Allen Vector and Jade challenge Missy Maniac and Arachnid to a tag team contest. The match concludes with Arachnid gaining the pinfall over Allen Vector.

{Match 2}
Crack-Edd takes on Midnight Lightning and Stumpie in a handicapped match. Crack-Edd comes out victorious and gets to add 2 more wins to his record. His winning streak is now up to 56.

{Match 3}
Bad Boy Barrett, distraught that he has lost yet another chance at attaining gold in the TWO (referring to his loss to Kamikaze at last weeks Dangerzone 34) requests that he be given another chance at a title, this time he would like to try the Lightheavyweight strap. Scott Thunder threatens to give Barrett a shot at the Jobber Championship, but since Stumpie already had a match signed, Thunder tells Barrett he can have a chance at gaining a possible shot for the up coming Extravazone show.

Bad Boy Barrett and Draco face off, one on one, with the winner getting a shot at Allen Vector's Lightheavyweight Title at Extravazone. When the match ends in a no contest, it is Thunders executive decision to allow both wrestlers to compete against Vector in a triangle match at Extravazone.

{Match 4}
Stratus is set to take on Mr. Malicious in a rematch from last week for the Hardcore Title, since Hell's Faction ruined last weeks match of course. But this match wouldn't turn out to be the grand hardcore battle Scott Thunder envisioned.

When Mr. Malicious loses his mask revealing himself to truthfully be Spaz in disguise. At this point the real Malicious who is backstage, comes storming out to the ring and attacks Spaz. This prompts Sinsyde to come out to the ring and help Spaz fight off Stratus and Malicious.

Stratus finishes off Sinsyde with the pump handle slam, while Malicious delivers the flip flop drop to Spaz.

{Match 5}
The New Dominion's Cadavor and Demonite, with Lord Randolph at ringside take on the Tag Team Champions the Wrestling Enforcer and Gus the Annihilator with Father Athos in their corner. Even though the New Dominion had a strong showing going into this match, especially because of their wins last week at Dangerzone 34, it was the Justice League who successfully defended the Tag Team Championships.

{Match 6}
In our next match Natalya the She-Devil took on Scott Thunder. This was a result of the 2 teaming together the last few weeks to get under the skin of Natalya's brother's 'Cunning' Chris and Paramecium. But when Natalya turned on Scott Thunder last week at Dangerzone 34 she rejoined her family members and severed all ties with the TGB. Now on his show TGB TV, he attempted to gain a measure of revenge.

So with Paramecium and 'Cunning' Chris cheering on their sister in the back, Natalya took on Scott Thunder in the ring. During the match Thunder was able to get a hold of his Singapore Cain and began using it repeatedly against his opponent. Paramecium and 'Cunning' came running out to the ring to help out their sister, but Thunder laid them out with the Cain as well.

Thunder stood above his fallen enemies, with Cain in hand, and a big smile on his face.

{Match 7}
For a chance at the Tag Team Title's at next weeks Extravazone. PAB and DMS agreed to take on Lestat and Armand in the Acronyms favorite kind of match... a ceiling tile match. In this kind of match, you win in typical fashion, via pinfall or submission, but the only special rule is, that there are many ceiling tiles at ringside which you can use against your opponent. This match is usually very messy and very brutal.

Even though it was DMS and PAB's choice of a match, it was Lestat and Armand who came out victorious in this affair and therefore would be given the opportunity to take on the Tag Team Champion's the Justice League, at next weeks Extravazone.

{In the TGB TV Main Event}
In a match that was agreed upon by Kamikaze earlier in the night, Sinsyde, the leader of Hells Faction would receive a World Heavyweight Championship Title Shot against the Title Holder, the Original Innovator Kamikaze.

Another special stipulation to this match as requested by Sinsyde and agreed upon by Kamikaze would be that this match would be No Holds Barred.

The match was brutal, the match was barbaric, the match was something out of the movie Gladiator, and the 2 men in the ring, Sinsyde and Kamikaze where in the center of the pit, fighting to the death.

It was a memorable match until the interference at the hands of Stratus. Stratus who had been feuding with Sinsyde for weeks couldn't pass up this opportunity to attack a prone Sinsyde.

After the attack, Sinsyde laid unconscious in the ring, ripe for a pinfall victory by Kamikaze, whom would walk away this night having retained the World Heavyweight Championship. After the match however, Arachnid, another member of Hells Faction would come out to the ring and apply the Venom Claw to Kamikaze, choking the life out of him.

Arachnid is set to take on Kamikaze at next weeks Extravazone, as well as Stratus is set to take on Sinsyde. To find out what other matches are signed for this event check out the official Extravazone Card.