Dangerzone 33

[In the Ring]
Meanwhile in the ring the Original Innovator Kamikaze calls out former World Heavyweight Champion Paramecium. He says that if Paramecium ever wants to take back control of the TWO he's going to have to do so by defeating him in a rematch for the World Heavyweight title, because now Kamikaze claims to be on Scott Thunder's side, as his protégé'.

Paramecium never answers the call, and at this point we are unsure as to whether he even plans on returning to the TWO. Instead, Cadavor and Lord Randolph (of the New Dominion) come out to the ring. Cadavor claims that he could care less whether Paramecium returns or not, because he doesn't care for the management of the TWO anyway. All he and his New Dominion cohorts care about is taking over the TWO.

With that said Lord Randolph challenges Kamikaze to face Cadavor tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship, and asks that he put the control of the TWO on the line. If Cadavor wins, then Lord Randolph will assume control of the TWO from the interim CEO, Scott Thunder.

The Original Innovator takes about a moment to think about it, wondering if Scott Thunder would approve such a move, then decides, "Sure, sounds like a good main event."

So the match is signed, Tonight, the World Heavyweight Champion Kamikaze will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against the New Dominion's veteran and former World Heavyweight Champion, Cadavor. With Scott Thunder's control as interim CEO of the TWO on the line.

The new Hardcore Champion Stratus is confronted by Spaz and Draco of Hells Faction. Spaz and Draco torment Stratus and tell him that he wasn't rightfully the Hardcore Champion. Stratus comes back by telling them, "Look Draco, not only did I defeat you last week, but then I went to defend the Hardcore against Sinsyde to make it official. Now if that doesn't prove to you that I deserve to be Hardcore Champion then I don't know what will."

Spaz and Draco then tell him, that in order for Stratus to prove himself as a Hardcore Champion then he must be successful in defeated 2 members of Hell's Faction in one night. But Stratus replies, "I just did that last week."

Spaz: No, we mean both at the same time.

Stratus: And who would these two be?

Draco: Me and Spaz.

Stratus: Sounds fair, I'll beat the both of you with one arm tied behind my back. No bullsh*t. Just tie it with a rope like Scott did to Arachnid and Allen Vector last night.

Spaz: Sounds fair.

Draco: One question though.

Stratus: What?

Draco: If we win, who gets the Hardcore Title?

Stratus: Whoever pins me.

Spaz: Sounds fair.

[In the ring]
In our first official match of the evening Wrestling Enforcer (last weeks winner of the Mask vs. Mask Match) is forced to wrestle his very own partner in the Justice League, Gus the Annihilator. When Wrestling Enforcer comes out to the ring we see that he is being accompanied to the ring by his prized possession, the mask of his foe at Payback's a B*tch (DMS's mask). When Gus is introduced to the affair we find out that not only will this match be pitting 2 Tag Partners together but this too is scheduled to be a Mask vs. Mask match.

The Match gets under way, and both wrestlers seem to be hesitant to fight one another because of their partnership. Wrestling Enforcer seems a bit on the cocky said, having been the one whose wrestled and won in a match like this already, while Gus the Annihilator appears to be afraid out of his mind of loosing his mask.

Suddenly out of nowhere comes PAB, the former Acronym and partner of DMS, who recently returned to the TWO. PAB sneaks up to ringside and then takes out Wrestling Enforcer and steals back DMS's mask. PAB runs into the back with the prize in hand and the match is thrown out.

Scott Thunder returns from the secretary of state and is greeted by the World Heavyweight Champion Kamikaze. Kamikaze asks Thunder how things went and Thunder tell him that everything went well, 'Cunning' Chris now has a new name, and tonight we will see a new and improved 'Cunning' Chris.

Then Kamikaze tells Thunder about the main event tonight against Cadavor with the control of the TWO on the line and Scott Thunder goes ballistic.

[In the Ring]
Mr. Malicious comes out to the ring and complains that he is sick of being overlooked in the TWO in recent weeks and demands a Title Match right here and right now. He says he doesn't care what title it is, but that he deserves a Title Shot.

Scott Thunder comes out to the ring and tells Malicious this is that Malicious is the least of his worries and he could have picked a better time to ask for his match. But Scott Thunder tells Malicious he will grant his wish and give him a chance at winning a belt tonight.

Stumpie's music plays and the Jobber Champion of the TWO comes out to the ring. Scott Thunder tells Malicious that if he looses to the newly won Jobber Champion, then Malicious will have the privilege of walking away today with the Jobber Title.

Malicious goes on to defeat Stumpie for the Jobber Championship, meaning that Stumpie will walk away from this match continuing to be the Jobber Champion of the TWO.

Allen Vector finds Arabian Pimpman and Sugar Kooky and asks them that after all they've been through if they could please be his tag team partners tonight and take on the union of Sinsyde, Arachnid, and Missy Maniac. Arabian Pimpman and Sugar Kooky are reluctant to agree because of their shady past, but decide that the Hell's Faction members are the real villains here and deserve an ass whoopin. So Pimpan and his head hoe agree.

[In the Ring]
Our Hardcore Champion Stratus comes out to the ring for his title defense. Stratus gets his right hand tied up with the rope and awaits the entrance of his opponents, Spaz and Draco.

Once the match is underway, it's a matter of seconds before Stratus breaks free of the bondage of the ropes and begins using it to help choke the life out of his opponents. Since this is a Hardcore match, there are no DQ's and the maneuver is totally legal.

A couple of minutes later Stratus has used the ropes to tie his opponents, Draco and Spaz together and pin them both for the victory.

DMS (with his mask back) and PAB petition Scott Thunder to allow them to wrestle the Justice League for the Tag Team Championships. Scott says that he can't give them a match tonight because that wouldn't be fair. And then Thunder tells them that he has already been considering another Tag Team for a Title Shot. PAB and DMS think Scott is totally BSing them just because they used to be friends and now Scott doesn't support the Acronyms anymore. When PAB asks Thunder who the other team is that is being considered for the Tag Title shot, the Interim CEO tell them Armand and Lestat are being looked at as the next possible contenders.

PAB: We'll see about that.

[In the Ring]
Crack-Edd comes out to the ring and announces that after his victory at Payback's a B*tch he is now up to win no. 51. And he leaves an open challenge for anyone in the back to challenge him to win number 51.

Armand answers the call and the match is underway. Unfortunately, before a winner could be determined, DMS comes out to the ring and attack's Armand. Then Lestat comes tearing down the Isle way to help out his brother when he is blind sided by PAB with a ceiling tile to the head.

After laying out Armand and Lestat, PAB and DMS leave the ringside area and Crack-Edd is able to get the pinfall over not only Armand but also Lestat. This will account in his book anyway, for win number 51 and 52.

Sinsyde and Arachnid give Missy Maniac a quick pep talk before their match. Mostly focusing on the fact that this is her first official match with Hell's Faction.

[In the Ring]
Allen Vector and his partners Arabian Pimpman and Sugar Kooky take on the Hell's Factions own, Sinsyde, Arachnid, and Missy Maniac. The match is all out pandemonium. The purpose of the match set up by Allen Vector is to get revenge on Hell's Faction for abducting Missy Maniac and somehow getting her to join their ranks at Payback's a B*tch. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and the Hell's Faction is able to cheat their way to victory and end the match by beating down their three opponents.

Armand and Lestat find PAB and DMS and attack them.

[In the Ring]
The Original Innovator Kamikaze defend the World Heavyweight Championship against a former World Champion the New Dominion's Cadavor. Lord Randolph is at ringside to observe this match, as he has a lot to gain. In the event that Cadavor were to win Lord Randolph would assume control of the TWO from Scott Thunder.

The Match is good, and fairly close, but it is Kamikaze who is able to overcome the odds and defeat Cadavor despite Lord Randolph's attempts at helping his teammate. Kamikaze is awarded the Title and Scott Thunder comes out to the ring.

Scott Thunder not only congratulates Kamikaze on a match well fought. But also announces that even though Paramecium made an impact at Payback's a B*tch, he has not yet shown up at the TWO Arena tonight, and still may not ever again and Paramecium has refused any comment on the future of his career. And with Paramecium gone, Thunder says he can continue with his reign as Interim CEO making the matches that he sees fit, and one of these matches was the brother vs. sister match last week.

It was at that match, he says, that Natalya the "She-Devil" defeated her brother 'Cunning' Chris. And as per the pre match stipulation the looser of the match would have to diverse the family. And since Chris lost, he had to do just that. And without further ado Scott Thunder announces the NEW Chris.

Then the Barbie Girl music plays and Chris comes out to the ring and Scott announces, "And here she is, the new and improved 'Cunning' Christine. Chris is obviously dressed in drag and rehashing an old gimmick that we all thought was long since passed.

Then Thunder announces his opponent, Jade, the Women's Champion. Scott says that this will be a Women's Title Match and then rings the bell. But before the match can get underway, Paramecium enters the arena and storms out to ringside where he clobbers Scott Thunder from behind with his chain and he and 'Cunning' Chris begin beating Thunder down before Kamikaze is able to come back out to the ring and chase them away.

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