thunder is awarded the match against Arachnid, even though the Lightheavyweight match ended in a DQ.

Our Next Match
Army Dude / Father Athos / Cadavor  vs.  The Justice League

The fans are awarded some great 6-man elimination tag action.

Army Dude is the first man eliminated, pinned by Wrestling Enforcer.

Then Gus the Annihilator is eliminated by the retiring Father Athos (this got a big pop)

Then Wrestling Enforcer and Superbman double team Father Athos behind the referee's back, and are able to eliminate him. (BOOO!)

Cadavor comes into the ring, and tells the referee to allow both men to try and eliminate him too. Wrestling Enforcer and Superbman attack Cadavor simultaneously, giving him everything they have. But it isn't enough and Cadavor simultaneously chokeslams and pins both individuals. (the crowd erupts)


we get last minute comments from the competitors in the World Title Main Event.

Sinsyde tells us tonight will be the end of Paramecium's reign as not only World Champion but also as the leader of the T.W.O. and Dangerzone 42 will go down in infamy as the night the T.W.O. will never forget.

Paramecium tells us that this is one of the biggest matches of his career. Just as some other high stakes matches recently, it isn't just a title that is on the line, it is the livelihood of the T.W.O. Tonight's Main Event, is a match that Paramecium cannot afford to lose.

We asked other wrestlers how they feel about tonight tonight's match and this is what they had to say.

Stratus: It doesn't matter who wins tonight, as long as I get a shot at the Champion.

Scott Thunder: I've had my differences with both individuals in the past, but I have to root for Paramecium, because if Sinsyde wins the World Title, then the entire T.W.O. is going in the crapper.

Arachnid: Sinsyde, my lord and master will win this match tonight because there is no way he has come this far only to lose. It is his destiny to become T.W.O. World Heavyweight Champion and leave his mark on this sport.

Arabian Pimpman: I told Paramecium that if he wins I will give him a hoe. But he knows that if he loses, no hoe.

Cadavor: It's true that both men have victories over me, but when I think about who will win tonight, I just can't tell.

In the Ring

With all other wrestlers barred from ringside, Sinsyde and Paramecium were allowed to have a fair match with no outside interference and no goofy endings.

To find out who won
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World Title Main Event Results

   With the swanton off the fence, frog splash and Paramecium "kick the chair in your face" maneuvers, Paramecium had Sinsyde seeing sky, as he covered him for the 1-2-3.

   Backstage T.W.O. Superstars celebrated, as the Hell's Faction left the arena in shame.

   Paramecium celebrated with a beautiful ho in one arm, and the World Title in the other. Many wrestling magazines attempted to get the exclusive, but our CEO told them to screw themselves, the exclusive would be given to the T.W.O. Web-Universe.

Up Next... Opening Round
Next week at Dangerzone 43, the opening round of the Tournament to crown a new HaRdCoRe Champion. Check out the brakcets then tune in to Dangerzone 43 to find out who will advance!