Dangerzone 34

Scott Thunder said that would be unnecessary as 'Cunning' Christine could never be 'Cunning' Chris again. But Paramecium challenged Scott Thunders intestinal fortitude and demanded that he prove himself and make the match tonight.

When Scott Thunder asked what match Paramecium wanted him to sign, Paramecium told him that tonight he and 'Cunning' Christine would challenge Scott Thunder and Natalya the She-Devil to a tag match, and if Paramecium and 'Cunning' Christine came out victorious then Chris would once again be part of the family and allowed to wrestle under his original name of 'Cunning' Chris.

Scott Thunder seamed hesitant, but Natalya grabbed the mic from Scott and declared, "We Accept!"

{Our First Match of the Evening}
In the opening contest Cadavor, as a representative of the New Dominion took on and defeated the Wrestling Enforcer, a representative of the Justice League.

Midnight Lightning degrades the Jobber Champion Stumpie for losing to Crack-Edd at last weeks TGB TV 3. Stumpie returns with the remark that Crack-Edd is up to win 53 in his winning streak and seems to have luck on his side. Therefore Crack-Edd is unbeatable. Midnight Lightning challenges that notion and decides to challenge Crack-Edd's winning streak later tonight.

{Match no. 2}
The Arabian Pimpman challenges Draco of Hells Faction to a match for a chance at payback for Draco's interference in Pimpman's World Title Shot last week. Draco accepts the challenge. The Arabian Pimpman comes out victorious in this match-up.

Mr. Malicious petitions Paramecium for a shot at the Hardcore Title tonight against Stratus. Paramecium agrees that it would be a good match and signs it.

{In the Ring}
Crack-Edd defeats Midnight Lightning for win number 54 in his winning streak.

Bad Boy Barrett enters Paramecium's dressing room:

Bad Boy Barrett: Hey Paramecium?

Paramecium: What?

Bad Boy Barrett: I heard that you signed a title match for Mr. Malicious at his request earlier.

Paramecium: Yeah, that was like 3 minutes ago.

Bad Boy Barrett: Well, I was wondering if you could give me a World Title Match tonight against Kamikaze.

Paramecium: You want a World Title Match against Kamikaze?

Bad Boy Barrett: Yeah, is that funny?

Paramecium: No of course not, why would that be funny?

Bad Boy Barrett: So do I have the match?

Paramecium: I'll tell you what, if you want a match with Kamikaze you're going to have to talk to Scott Thunder, he's Scott's boy not mine.

Bad Boy Barrett: OK thank you, and good luck in your tag match tonight.

Paramecium: Yeah, like I'm gonna need it.

{In the Ring}
PAB and DMS continue their ongoing feud with Lestat and Armand as they take them on in a tag team matchup. PAB and DMS come out victorious against Lestat and Armand.

Crack-Edd approaches Scott Thunder and Kamikaze about letting him have a World Title Shot tonight.

Thunder: You want a World Title shot against the Original Innovator Kamikaze?

Kamikaze: You want a World Title Shot against me?

Crack-Edd: Yes, how many times do I have to say it, I want a World Title Shot against the Original Innovator Kamikaze.

Thunder: Kamikaze, are you going to let him talk to you like that?

Kamikaze: Hell, no I'm not going to let him talk to me like that!

Crack-Edd: What do you mean you're not going to let me talk to you like that?

Kamikaze: Hey, Ass Crack, tonight I'm gonna kick your teeth down your throat!

Crack-Edd: Does that mean I've got my match?

{in the Ring}
Demonite, as a representative for the New Dominion some how pulls off the upset over Gus the Annihilator, a representative of the Justice League. Afterwards the New Dominion demand a tag title shot against the Justice League at next weeks TGB TV 4.

{Our Next Match}
Brother takes on brother as Allen Vector Challenges Arachnid to a return match from Payback's a B*tch. After Missy Maniac turned on Vector to rejoin the evil Arachnid, and the bad episode Vector and Arachnid had last week when they were given a Tag Title Shot, Vector just couldn't take it anymore.

In the match-up the 2 tore into each other so bad you would have never guessed they were brothers. After the referee got taken out, Missy Maniac came out to the ring to help out her Boyfriend Arachnid. But before she could do any damage to Allen Vector, Jade came storming out to the ring and stopped her. The 2 girls fought on the outside while the brother fought in the ring.

When the referee woke up and saw all that was going on, and the last thing he could remember was being knocked out, he threw out the match.

{Our Next Match}
This match pitted first ever Hardcore Champion Mr. Malicious against current Hardcore Champion Stratus. The match was sure to be classic until the outside interference on the part of the Hells Faction as Sinsyde and Spaz reeked havoc on Stratus when he wasn't able to fight back. Malicious, helped Stratus by attempting to take on Sinsyde and Spaz, but they proved to be too much for both men to handle under the circumstances.

{World Title}
Bad Boy Barrett lost to the Original Innovator Kamikaze

{Main Event}
Paramecium and 'Cunning' Christine take on Scott Thunder and Natalya the She-Devil, for the ability to have Chris regain his former identity. The match was pretty even, until... Natalya the She-Devil turned on Scott Thunder to rejoin her brother's Paramecium and Chris. When Scott was taken out, the Cunning One was allowed to make the pinfall over Scott Thunder and gain the victory. This would be the last we would ever see of 'Cunning' Christine as the Trifecta vowed that starting next week Chris would be back to his normal self.