Dangerzone 36
The Show starts with Scott Thunder coming out to the ring and bitching about the Triple Tag Title Match last week at TGB TV 5. He also complains about PAB and DMS going against their oath and fighting him after they agreed to go their seperate ways a few months back. Then Thunder states that since they went against the oath, PAB must answer for his insubordinence.

So Thunder challenges his former partner PAB to a match tonight.

Lestat exits Parameciums office with a smile on his face. An interviewer walks up to him.

Interviewer: What are you so happy about?

Lestat: I just the match I've been waiting for.

Interviewer: What does that mean?

Lestat: I have to get ready, I'll talk to you later.

[In the Ring]
Our first match of the evening is a goofy ass tag match, as Crack-Edd is pared with Lord Randolph of the New Dominion to take on Midnight Lightning and the jobber champion Stumpie. Both teams aren't really with it as friends Midnight Lightning and Stumpie haven't been getting along too well. And the pairing of the New Dominion leader and the man of 59 consecutive wins isn't exactly something either competitor was hoping for.

The match is full of bad coordination and a lack of teamwork, not to mention a lack of skill all around. The match concludes when Lord Randolphs drones, Demonite and the veteran Cadavor come out to the ring and fudge the whole thing up.

[Next Match]
Armand, co-holder of the Tag Team Championships takes on and defeats Draco of the Hell's Faction.

Army Dude goes into the dressing room of Dellico DMS and PAB, and asks DMS if he could be his tag partner tonight since PAB is wrestling in singles competition. DMS tells Army Dude that even though he doesn't have a match tonight he will still be supporting PAB in his match tonight against Scott Thunder and will be unable to help him out. But he suggests that if Army Dude needs a tag partner to go find some loser that doesn't get matches very often. Army Dude thanks him and heads out on his way to find a tag partner.

[Next Match]
Sugar Kooky is set to take on Jade for the Women's Title, but before she can make it out to the ring she is jumped in the back by Natalya the "She-Devil". In an interview afterwards Natalya explains that she is the one true Women's Champion in the TWO, and like her brother 'Cunning' Chris who is the self proclaimed greatest Lightheavyweight Champion in the TWO, they deserve shots at their respective title belts.

[Next Match]
'Cunning Chris finally gets the match against the Lightheavyweight Champion Allen Vector as he wanted but unfortunately due to contractual reason's his match tonight can not be for the Lightheavyweight Title. However, if 'Cunning' wins that match tonight Paramecium has promised him that the victory would prove him worthy an he could get the Lightheavyweight Title Shot as early at next week.

While 'Cunning' and Vector put on an entertaining Lightheavyweight contest, Natalya the "She-Devil" comes out to the ring and helps her brother 'Cunning' Chris to a victory. Afterward Jade, the Women's Champion comes out to the ring and attacks Natalya, laying her out with the Women's Title shot to the head.

In a backstage interview, Jade promises Natalya a chance at her Women's Championship belt.

[Also Backstage]
'Cunning' Chris approaches his brother Paramecium if he can have his Lightheavyweight Title Match next week. Paramecium tells him that even though he cheeted, the pre-match stipulation was that he would recieve a title match if he won the match tonight.

So Paramecium asks 'Cunning' if he would like to have his match at the HUGE Pay Per View... EXTRAVAGANZA III. 'Cunning' turns down the offer however telling Paramecium that if he waits that long, Allen Vector will have beaten his record of being the longest reigning Lightheavyweight Champion in TWO history by a week.

Paramecium asks 'Cunning' what he would like to do about his Lightheavyweight Title shot. And Chris answers by saying the only way he can stop Vector from beating his record is if he can strip him of the Lightheavyweight Championship next week at TGB TV 6. Paramecium tells 'Cunning' that he would like to have the match at the PPV but if 'Cunning' fells that strongly about his record title reign then he can have the match next week.

And so it is signed. Next week at TGB TV 6 'Cunning' Chris will challenge Allen Vector for the Lightheavyweight Championship, and the ability to be recognized as the longest reigning Lightheavyweight Champion in TWO history.

[Next Match]
Army Dude is introduced to the ring, Army Dude tells us that he has been given the opportunity that if he can find a tag team partner, that he can take on Wrestling Enforcer and Gus the Annihilator of the Justice League. But the question is, who is Army Dudes tag team partner? Then the music starts and Bad Boy Barrett comes out to the ring.

Justice League members Wrestling Enforcer and Gus the Annihiltor come out to the ring and the match is underway. The fans are solidly behind Army Dude and BBB, but unfortunately BBB's help isn't enought to battle the likes of the Justice League, because not only is Army Dudes head not fully healed yet, but, they forgot one crucial part of the Justice League, and that is their leader Father Athos. Father Athos' help to his team is enough to tip the odds in favor of his team and gain the victory over Army Dude and BBB.

[Lestat's Dream Match]
Lestat comes out to the ring as we find out his dream opponent for the evening is non other than the World Heavyweight Champion Kamikaze. The only problem with this dream match is that Kamikaze is not allowed to put the World Title on the line until EXTRAVAGANZA III. But non-the-less, Lestat makes the best of this match, and with a little distraction by Paramecium is able to pull off an upset victory over Original Innovator.

[Hardcore Tag Match]
The team of current Hardcore Champion Stratus and former Hardcore Champion Mr. Malicious are pared together to take on common enemies in the former Hardcore Champions and current members of the Hell's Faction Arachnid and Sinsyde. In this special Hardcore Tag Match, anything goes. The match is brutal, the match is extreme, and in the end it is the help of Hell's Faction member Spaz that wins the match for the team.

[Main Event]
The President of the TWO, Scott Thunder takes on his former Acronym partner PAB with DMS in his corner. Though the fans and DMS are behind PAB it is not enough to defeate Scott Thunder and his Singapore Cain.