The Show starts with the World Champion, the Original Innovator Kamikaze complaining that Paramecium humiliated him by costing him a non title match against Lestat. Paramecium comes out to the ring to answer the charges saying that he didn't actually interfear or do anything to involve himself in the match, and that it was only Kamikaze's own stupidity that cost him the match.

Then Scott Thunder comes out to the ring and challenges to take out Paramecium with the Singapore Cain before EXTRAVAGANZA III. But Paramecium tells him that he would get the chance later tonight. He tells Kamikaze that even thought Paramecium didn't cost him the match last week, that he could still get a piece of him tonight, and the whole World can get a taste of what will happen come EXTRAVAGANZA III.

Scott Thunder thinks he knows what Paramecium is getting at...

Scott Thunder: Are you suggesting a handicapt match tonight?

Paramecium: That's exactly what I'm suggesting tonight.

Kamikaze: Yes!

Thunder: Finally a match that I agree with around here!

Paramecium: Good then you accept?

Thunder: Of course we accept.

Paramecium: OK, then let me introduce you to my tag team partners, PAB and DMS.

Thunder: What?

PAB: That's right, tonight Paramecium, DMS and I will give you and your protoge, a match to remember!

[First Match]
Crack-Edd, Midnight Lightning, and the Jobber Champion  Stumpie take on the New Dominion members Lord Randolph, Demonite and the veteran Cadavor. Midnight Lightning and Stumpie still aren't getting along, but their partner Crack-Edd doesn't care about their feud all he cares about is winning the match and gaining the pinfall so he can add another victory to his winning streak.

The deciding factor in this match is when the veteran Cadavor turns on his teamates Lord Randolph and Demonite, double chokeslamming them and costing them the match. Allowing Crack-Edd to gain the pinfall. Cadavor then walks out on the New Dominion and out of the arena as a confused TWO try and figure out whats going on. Stay tuned for more on this interesting situation.

[Armwrestling Match]
Stratus vs. Arachnid. When Stratus pulls Arachnid over, Arachnid gets pissed and goes crazy grabbing Stratus in the Shark Attck and not letting go until he passes out.

We know at EXTRAVAGANZA III the HaRdCoRe Championship Match will be:



HaRdCoRe Champion

[Next Match]
Bad Boy Barrett sticks up for Army Dude by challenging Father Athos to a match tonight, in order to get a measure of payback for what the Justice League did at last weeks Dangerzone 36. Father Athos accepts, and just as he is about to loose the match, his other members in the Justice League, Wrestling Enforcer and Gus the Annihilator come out to the ring to his rescue.

As all three members of the Justice League beat down on BBB, Army Dude comes running out from the back with  2 X 4 in hand and clears the ring, saving BBB.

[Tag Title Match]
Sinsyde and Draco of the Hells Faction challenge the Tag Team Champions Lestat and Armand to a title match. The match ends in DQ however when Spaz of Hell's Faction interfears and gets cought by the referee.

Mr. Malicious challenges Spaz to a match later tonight as payback for interfearing in his match last week, and since interfearing is something that Spaz does a lot of Malicious says he needs to be tought a leason and he is going to be the teacher tonight.

[Also Backstage]
Lestat and Armand challenge Hell's Faction to a fair match at EXTRAVAGANZA III and they tell us that at that time they will reveil their new prospect to serve their leader, and so the match at EXTRAVAGANZA III can be a Six-Man-Tag Match from HELL with the belts on the line.

Since this challenge the match has been signed and here it is:


Hell's Faction Members:


Darkness Members

Tag Team Championship Match From HELL

[Lightheavyweight Championship Match]
The longest reigning Lightheavyweight Champion in TWO history former champion 'Cunning' Chris finally gets his Lightheavyweight Title Shot at the current Champion, Allen Vector. If 'Cunning' Chris defeats Allen Vector then he will not only win the Lightheavyweight Title for the record third time, but also stop Vector's reign as champion before he can beat 'Cunning' Chris' record reign of 11and a half months.

So the match gets underway, and is quick and exciting. It's more than just a title on the line tonight, its the recognition of being possibly the best Lightheavyweight Champion ever in the TWO. The match concludes with Allen Vector performing his patented spin kick off the fence and defeating 'Cunning' Chris.

Afterwards Chris is very disapointed because he along with the World knows that going into EXTRAVAGANZA III in 2 weeks Allen Vector will be recognized as the new longest reigning Lightheavyweight Champion in TWO history! With a record title reign on 1 full year.

[Women's Tag Match]
Sugar Kooky, and the current TWO Women's Champion Jade take on the team of Natalya the She-Devil and her partner Missy Maniac.

Natalya the She-Devil and Missy Maniac come out victorious.

We know that at EXTRAVAGANZA III the Women's Title Match will be:

Natalya the She-Devil


Women's Champion
J a d e

w/Missy Maniac as Special Guest referee

[Mr. Malicious vs. Spaz]
Mr. Malicious in this match plans on teaching Spaz a lesson for constantly interfearing on behalf of the Hell's Faction. And he does, as somewhere in this match, Spaz actually gets his ancle twisted, and is informed afterwards by doctors that he will not be able to compete at EXTRAVAGANZA III.

Also, because of Mr. Malicious' injuring Spaz, Malicious has also been banned from competing at EXTRAVAGANZA III.

Becuase of Spaz not being allowed to compete in the Hell's Faction Tag Match at EXTRAVAGANZA III, he will instead have to be replaced by Arachnid in the match and therefore Arachnid will have to wrestle twice in the same night in the Tag Title Match:
Hell's Faction Members:


Darkness Members

Tag Team Championship Match From HELL

And the HaRdCoRe Title Match:


HaRdCoRe Champion


T.W.O. President Scott Thunder
World Champion Original Innovator Kamikaze

contravercially beat by DQ

T.W.O. CEO Paramecium
The Acronyms PAB and DMS