Scott Thunder: Listen Paramecium, I don't know what the hell you think you're doing. 2 Show's in a row now you've tried to embarrass me, you've attacked me and cost me my moments of glory. Well no more Paramecium. Your feeble attempts to get me down, will not deter me from my appointed duties. I want you to listen and I want you to listen well. I am the One True Icon and I am the "T" in the T.W.O. and whether you like it or not I'm not going anywhere.

Suddenly Paramecium's music blares.

Paramecium: Scott, you listen to me. Nobody want's to hear you talk. Nobody wants to watch you wrestle. Nobody cares about your career or your self professed Icon status. I frankly, couldn't give a damn whether your last name starts with a "T". And furthermore, I will do what I please in the TWO, because frankly, it's MY company and I will do as I please. And if you don't like it then you can leave. And if you don't want to leave, then you can stay, but you'll stay under my rules. As of right now, I am declaring that from this day forward, I, Paramecium, am resuming my post as the CEO of this company, and Scott, you will have to step down. Because the real CEO is back in town. And as my first order since reinstating myself, I am telling you right now that this will be the LAST TGB TV ever!!! And that is --

Thunder: Let me stop you right there. Before you go spouting about as if you think you know what you're talking about let me clarify something for you.

Paramecium: What?

Thunder: Well, Paramecium, you may be the rightful founder of the TWO, and you may therefor have first stake at being the CEO... BUT, I have something that you might find interesting. As you know, while in your absence I took control of the TWO as Interim CEO--

Paramecium: Yeah so?

Thunder: Please, don't ever interrupt me again. As I was saying, as Interim CEO of this company I decided to write up a legal binding contract, and in that contract it states, that up to one half of the TWO can be sold to a private investor, and said investor would therefore own half the company and take claim to the position of President of TWO operations and would therefore be responsible for any portion of his half of the company as he sees fit, whether it being creative, business, or otherwise. It goes on to say that to purchase such an amount of the TWO, for the legal contract to be binding, said person would be required to pay no less than 1 dollar and no more than the operating CEO would see negotiable. Therefore, if you don't know what I'm hinting at, that means that I sold myself half of the company for one dollar. Do you know what that means? That means Paramecium, that from this day forward you and I are partners and equal shareholder in this company. And TGB TV stays because that's MY show. And there ain't a damn thing you can do about that, and THAT IS FINAL!!!

[First Match]
Because of the Arabian Pimpman's recent return to the TWO and because of his popularity with the fans, as well as his head hoe, Sugar Kooky, Pimpman was granted the once in a lifetime opportunity to take on the TWO World Heavyweight Champion, the Original Innovator Kamikaze.

Unfortunately, Sugar Kooky's attempts at helping her Pimp failed, and the Original Innovator walked away from this match with a victory and retained the World Heavyweight Championship that is so coveted in this sport.

[Second Match]
Because of his interference in the match last week, Armand challenged DMS to a match one on one tonight, and of course, DMS accepted. It was a fast passed match filled with a lot of high flying, Mexican, lucha, martial artistry and a lot of other stuff mixed in. In the end it was Armand coming out the victor over the Acronym DMS.

Afterward, it was PAB who came out to the ring and attempted to use a ceiling tile on Armand, but Armand's brother Lestat quickly came to Armand's rescue with a flying kick which forced it's way right through the ceiling tile and into the cranium of PAB.

[Third Match]
The Hardcore Champion accepts the challenge to take on Spaz, this time, it's not a handicapped match, but Spaz decides he'd like to take a page from last weeks book at Dangerzone 33 and instead of having one hand tied behind Stratus' back, he decides to challenge Stratus to a match with both hands tied behind his back. Of course Stratus accepted, and the Hardcore Title is on the line.

This time however, Spaz is smarter and makes sure that the rope that the referee is using is impossible to rip out of like last week. This turns out to be a bad move for Stratus as this isn't the kind of match he accepted, when Sinsyde decides to make his presence felt and help Spaz double team Stratus while there is nothing the referee or anyone else can do about it. When the ref is trying to pull Sinsyde off of Stratus, Sinsyde shoved the referee and got disqualified (I thought that couldn't happen in a Hardcore Match)

[Fourth Match]
In a match that Scott Thunder set up to humiliate the following opponents, Father Athos and Lord Randolph were set to take each other on in the TWO's first ever tuxedo match. However, Father Athos came out to the ring and told the World that it was against his religion to participate in such a match and said that he would never do it.

Lord Randolph then attacked Father Athos and Athos had no choice but to wallop Randolph over the head with the Atheist Bible. The match didn't end there, the 2 pulled at each others hair and scratched as though they were 2 high school girls.

Lord Randolph pulled Father Athos robe over his head and began beating him while he was blinded. Athos returned with an unholy shot to the nuts and then pulled off Randolph's sports coat and began whipping him with it. Finally it got to be too much and Scott Thunder came out to the ring and ordered that this mayhem end.

[Fifth Match]
The TWO Women's Champion Jade comes out to the ring to defend the Women's Title against a no name female competitor. It appears to be a jobber match with an easy walk away victory until Missy Maniac enters the affair. Jade and her opponent work together however to get rid of Missy, and then the unnamed woman uses her position to try and attack Jade while she is distracted. This doesn't work however and Jade is able to walk away with the victory.

[Sixth Match]
Earlier in the night Crack-Edd spoke with Scott Thunder and asked him why ever time he gets a title shot he wins the match but never wins any belts. Thunder explains to him that he doesn't win matches cleanly very often. But Crack-Edd, who's slow to comprehend this stuff, responds by saying that he has more wins in his record book than any other wrestler in history... well, almost any wrestler in history, and at win 52 he hopes to continue his streak tonight. Scott decided that the best thing to do would be to give Crack-Edd an opponent that was "worthy" of his in ring skills.

Crack-Edd is introduced to the match still not knowing who his opponent will be but hopes it will be someone good. Finally his opponent is introduced and it turns out to be none other than the Jobber Champion of the TWO, Stumpie.

Crack-Edd has little trouble in coming away with the victory for this match, leaving Stumpie with the Jobber Title in hand.

[Seventh Match]
The 2 brothers Allen Vector and Arachnid have not had a good history. In fact, their feud hadn't ended with their match at the recent Payback's a B*tch Pay Per View. So Scott Thunder decided the best thing to do would be to put the 2 together for a Tag Team Match. Not only a tag match, but a Tag Title Match against the Tag Champions the Justice League.

This week, defending the title's for the Justice League were Wrestling Enforcer and Gus the Annihilator. Allen Vector and Arachnid were introduced separately but acted as though they were going to work together to win the Tag Belts. But this union didn't last long, as once it seamed Allen Vector needed help, Arachnid wasn't there for the pin. After Wrestling Enforcer pinned Allen Vector for the win, Arachnid blamed the entire loss on Vector. Arachnid told him that since he cost him the Tag Belts it was going to be his ass, and so Arachnid attacked Vector while he was down and left him for dead.

[Eighth Match]
After Pimpman's loss earlier in the night to Kamikaze, Sugar Kooky implored Scott Thunder to take actions against Sinsyde for what he did last week to her and the Arabian Pimpman, and also his attacks on Stratus. Scott Thunder agrees that something should be done, but he doesn't feel he has the time to take care of things himself. So he sets up a match for later this evening between Sugar Kooky and Stratus in a one on one encounter.

Later on Pimpman found out about the match and told Sugar Kooky to back out of it, but she insisted that she wanted the match and would go on with it as planned. Pimpman gave her his love and told her that he would be there for her should she need anything.

So Sinsyde and Sugar Kooky were introduced and the match began. Sinsyde eventually was able to incorporate his chair and other devastating stuff from his repetuar into the match which prompted the Arabian Pimpman to come out to ringside to show his support. But Draco was waiting behind the push and quickly ambushed Pimpman before he could make his presence known.

Sinsyde decided it was time to make a statement to the entire TWO, and so he and Draco brought both the Arabian Pimpman and Sugar Kooky into the center of the ring and performed their devastating finishing maneuvers. Sinsyde grabbed a microphone and proclaimed that this is what would be in store for anyone in the TWO who try's to ambush anybody in the Hell's Faction.

Just then Stratus came out from out of nowhere and flattened out Sinsyde with a folding chair and chucked Draco over the fence. He then grabbed a mic and stated, "That's what people get when they mess with me!"

[Main Event]
Set up earlier in the show by Thunder and Paramecium they decided that the only fair way for 'Cunning' Chris to be able to assume his place back in the family and resume his former wrestling gimmick would be if he could defeat his evil sister Natalya the "She-Devil" and win that right back which he had lost at last weeks ppv.

So the parties were introduced and Thunder was in the corner for Natalya the "She-Devil" and Paramecium was in the corner for "Cunning" Christine. Paramecium still couldn't believe that Natalya would turn against her family like this. The match got underway and eventually turned into an opportunity for Thunder to attack 'Cunning' Christine while the ref wasn't looking.

When Paramecium saw this he stormed across the mat and began laying into Thunder with everything he had. Thunder fought back and the whole thing turned into a huge brawl with Natalya grabbing Thunders Singapore Cain and using it against 'Cunning' Christine to gain the victory.