Dangerzone 32
In the Ring:
For once we start a show with a match. The Arabian Pimpman makes his way out to the ring where he waits for his opponent. A moment later, the Lightheavyweight Champion Allen Vector comes out for his title defense. Before the match can get underway, Vector tells Pimpman that this match doesn't need to take place, that everything that happened with Missy and him was a misunderstanding. Pimpman says he doesn't believe him but Vector says that she told him herself.

Pimpman than put his hand forward as if to offer to shake hands with the Lightheavyweight Champion. When Vector went to shake Pimpman's hand, Pimpman quickly put Vector in an arm-bar and the match was underway. This contest was a classic match as veteran Arabian Pimpman and the Lightheavyweight Champion went toe-to-toe.

After a few minutes of combat Allen Vector went for his infamous Spinkick off the fence. Unfortunately Pimpman ducked the move and Vector took out the referee by mistake. With Vector temporarily dazed, Pimpman took advantage of the opportunity attacking Vector and applying his finishing maneuver the Camel Clutch. With the referee unconscious, however, there was no one to ask Vector if he quit.

Finally, Pimpman released the move to try and waken the fallen referee. In doing so he gave Vector the opportunity to recover, and as the referee was coming to, so was the defending Champion. When Pimpman turned around Vector quickly jumped on his shoulders attempting to spin Pimpman around and deliver the Frankenstiener maneuver. But Pimpman was too wise for this and quickly dropped, effectively performing the Powerbomb reversal.

Unfortunately for the referee, the Powerbomb landed Vector right on top of the official, knocking him out again. At this point Sugar Kooky (Pimpman's hoe) came out to the ring wearing a referee shirt. She ran in about to count the three when she was attacked from behind by Missy Maniac. The cat fight ensued, and while Pimpman tried to break it up he received a foot to the jaw knocking him backward into the ring.

Vector was able to get a third wind and performed the fireman's carry on Pimpman. Vector covered Pimpman for the pin and this time the official woke up enough to count it. Sugar Kooky was too busy fighting with Missy Maniac outside of the ring to help out her fallen Pimp, and Vector came away with the victory and the Lightheavyweight Championship.

Scott Thunder announces the names for the Hardcore Battle Royal later this evening. He says it will be a 12 person elimination tournament, where the last man standing will be the number one contender at Sinsyde's Hardcore Championship at Payback's a B*tch. The twelve wrestlers include: Midnight Lightning, Spaz, the female performer Jade, Dellico, Crack-Edd, the Justice League representative Wrestling Enforcer, Bad Boy Barrett, Ogre, Stratus, Gravedigger, PAB (the Punk Ass B*tch) and former Hardcore and World Champion Mr. Malicious.