Dangerzone 32
The next match of our memorable card gets underway, as Father Athos and Gus the "Annihilator" of the Justice League defend their Tag Team Championships against the team of Lestat and Armand.

Before the match gets real physical Father Athos calls for a time out and grabs a microphone. He tells Lestat and Armand that he has a lot of respect for them as performers, and even more respect for renouncing the catholic religion, realizing that the god they used to worship was a false idol. But he continues by saying that they are however very stupid for 2 reasons as well.

The Number 1 reason Father Athos gives for their ignorance is that even thought they realize Christ was a false profit, that they are almost even more ignorant than the majority of the population, not because they worship the Devil, but because they believe that the Devil actually exists.

Then Athos gave his second reason for believing that Lestat and Armand are ignorant fools, and that is because they believe that they actually have what it takes to challenge the Justice League for the Tag Team Titles. With this, Lestat and Armand have heard enough and the match is resumed.

But this match isn't what we expected it to be. Instead this match turns into a brawl as all four competitors battle it out, and the referee has no control over the carnage. After a few brutal minutes of battle the match finally comes to an end when the Tag Team Champions simultaneously clock the referee over the head with the championship belts in order to get themselves disqualified and retain the Tag Team Championships.

(Kamikaze knocks on the door to Thunder's office)

Thunder: Come in.

Kamikaze: I was told you wanted to see me.

Thunder: Yes, I have a proposition for you, site down.

Kamikaze: (Sits down) So what's the deal.

Thunder: Well, as you well know, I helped you beat Paramecium for that World Title at Dangerzone's a B*tch a few weeks ago--

Kamikaze: What do you mean, as I well know? I could have beaten Paramecium on my own.

Thunder: Yeah, I'm sure you could have beaten Paramecium on your own, but let's be realistic hear. I helped you win the match by attacking Paramecium when the referee wasn't looking. So technically I was the one who beat Paramecium for the World Title.

Kamikaze: No, you weren't!

Thunder: Work with me here. I know you're a big dumb football player but please try and pay attention. Here's my idea. I really don't want to have to kick your ass at Payback's a B*tch to win back my World Title. I've already won it so many times, and I was the one who cost Paramecium the Title at Dangerzone's a B*tch. So let's just do this, since you're a rookie, I'm going to give you a break. Just hand the belt over to me and I'll defend it against someone else at the Pay Per View. And I'll give you a match that'll make you look good, I'll let you have an easy victory over Midnight Lightning or something.

Kamikaze: Look, I have no problem wrestling you at the Pay Per View, in fact, I'm looking forward to kicking your ass at Payback's a B*tch.

Thunder: Look, I didn't want to have to do this, but I'm the CEO now and I'm ordering you to just give me that belt. You're just a rookie, you don't really deserve it. I can book a better main event with myself and someone else at Payback's a B*tch, I'll give you a match with someone that's more your class.

Kamikaze: Listen, I don't care who you think you are, but I'm not handing this belt over to anyone. If you want this belt you're going to have to be a man and beat me for it. And I don't appreciate your calling me names and telling me that I don't deserve this belt. And I'll tell you what. At Payback's a B*tch, I'm going to prove it to you that I deserve this belt when I kick your f*cking ass. And as far as I'm concerned this "meeting" is over.

(With that said Kamikaze leaves Thunder's office)

Thunder: So, the unworthy Champion wants to play with the big boys. That's fine with me. If he wants to walk out on a Thunder Wrestling Organization sanctioned event, then next week, at my show, TGBTV I'll give him a World Title defense he'll never forget.

In the Ring:
Our next match features Rain, the brother of Stratus as he takes on Draco. Last week at TGB TV 1 it was Draco who turned on the team of Stratus and Rain and rejoined the evil Hell's Faction. For more information on that visit the TWO's Articles section.

In this match, Rain attempts to gain a measure of revenge on the underhanded Draco. The match went well, as Rain began attaining the upper hand. Then it was fellow Hell's Faction member Spaz who came out to the ring obviously there to help his partner Draco. But before he could interfere, Scott Thunder made his presence known and announced that nobody would interfere in this match, and if they went against his demands they would immediately loose their TWO contracts.

With that said Scott Thunder allowed the match to continue between Rain and Draco, as Rain pulled of the Hurrancanrana off the fence and gained the pinfall victory.

The New Dominion (Lord Randolph, and Demonite) approach their newest prospect for a member, Natalya the She-Devil. Randolph brings up the fact that in the final couple weeks of the Original Dominion's tenure in the TWO, Natalya had been a member. And as one of the original members he was now inviting her to join the reincarnation of the Dominion and make headlines again.

Natalya thought about it for like a second and a half before giving Randolph the infatic "NO!!!" If that wasn't enough, Randolph threatened not to have Natalya force them to MAKE her join. With this said Natalya replied with, "NObody, FORCES Natalya the 'She-Devil' to do anything" and with 'Cunning' Chris by her side she kicked Randolph in the sack and slapped Demonite across the face.

While the two were stunned Natalya and brother 'Cunning' Chris performed a double DDT maneuver and left the New Dominion laying on the concrete.

In the Ring
Arachnid (of Hell's Faction) takes on Cadavor in a one-on-one match up. In what would turn out to be a classic encounter these 2 ring veterans took it to one another for the sake of good brutal competition.

Though Cadavor made a very good showing for himself, Arachnid was in primed form as he slipped on the tarantula (formerly known as the Shark-Attack) for the submission victory.

After all was said and done, and Cadavor got a second wind, he went crazy and attacked the referee for counting him out. Finishing him off with the vicious choke slam.

In The Ring:
The New Dominion's Lord Randolph and Demonite come out to the ring and challenge Natalya the 'She-Devil' and her brother 'Cunning' Chris to a tag match to pay them back for what they did earlier in the evening. This match would also carry with it the stipulation that if the New Dominion won the match, that not only would Natalya be forced to join the group, but her younger brother Chris would as well. Natalya and 'Cunning' agree and the match is underway.

It doesn't take long for this match to turn into a No-DQ tornado match, but Scott Thunder lets the referee know not to disqualify either team for whatever reason because this makes for, "good television".

Luckily, for the Trifecta members, the New Dominion came out the losers in this match and therefore, Natalya and 'Cunning' were free of the New Dominion.

We get a couple interviews from some of the participants in tonight's Hardcore Battle Royal. Main focuses of the interviews include the monster Stratus, former Hardcore Champion Mr. Malicious, the Acronym's DMS and PAB and the lunatic Midnight Lightning.

In the Ring:
Sugar Kooky w/ Arabian Pimpman in her corner takes on Missy Maniac w/Allen Vector for the TWO's Women's Championship.

In what would turn out to be a sanctioned "Topless Match" by Interim CEO Scott Thunder, the winner of this match would be the woman who ripped off the other's shirt and bra. In an entertaining turn of events it would turn out to be Sugar Kooky who would be disrobed and loose the title match. {To view pictures click here}

We get a last minute comment from Hardcore Champion Sinsyde about tonight's Hardcore Battle Royal. He assures us that no matter which of the 12 competitors win the battle, that he will remain Hardcore Champion when he defends the title at Payback's a B*tch.

When asked what he would do if his partner Spaz of Hell's Faction were to win the Battle, Sinsyde simply said, "Well, then at the Pay-Per-View he would lie down for the faction, allowing his leader to retain the Title without a fight."

With that said Spaz began to speak up, "I lay down for no man!" And it seemed as though there would be tension in the group.

Sinsyde replied by telling us to turn off the camera, saying, "this interview is over"

In the Ring:
The Hardcore Battle Royal gets underway as all twelve competitors are introduced and the bell is rung. As a reminder the 12 wrestlers include: Midnight Lightning, Spaz, the female performer Jade, Dellico, Crack-Edd, the Justice League representative Wrestling Enforcer, Bad Boy Barrett, Ogre, Stratus, Gravedigger, PAB (the Punk Ass B*tch) and  former Hardcore and World Champion Mr. Malicious.

Following is the order of elimination and people whom eliminated them:
1. Gravedigger
2. DMS
3. Midnight Lightning
4. Spaz
5. Jade
6. Wrestling Enforcer
7. Bad Boy Barrett
8. Crack-Edd
9. PAB
10. Ogre
11. Mr. Malicious

Eliminated by
Bad Boy Barrett
Wrestling Enforcer
Mr. Malicious
Mr. Malicious

Time in min.
 Your winner, and the man to take on Sinsyde at Payback's a B*tch for the Hardcore Championship

Scott Thunder ends the show by congratulating Stratus on his victory, and having the accomplishment of eliminated half the people in the Battle Royal to win the opportunity to face the Hardcore Champion. Then Scott also reminds everyone not to miss next weeks TGB TV 2 as it will be a memorable show, and after next week's show is over we will know the full card for the upcoming Pay-Per-View.