Dangerzone 35
{lets keep this short and sweet}

The Show starts off with Paramecium announcing that now that the World Title Match has officially been signed for Extravaganza 3, (Paramecium vs. Kamikaze w/ control of the TWO on the line) Kamikaze will not be allowed to defend the World Title until then... with one exception.

Paramecium says that there is one person in the TWO that he has promised a match since his return and has waited until now to give him that match. He says that this person knows Scott Thunder very well, and couldn't wait to take on his protégé' Kamikaze for the World Title tonight. The only stipulation with this match is, if this person wins, he has promised to still give Paramecium the title shot at Extravaganza 3.

Then Scott Thunder and Kamikaze come out to the ring and demand to know who this person is and why he got a World Title Match without the approval of Scott Thunder.

Paramecium explains that there are some contractual obligation's that are above the power of Interim CEO's and even true CEO's. And one of those was the contractual obligation that Paramecium made to Scott Thunder's former Acronym accomplice, PAB. Paramecium explains that PAB has a clause in his contract that he get at least one World Title shot, therefore, Paramecium has decided to give him that match tonight.

[First Match}
Wrestling Enforcer takes on Crack-Edd. Crack-Edd claims that if he wins this match he will be at his 58th win. The match is close and spectators wonder if the influence of the Justice League may help Wrestling Enforcer end Crack-Edd's winning streak. Instead it is the interference of a competitor that we thought we may never see again, who decides the outcome to this match-up.

Army Dude returns to the TWO attacking Wrestling Enforcer, the man that caused him serious injury by shooting him in the head months ago at Dangerzone Special, this sneak attack causes Wrestling Enforcer to loose the match to Crack-Edd, retaining the winning streak at 58.

Afterwards backstage Army Dude talks to the TWO and the World for the first time in months.

Interviewer: Army Dude, it's great to see you back, we never thought we'd see you again.

Army Dude: That's right baby, I'm back and I'm ready to get mediaeval on Wrestling Enforcers anal cavity. That's right, I'm challenging Wresting Enforcer to a rematch, but this time the match will be fair. He and I will fight in the first ever Gun in the Tree match at Extravaganza 3. That's right. In order to win the match you have to be the first to climb the ladder and retrieve the gun from the tree. Then you can use the gun against your opponent in any way you see fit. That's right Wrestling Enforcer, I'm gonna use that gun to hurt you more than you hurt me.

Interviewer: WOW! The first ever Gun in the Tree Match at Extravaganza 3? Do you think Wrestling Enforcer will accept such a match?

Army Dude: Not willingly, that is why I had Paramecium give me this special match as part of my return contract. I get the match whether Wrestling Enforcer likes it or not! And not only that, but Father Athos and Gus the Annihilator are not allowed to touch me or have anything to do with the match otherwise they will be fired from the TWO.

Interviewer: Wow, that's great! Congratulations on returning to the TWO and I can't wait to see you in action at Extravaganza 3.

[this will be shorter and more to the point I promise]

[Tag Team Championship]
Our new Tag Team Champions Lestat and Armand successfully defend the Tag Team Titles against Lord Randolph and Demonite of the New Dominion.

[Our Next Match]
'Cunning' Chris defeats Rain. Afterwards 'Cunning' Chris cuts a promo bragging about how he held the Lightheavyweight Title for one full year, a couple years ago and come Extravaganza 3 Allen Vector will have beaten his record by 2 weeks. Therefore 'Cunning' Chris demands that he be given a Lightheavyweight Title shot at Allen Vector before then so that he can stop him from beating his record.

[Our Next Match]
Natalya the She-Devil defeats Midnight Lightning. Afterwards Midnight Lightning returns to the dressing room where he meets up with his friend, the Jobber Champion Stumpie, who makes fun of Midnight Lightning for losing to a girl. Midnight Lightning replies with, "Well, you lose to everybody."

[Lightheavyweight Title]
Allen Vector successfully defends the Lightheavyweight Title against Dellico DMS. Afterward Dellico tells PAB not to worry about his loss tonight and just to go into the World Title match against Kamikaze with all his energy focused toward winning the World Title. "And," adds Dellico, "just in case that Tall Gumpy Bitch Scott Thunder tries to help Kamikaze out by being in his corner, I will be in your corner as well to make sure Scott Thunder doesn't tip the balance of the match. Viva Dell Rasa!!!!!!!!!!"

[Hardcore Championship]
First ever Hardcore Champion Mr. Malicious takes on current Hardcore Champion Stratus for a chance at regaining the gold. Unfortunately the Hell's Faction cannot allow Stratus to continue on with his Title reign, therefore 2 minions of Sinsyde are sent to the ring to attack Stratus. Hell's Faction members Arachnid and Spaz lay into Stratus attempting to cost him the Hardcore Title.

Since this match is Hardcore rules, and the match cannot end on a disqualification, Mr. Malicious would have an easy time, pinning Stratus and regaining the gold. But Malicious does not want it this way, so he decides to help his opponent by taking on Arachnid and Spaz. Together Stratus and Malicious clear the ring, and it appears that a bond has been formed.

{{{Flashback}}} don't forget, back in 1998 Stratus and Mr. Malicious teamed together for a few months before deciding to go their separate ways.

Mr. Malicious tells Stratus that he doesn't mind helping him kick the Hell's Factions ass but he still would like a shot at the Hardcore Title in the future. Stratus agrees that he deserves one.

[Main Event]
Acronym member PAB comes out to the ring for a chance at winning the World Title from the protégé of former Acronym Scott Thunder aka TGB. With PAB enters DMS, PAB's support from outside the ring.

Next the World Champion the self proclaimed "Original Innovator" Kamikaze comes out to the ring with his mentor the Interim CEO Scott Thunder at his side. Thunder makes himself known that if PAB or DMS try and pull a fast one he will make sure that the proper measures are taken to reprimand them.

Next Paramecium comes out to the ring announcing himself the special guest referee. Scott Thunder at ringside says, "I hate it when he does that!" And the bell rings and the match is underway.

Kamikaze obviously has the size and weight advantage in this match, but that's not enough to deter PAB, with DMS in his corner, and Paramecium as referee it looks like his one World Title Shot could pay off.

When Thunder senses that Paramecium may try and Vince McMahonn his ass, he runs in the ring and cracks Paramecium over the head with the Singapore Cain. With the ref unconscious Dellico then ran into the ring and attacked Scott Thunder. But Thunder had the Singapore Cain ready, and cracked one over Dellico's head as well. Now all that was left was PAB.

Thunder swung at PAB but PAB ducked kicked Thunder in the gut and delivered his patented running stunner. With Thunder down, PAB turned his attention back at Kamikaze, who unfortunately was ready and waiting. PAB charged at Kamikaze with the intent of giving him a spear from hell, but Kamikaze used PAB's own momentum against him as he lifted him high into the air and dropping him down into the Kamikaze Dive.

Paramecium was just getting wits about him as Kamikaze covered PAB for the pin. Paramecium then, reluctantly was forced to count the pinfall and award the victory to his arch rival Kamikaze.