The show starts with Interim CEO Scott Thunder welcoming everyone to his show.

[Cut to TGB TV open]

[In the ring]
Natalya the "She-Devil" and 'Cunning' Chris come out to the ring and complain about their match with Thunder from Dangerzone 31. Then they start a spiel trying to get the other wrestlers in the TWO to band together and revolt against Scott Thunder.

Thunder's music plays and he comes out to the ring. He yells at Natalya and Chris for trying to defy his authority. Then he sets up a match where tonight, Natalya the "She-Devil" and 'Cunning' Chris will fight all three members of the Justice League, Father Athos, Wrestling Enforcer, and Gus the 'Annihilator' in a handicapped match.

Natalya asks Thunder if the Tag Team belts will be on the line and he tells her they sure as hell WILL NOT. So even in the minute chance that they were to win, it wouldn't even be worth it.

Lestat and Armand just arrive at the arena when they are approached by the New Dominion and asked to join their group. Lestat and Armand decline the offer, prompting the New Dominion to challenge them to a tag match later on. With the stipulation that if the New Dominion were to win then Lestat and Armand would have to join the group.

[In the Ring]
DMS and PAB come out to ring. PAB is wearing his referee shirt, and DMS appears to be primed for battle. The ring announcer declares that this next match, scheduled for one fall, will pit DMS against his former tag partner Triple B (Bad Boy Barrett). BBB is introduced and the match is underway.

Barrett wastes no time in attacking PAB to end his involvement in the match. But DMS and PAB turn out to be too much for him and the match kind of ends up as a two on one sorta' thing. After some crazy stuff with the ladder, DMS comes out with the victory, thanks in part to PAB.

Missy Maniac and Allen Vector are walking around backstage, holding hands, when they are stopped by the Arabian Pimpman and his 'hoe', Sugar Kooky.

Sugar Kooky: You two don't seem to be ready for the tag match we're having later on.

Missy Maniac: You're not actually going through with that because of what happened last week are you?

Pimpman: You're damn right we are!

Vector: Look, I don't have a beef with you guys and I'm sure you two can work things out with Missy, she's really not a bad girl. Let's call the tag match off OK?

Pimpman: You two set me up last week, so tonight I'm getting a little payback. We'll see you in the ring. So stop holding hands and playing kissie face, and get ready for the match.

[In the Ring]
Lestat and Armand take on the New Dominion's Demonite and Lord Randolph. If either Lestat or Armand get pinned, they both have to join the New Dominion. Even though Lestat and Armand aren't exactly fan favorites, the definitely have the support of the fans in this match.

Fortunately, Lestat and Armand are able to defeat the New Dominion, and therefore don't have to join. And as another stipulation, Lord Randolph and Demonite can not bother them any more.

We a see an interview with the three members of Hell's Faction, who tell us that later in the evening they will be taking on Stratus, Rain and a partner of their choosing in a 6-man tag tonight. But they say it won't help because no partner could save Stratus and Rain from their fate tonight.

[In the Ring]
Crack-Edd comes out to the ring and brags about he is the only undefeated wrestler in the TWO, and how he's up to win 43 and he doesn't plan on loosing any time soon. He also says that he foresees himself beating Goldbergs record in WCW.

Then Scott Thunder comes out to the ring. Scott plays along, telling Crack-Edd that he must be the best wrestler in the world today. And because he's so good, Scott says he will give him a World Title match right now.

World Champion the Original Innovator Kamikaze is introduced. The match is underway.

This is an important match because either Crack-Edd will lose his winning streak tonight, or Kamikaze will lose the World Title. Or so we thought. Crack-Edd at one point gets a couple cheep shots at the Original Innovators family Jewels. When the referee fails to notice, Kamikaze gives him a word of his mind. When the referee refuses to disqualify Crack-Edd for cheating, Kamikaze clocks the referee. The ref then calls for the bell, and disqualifies Kamikaze.

Crack-Edd wins the match on a DQ. But Kamikaze retains the World Title because a title does not change hands on a disqualification.

Stratus and Rain tell us that they have a special surprise tonight for the Hell's Faction.

[In the Ring]
Natalya the "She-Devil" and 'Cunning' Chris take on the Justice League in a non-title handicapped match.

Thing's are going real well until Scott Thunder comes out to the ring wielding a Singapore Cain. When Thunder attempts to crack 'Cunning' Chris over the head, Chris ducks and Thunder whacks Father Athos right in the mouth. Scott in temporarily stunned, just long enough for Natalya to give him the low-blow from behind. Chris goes for the cover on Father Athos and scores the pinfall.

Lestat and Armand propose a challenge to the Justice League to put up their Tag Team Championship belts in a match next week.

[In the Ring]
Allen Vector and Missy Maniac take on Arabian Pimpman and Sugar Kooky in a mixed tag match. Before the match begins Pimpman has a couple stipulations to add to the match. If he and Sugar Kooky win the tag match tonight then next week at Dangerzone 32, Allen Vector and Missy Maniac have to grant them a shot at their Lightheavyweight and Women's Titles, respectively.

The audience is somewhat split as far as which team they support in this match. But slightly more people are rooting for Pimpman because of his recent return from deportation.

Fortunately for us, Pimpman and Sugar Kooky win, insuring us 2 title matches at next weeks Dangerzone 32.

Mr. Malicious asks Thunder if he has even given him a match tonight. Thunder replies by saying, "oh nobody told you? You're fighting Cadavor tonight. In fact, your match is right NOW!" Malicious hurries and gets to the ring ASAP, where Cadavor is already waiting for him.

[In the Ring]
Cadavor defeated Mr. Malicious this day. Malicious wants everyone to know that the reason he lost is because he had no time to prepare for the match, he wasn't even in his fighting gear. But Cadavor doesn't buy it, and he lets everyone know what he thinks of Mr. Malicious.

Thunder addresses the people, he announces that there have already been a couple matches signed for the upcoming Dangerzone 32. Not only will the Women's and Lightheavyweight title be on the line because of the match that took place earlier on, also Lestat and Armand have been signed to take on the Justice League for the Tag Team Championships. Also, Scott announces that in order to find the best opponent to take on Sinsyde for the Hardcore Title at the pay per view Payback's a B*tch, we will see (next week) a 12 person battle royal. Scott says none of the competitors names will be released ahead of time but that it will surely be an entertaining match-up.

[In the Ring]
We are set for the main event as Hell's Faction members, Sinsyde, Arachnid, and Spaz take on Stratus and Rain and a mystery opponent of their choosing. When Stratus introduces who is the partner to be, we are shocked to see former Faction member Draco come out to the ring.

Although we do not know where exactly Draco disappeared to a couple weeks ago, the fans are still happy to see him back and they cheer for him to take down his former Hell's Faction partners.

The match is brutal and entertaining, as it takes us everywhere around the TWO Arena, and multiple weapons are used. Unfortunately things take a drastic turn as Draco pulls a 180 on us and attacks his own partners Stratus and Rain. Draco reforms with Hell's Faction and the match is thrown out as Stratus and Rain are no match for Sinsyde, Arachnid, Spaz and Draco.

Hell's Faction shake hands and celebrate at a job well done, and vow that this is only the beginning of what's in store for the TWO in the future.