Dangerzone 31
It is announced that after his loss last week to Kamikaze, former World Champion and CEO Paramecium is missing in action. Therefore, Scott Thunder is taking over as Interim CEO in Paramecium's absence.

It is announced that Arabian Pimpman has had his work-visa reinstated and would be returning to the T.W.O. Just then a limo pulled up and out came Pimpman with a bunch of hoes. Whoo!

Missy Maniac walked up to Pimpman and said she was sorry for getting him deported and if she could, she'd take it all back. On top of that she was asking for a favor. She wanted Pimpman to team with Vector tonight to take on Hell's Faction. After thinking about it for a moment, Pimpman agreed!

Also making his return tonight was PAB as he and Dellico formed yet another incarnation of The Acronyms to challenge for the Tag Team Championships against The Justice League.

But the match ends in a DQ when a bitter Triple B (Bad Boy Barrett) interfears and causes a DQ.

After declining an offer to join the New Dominion, Stratus was challenged to a match by Lord Randolph. Stratus then defeated Lord Randolph, 1-2-3.

Crack-Edd def. Triple B after PAB attacks BBB. Crack-Edd's winning streak is said to be 43-0.

Mr. Malicious def. Father Athos

Natalya the "She-Devil" and 'Cunning' Chris break into Scott Thunder's office.

Thunder: What the hell are you two doing here? Shouldn't you be looking for your brother Paramecium or something?

Natalya: No, we're here because nobody wants you as Interim CEO, especially us.

Thunder: Well, that's too bad isn't it? Because I AM the Interim CEO of the TWO!!! And there's nothing you two brats can do about it!!!

'Cunning' Chris: Oh yeah?

Thunder: Yeah, little boy, what are you going to do about it?

'Cunning' Chris: I'm gonna kick yer ass!!!

Natalya: Yeah, especially for costing our brother the World Title.

Thunder: Hey, business is business OK? How about I put the two of you in a tag match or something?

Natalya: How about a handicapped match?

Thunder: You want to take on three people?

'Cunning' Chris: No, Dumb ass, we want to take on YOU!!!

Thunder: Fine, you want me to kick both your asses? I'll be happy to oblige you.

[In the Ring]
Lestat def. his brother Armand after Thunder forces them to wrestle.

Kamikaze def. Cadavor to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Sinsyde & Arachnid (Hell's Faction) def. Allen Vector & Arabian Pimpman.
Afterward, Allen Vector & Missy Maniac accuse Pimpman & his hoe Sugar Kooky of costing them the match and vice-versa. So they challenge each other to a mixed tag match next week.

[Main Event]
Scott Thunder def. Natalya "the She-Devil" & 'Cunning' Chris in a handicapped match with the help of his Singapore Cain.

Afterward he announces that next week he will start a new program called TGB TV and he incourages all the Dangerzone fans to tune in.  

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