The show begins with the TGB TV opener.

{In the Ring]
Kamikaze comes out to the ring to say a few things he has on his mind. First off he says that he is deserving of the World Title, despite what some people say. He also says that he will prove himself at the Pay Per View next week, Payback's A B*tch when he defeats Scott Thunder to retain the World Title.

He also says that he thinks Scott Thunder is a horrible CEO and a dictator, and that he wishes Paramecium would return to reclaim control of the TWO.

This prompts Scott Thunder to come out to the ring to defend himself from this verbal onslaught. Thunder tells Kamikaze that he doesn't appreciate him talking bad about him in front of the employees. And if he has to he'll charge Kamikaze with treason, and if anyone knows how to do that it's Scott Thunder as he is a student of law.

Then Kamikaze brings up the point from last week when Thunder said he would give Kamikaze a title defense he would never forget. He asks Thunder what that match was.

"Well, my fat lazy friend. Tonight, only one week from your title defense with ME, you will have to defend your World Title in a handicapped match, against one of the craziest brutal tag teams to ever step foot in the TWO. As you... Kamikaze... take on Lestat and Armand. Now,  I suggest you go backstage and get ready for your title defense, because you'll need all the preparation you can get."

Kamikaze finishes by saying that he will give Thunder a preview of what to expect, come Payback's a B*tch. Kamikaze exits.

But as Kamikaze leaves the Justice Leagues music plays in the background, and they come out to the ring.

Scott Thunder: What do you rejects want?

Father Athos: What do you mean what do we want? We want you.

Scott Thunder: I'm sorry, but I'm not that kind of guy.

Father Athos: You know what we mean. We want you, the most influential talent in the TWO to join our ranks.

Scott Thunder: Well, I guess I'm flattered. And I do agree with your religious views and all--

Father Athos: As well you should, you're a smart, educated guy.

Scott Thunder: You're right I am... but if you ever interrupt me again you're going to get a Singapore Cain up your ass! As I was saying, I may agree with your views, and I'll be more than willing to give you time on TWO television to attempt to UN-brainwash the general public. But as far as joining your group goes... I'm going to have to decline.

Father Athos: But why my friend?

Scott Thunder: Because Scott Thunder doesn't associate himself with jobbers sorry.

Then the New Dominion's music plays and Lord Randolph and Demonite come out to the ring.

Scott Thunder: What do you guys want?

Lord Randolph: Actually, we want you to join the --

Scott Thunder: God damn it people! When will you get a clue. Scott Thunder is his own man. I don't need a group, I don't want a group! And if I was in a group, it wouldn't be in a group with talentless wonders like any of the 5 jabronis in the ring right now.

Lord Randolph: Wait a minute. I can see why you'd call the Justice League a bunch of losers, but what's wrong with Demonite and I?

Scott Thunder: Well, for one thing you don't have any championship belts.

Lord Randolph: I was Lightheavyweight Champion.

Scott Thunder: I don't care! I'm a 3 time World Champion and 2 time Tag Champion, I've held more gold than the 5 of you put together. If you want some respect you're going to have to earn your spot on the TWO roster.

Lord Randolph: So give us a match.

Scott Thunder: What?

Lord Randolph: Against the Justice League for the Tag Belts.

Father Athos: What?

Lord Randolph: We'll prove ourselves by kicking their asses tonight and taking those belts.

Scott Thunder: Okay.

Father Athos: What?

Scott Thunder: Tonight the New Dominion's Lord Randolph and Demonite will take on Father Athos, and Gus the Annihilator for the Tag Team Championships.

Wrestling Enforcer: What about me?

Scott Thunder: I've got other plans for you.

Father Athos: Oh dear god.

In the Ring:
Our first match of the evening pits Ogre against Mr. Malicious. Mr. Malicious seems to have everything in hand until Crack-Edd comes out to ringside, yelling stuff at Malicious about how he is undefeated and Malicious isn't. Eventually Malicious gets fed up with Crack-Edd and pulls him into the ring.

Malicious gives Crack-Edd his patented Flip-Flop-Drop and leaves Crack-Edd sprawled out on the canvas. But little does Malicious realize, that Ogre is ready and waiting, and when Malicious turns around... SLAM!!! Powerbomb city as Malicious' head counces off the ground giving Ogre the victory.

Crack-Edd recovers and quickly grabs a microphone and announces to the World that Malicious appears to be on a lossing streak while his winning streak is red hot. When Malicious begins to wake he challenges Crack-Edd to a match at Payback's a B*tch. Malicious' lossing streak vs. Crack-Edd's winning streak, Malicious vows to break both streaks by defeating Crack-Edd, and ending his career as a Goldberg wanabee.

Jade approaches Scott Thunder in his office and tells him that in recent weeks she has been busting her ass for a Women's Title shot, and so far has been overlooked. She tells Thunder that she wants a match tonight against the Women's Champion Missy Maniac.

Scott agrees that she should get a match against Missy tonight, but he says that he is going to save the title match for the pay-per-view. Because tonight he's got plans for a special tag team attraction. When she asks him who her partner will be he tells her, "that will be announced later this evening".

In the Ring:
A special singles match takes place as Cadavor takes on Spaz of Hell's Faction. Though Spaz is quick and unrelenting, Cadavor is the ring veteran and comes out of the match the winner. However, after the match, the Hell's Faction was no time is sticking up for their partner when they pummel the hell out of the dead man.

Lestat and Armand are shown preparring for their Title Handicapt Match tonight against Kamikaze.

In the Ring:
We see a special match set up by Scott Thunder, as Dellico, the Mexican Sensation is set to wrestle the Wrestling Enforcer in what is to be a latter match. The only special stipulation is that, instead of having a belt hanging from the tree that the two competitors have to grab, they instead are just forced to use the ladder as a weapon against one another.

But before the match can be underway, Dellico's partner PAB comes out to the ring and says that Dellico is unable to compete tonight as his mask has turned up missing. He appologizes but says that Enforcer is just going to have to fight in another match tonight.

Then the Arabian Pimpman and Sugar Kooky come out to the ring and announce that they are the ones who stole Dellico's mask, and the only way to get it back is for PAB to fight Pimpman for it. (Don't forget, PAB and the Pimpman go way back, all the way to 1999, check out the TWO.2000 Website to learn more)

PAB agrees because he knows it's the only way to help out his friend. While Pimpman and PAB wrestle, using the ladder as a weapon... a weird looking dude with a sock on his head comes running out to ringside. He sneaks up behind Sugar Kooky and grabs the Dellico mask from her.

He runs backstage and then returns a moment later as Dellico, the Mexican Sensation. Dellico and PAB begin beating up on Pimpman. Sugar Kooky tries to help her Pimp until Wrestling Enforcer comes out to the ring looking for a match. Enforcer begins wrestling Dellico with the ladder as if this were some kind of Texas Tornado Tag Match.

Meanwhile, the former Triple B, Bad Boy Barrett comes running out to the ring and takes out PAB with a chair. As all hell breaks loose the Interum CEO Scott Thunders comes charging into the ring and begins waking everyone upside the head with the singapore cain.

When everyone is under control, Thunder grabs a mic. He begins by reminding everyone that the Hardcore Battle Royal was last week. and then he tells them that because of what has transpired this evening, he has decided to add 2 more matches to the Pay-Per-View card next week.

Match number one will feature the former Triple B taking on PAB over who will be allowed to be Dellico (DMS's) Acronym partner.

Match number 2 will feature Dellico vs. Wrestling Enforcer vs. Pimpman, and since all of these three competitors wear masks, the match will be a mask vs. mask vs. mask match, the winner will be the man who humiliates his enemy by removing someone's mask.

And Thunder adds that in both of these matches he is barring everyone from ringside and it will be no interfearences whatsoever.

In the Ring:
The next match of the evening is a special Tag Team match, as Natalya the She-Devil and her brother 'Cunning' Chris are not teamed together. Instead Scott Thunder has paired them on opposite sides of the ring with Natalya's partner being her former friend Jade, and their opponents consisting of Missy Maniac and 'Cunning' Chris. Don't ask me what Thunder was thinking when he made this match because I don't know.

The match got off to an interesting start as Missy Maniac forced 'Cunning' Chris to start the match. 'Cunning' and Natalya spend the majority of the match trying to avoid having to wrestle each other, and Natalya and Jade didn't seem to be a bad tag team. Until Missy turned on 'Cunning' and tried to take on Jade and Natalya herself. Meanwhile Natalya the "She-Devil" saw an oppening to win the match and covered her own brother 'Cunning' Chris for the pin.

Stratus approaches Scott Thunder to who watching the show on a monitor.

Thunder: Oh, that is great. I can't wait to make Natalya and 'Cunning' fight each other at the Pay-Per-View, I've been waiting so long to see those 2 tear the family appart. I'm so sick of the Trifecta. Oh, hey, Stratus, what are you doing here?

Stratus: I wanted to know, what kind of plans you had for me tonight. After all I did beat 11 other people last week to earn a shot at the Hardcore Title at the PPV. But when I came in today I didn't see my name signed up for any matches.

Thunder: Don't worry, I didn't overlook you. I just don't like posting matches and stuff ahead of time. You know, I like to surprise people, it makes the show more interesting. Besides it also makes things more interesting for me.

Stratus: So who am I fighting?

Thunder: Well, I've been having fun putting some different combinations together tonight, how about you team with Allen Vector to take on Sinsyde and Arachnid of Hell's Faction?

Stratus: Sounds good to me. I'd love to get a piece of Sinyde before the PPV.

Thunder: Sounds good. And hey, have your brother Rain be handy, just in case someone from the Faction tries to interfear OK?

Stratus: No problem.

In the Ring:
Our next match of the evening was the Tag Team Championship as The New Dominion's Lord Randolph and Demonite take on Father Athos and Gus the Annihilator of the Justice League.

The match was close and it appeared that the Justice League would have a solid title defence under their belt until the unthinkable happened. Cadavor came out to the ring and cost the Justice League the Tag Team Championships. Cadavor rejoined the sides of his former compatriates, Lord Randolph and Demonite as Randolph announced their newest member.

Lord Randolph: We'd like to thank our newest Dominion member Cadavor for the win tonight, as the New Dominion now has the Tag Team Gold around their waste. We're happy to have you back on the team.

What the hell is going on? I thought Lord Randolph kicked Cadavor out of the group a month ago.

We're down to only 2 matches left at TGB TV 2. Our first match pitted Stratus and his partner for the evening Allen Vector against their respective opponents for Payback's a B*tch, the Hardcore Champion Sinsyde and Arachnid.

The match was brutal, the match was intence, the match was extreme, but when all was said and done, Rain had kept Draco from interfearing in the match, but Sinsyde and Arachnid were able to double-team their way to victory. Not only that, but Spaz came out of now where and helped take out both Rain and the referee, so that the Hell's Faction could stand defiant in the ring.

The Justice League as a group, Father Athos, Gus the Annihilator, and the Wrestling Enforcer busted down the door to the New Dominion's lockerroom and told them how much BS it was that they won the belts with three people. Then they challenged the group to a fair 6-man match for Tag Team Championships at Payback's a B*tch.

Thunder then came running in and told Wrestling Enforcer that he wouldn't allow him to wrestle twice in one night, but Enforcer wouldn't listen and told Thunder that he insisted on wrestling in both the Mask Match AND the Tag Team Title match. Thunder agreed, under the stipulation that Wrestling Enforcer not get paid for wrestling in the second match. And the match was signed.

In the Ring:
Kamikaze took on the martial artistry of both Lestat and his brother Armand in a handicapt match for the World Title. What a main event. Kamikaze had to work hard to prove himself against both opponents, but he worked his ass off. But Lestat and Armand seemed almost too much for him.

At one point just as we thought Lestat had the match and the title won, Thunder came running out to the ring and walloped Lestat over the head with the singapore cain, causing Kamikaze to loose by Disqualification.

When Lestat got to his feet he asked Thunder what was up. Thunder's responce was that he only wanted Lestat and Armand to weaken Kamikaze before his big match at Payback's a B*tch and that he didn't want Lestat to win the belt.

Then Lestat and Armand and Kamikaze attacked Thunder.

After all the mayhem was over and the 3 men left Thunder for dead, the Interum CEO grabbed a mic and announced that as punishment for attacking the CEO, he was banning Lestat and Armand from competing at the PPV. But when it came to Kamikaze's punishment, he would get that in the ring against Scott Thunder.

Payback's a B*tch