The show begins with Interim CEO Scott Thunder coming out to the ring with his protégé', the World Heavyweight Champion Kamikaze. Scott Thunder, with microphone in hand, demands that from this day forward the World Title, currently around Kamikaze's waste will no longer be defended until the big match-up at Extravaganza 3. Furthermore, Thunder demands that his former Acronym partners PAB and DMS be reprimanded and punished for attempting to cheat last week at Dangerzone 35 to try and win the World Title when PAB fought Kamikaze in the Main Event.

    Paramecium comes out to the ring and tells Thunder that both PAB and DMS have been dealt with accordingly. Thunder asked how they were punished, and Paramecium told him that they where put into a tag team match tonight, where they will take on the Tag Team Champions Lestat and Armand. Thunder asked if this was some special kind of match and Paramecium told him it would be for the Tag Team Championships.

    Then Thunder complained that this match would not be a proper punishment for last weeks behavior. Then Paramecium asked Thunder if he would rather punish them himself. Thunder agreed, so then the owner of the TWO, Paramecium, told him that Thunder and Kamikaze would too wrestle PAB and DMS, as part of a triangle match for the Tag Team Championships, tonight, in the Main Event of TGB TV 5.

[Our First Match]
Crack-Edd defeats Lord Randolph of the New Dominion for his 59th consecutive singles victory.

[Second Match]
Natalya the "She-Devil" takes on the Arabian Pimpman's hoe Sugar Kooky. While Natalya and Sugar Kooky are fighting Pimpman lends moral support from outside the ring, however it isn't enough, and Natalya beats Sugar Kooky.

[Third Match]
Stumpie defends the Jobber Championship against Demonite and looses miserably, retaining the Jobber Title.

'Cunning' Chris finds out that it is not he who will be given the Lightheavyweight Title Shot tonight against Allen Vector. But instead it will be Rain, the guy he defeated at last weeks Dangerzone 35. Chris thinks this is a travesty, and since he is the longest reigning Lightheavyweight Champion in TWO history he should be the one chosen for the Title Shot.

'Cunning' Chris goes to complain to his brother, Paramecium, the owner of the company and asks him if he can get the Lightheavyweight Title Shot. Paramecium says that he would like to give Chris the title shot but unfortunately he can't because Rain and Allen Vector already agreed to the match on their own. Instead however, Paramecium tells his brother that he will give him a match next week against Allen Vector, but whether Vector is willing to put his Lightheavyweight Title on the line is up to him.

[Next Match]
Allen Vector defends the Lightheavyweight Title against former Lightheavyweight Champion Rain. However, before the match can come to a natural conclusion, the longest reigning Lightheavyweight champion 'Cunning' Chris comes out to the ring, involving himself in the match. The three do battle but the referee quickly throws out the match due to disqualification.

Afterward Rain is obviously a little mad that 'Cunning' has cost him his chance at the Lightheavyweight Title but then Chris reminds him that he kicked his ass last week and doesn't deserve a Lightheavyweight Title Shot.

[Next Match]
Mr. Malicious challenges Arachnid to a match, because of Arachnid and Sinsydes interference in the Hardcore Match last week. Arachnid agrees and the match is underway. Halfway through the match Sinsyde comes out and sits at ringsyde, I mean, ringside.

As the match progresses Malicious gets more and more distracted by Sinsyde just sitting there, so eventually Malicious just decides to walk over and smack Sinsyde across the face. At first Sinsyde acts as if this doesn't affect him.

Arachnid uses this slight distraction to try and gain the upper hand in the matter. However, Malicious sees this and tricks Arachnid into walking right into a trap and he uses Arachnids own momentum to throw him into Sinsyde. Knocking Arachnid over Sinsydes chair and Sinsyde along with him.

Before Arachnid can recover Malicious grabs him and lifts him up for the patented Flip-Flop-Drop and drops him right on top of his own Hell's Faction partner Sinsyde. Spaz and Draco, the other members of Hell's Faction come running out into the ring ready to defend their partners, but Malicious has a back-up plan, and Stratus, who is waiting in the wing charges out to the ring as well...

[Next Match]
From here we go right into our next match, as Stratus defends the Hardcore Title against Spaz. Malicious clears Draco out of the ring to keep the match fair. Meanwhile, Arachnid and Sinsyde who are playing possum, wait until Malicious turns his back to them and then they attack him with everything they have.

While in the ring Stratus is putting all his biggest moves on his challenger Spaz. When he sees Malicious go down outside the ring, he puts his match on hold and tries to help him out. Eventually it turns into another Hell's Faction vs. Stratus and Malicious. Referee's and other officials are needed to run out and break up this mayhem.

Unfortunately sometime during this affair, Spaz injured his ankle. We are being told that it is nothing serious and at most he will be required to miss a couple weeks of action. As far as the rest of Hell's Faction is concerned, Paramecium set up a tag team match for next weeks Dangerzone 36 where Stratus and Mr. Malicious will take on Arachnid and Sinsyde.

[In the Ring]
Wrestling Enforcer calls out Army Dude. He says that no one in the Justice League will attack him or have anything to do with the feud at all because Paramecium has forbidden it and told him that if they did, they would all be fined and fired from the TWO. But Enforcer challenges Army Dude to come into the ring and talk to him face to him face to face.

Army Dude does come out to the ring. And here's what was said.

Wrestling Enforcer: I'm glad you came out here today, because I think we need to talk. First off, this is the TWO, we are here to wrestle, to compete, and flat-out do whatever it takes to win and elevate ourselves to the Main Event so that one day we may hold the TWO World Heavyweight Championship. So one thing I don't understand is why you are so pissed off from something that happened in a match you had with me months ago.

Army Dude: Well, you shot me in the head for one thing. I mean, that's not exactly part of wrestling. Pulling out guns and blowing someone's brains all over the ring isn't something that's exactly allowed.

Wrestling Enforcer: I didn't blow all your brains out onto the ring. I mean, most of what you had is still in your head otherwise you wouldn't be standing here today.

Army Dude: What?

Wrestling Enforcer: You know, you didn't have much brains to begin with, and after I cleared out your sinuses for you, only a small fraction of what you had was lost. But most of it is still intact. Enough for you to walk and talk and maybe chew gum at the same time so what's the problem?

Army Dude: The problem is that I spent months in the hospital, I almost died, and I will never be the same again. And why? Why do you hate me so much it's not because I'm just an opponent that you need to defeat to move up the ladder. You've hated me ever since I joined the TWO. Why?

Wrestling Enforcer: You want to know why? You really want to know why? Because you're a disgrace to your country. My country.

Army Dude: Why is that? Because I'm the phsyco lunatic cop who got kicked off the force for being too violent? No wait that was YOU!!!

Wrestling Enforcer: NO! Because you were sent to Saudi Arabia as a representative of the United States and you were sent back because the US Army didn't want you because you're gay. Do you hear me? You're a Flaming Faggot, and I will not stand by while people like you roam the streets, and I will not wrestle you in a manor that could get you aroused in any way. The bookers of the TWO know I hate you and that's why they kept thinking that we would make a good match in the ring. So over and over it ended up being me on the short end of the stick and getting to wrestle the queer day in and day out. And frankly I was getting sick of it, and at Dangerzone Special I decided to put an end to it, so I handcuffed you, I'm sure you liked that, and then I pulled out my gun, put it against your head and pulled the trigger. And if ever put in that same position I would do it again. Except next time I'll make sure I kill you!!!

Army Dude: You are one sick guy. I think you need a serious attitude adjustment. When are you going to stop being mocho ten year old @$$hole and grow up? What I do in my time is my business and what I've done in the past is in the past. All that matters is whether I have ever done anything to you, and as I look at it I haven't. So therefore you have no real reason to hate me!!!

Wrestling Enforcer: You can't talk to me like that!

Army Dude: I'm going to treat you with the same respect that you've shown me. And the way I look at it you've treated me with none. So, you think it's all right to shoot a guy in cold blood in the middle of the ring. Well, at Extravaganza 3 I'll get my payback by grabbing that gun and shooting YOU with it. Because that's exactly how to win. Paramecium and I have decided that this is the only way to end this feud. And really you have no choice because not only does Paramecium own your contract, but if you refuse to wrestle in this match, we'll have you locked away for attempted murder for the rest of your life.

Wrestling Enforcer: Don't worry, I accept the match. But not because my career or my freedom is on the line, but because I would enjoy finishing the job I started last year. And after I blow your brains out for good this time, I can't go to jail, because it'll be a legal wrestling match.

[And Now Our Main Event]
One True Icon Scott Thunder and the Original Innovator Kamikaze
Punk Ass Bitch PAB and Dellico Mexican Sensation DMS
Darkness, the team of Lestat and his brother Armand
Tag Team Championship Match

I'll keep this short and sweet, Scott Thunder and Kamikaze were insenced at taking on PAB and DMS, while PAB and DMS where really looking forward to taking on Thunder and Kamikaze. Though both teams had the Tag Team Tile is the backs of their minds, Lestat and Armand found themselves having no partiality in the match and went into it will the sole purpose being to retain their coveted belts.

The match was great, and all three teams put up a hell of a fight, but Lestat and Armand aren't stupid, and they where able to stay focused and retain the Tag Team Championship belts.