Dangerzone 37:  The Aftermath

Superbman  vs.  Father Athos
Our first match of the evening featured the debut of a new T.W.O. Superstar. His name:  Superbman.

Superbman's first opponent in the T.W.O., was the leader of the Justice League, Father Athos.
The match ended with Superbman coming out the victor, and afterwards, another Justice League member came out to the ring. Wrestling Enforcer walked up to Superbman, and we all thought he was there to support his fallen friend Father Athos. But instead, Wrestling Enforcer told Superbman that there would always be a spot for him in the group if he ever felt like joining the Justice League and helping to make the World a better place.

Superbman thanked Wrestling Enforcer for the kind offer, but left saying only that he would think about it.

Paramecium came out to the ring to say a couple things about what direction the TWO would be taking following the events at EXTRAVAGANZA III...

Paramecium came out to the ring and first spoke of the passing of Jason Rinard aka Armand, and how much he will be missed by the TWO Superstars. And if you would like to visit the website made in his honor the address is  http://OurFriendJay.Tripod.com .

     But because of Armands death there is a matter that has to be dealt with and that is the future of the Lightheavyweight Title. Armand passed away the TWO Lightheavyweight Champion. And now the title would either have to be retired or made vacant. And in the interest of fairness for the other Lightheavyweight contenders in the TWO, Paramecium the TWO Chief Executive Officer decided the best thing to do would be to hold a Lightheavyweight Title Tournament.
    The brackets of this tournament have not yet been determined but will be revealed at Dangerzone 38. The Lightheavyweight tournament is then scheduled to begin at Dangerzone 38, and will consist of 8 of the TWO's top Lightheavyweight contenders.  The Tournament will continue for the following 4 weeks, with the finals culminating at the next TWO Pay Per View, the Big Bad Battle. There the 2 tournament finalists will compete one-on-one with the winner being crowned the new TWO Lightheavyweight Champion.

     After Paramecium finished discussing the issues of the Lightheavyweight title, he then changed course and decided to speak about another title more dear to him, that being the TWO World Heavyweight Championship. The title he won back last week at EXTRAVAGANZA III, in his biggest match to date. He bragged that Kamikaze was a HUGE and fierce opponent, the likes of which would scare any regular man, but Paramecium instead stared his opponent right in the face and defeated him 1-2-3. Proving that he is the best competitor in backyard wrestling today.

     Just then the music of another T.W.O. Champion played. This music being of the TWO HaRdCoRe Champion, the "Human Holocaust" Stratus.
Stratus got right in Paramecium's face and made his opinion very clear, that the only reason Paramecium is the World Champion is because Stratus wasn't given the Shot. And Stratus demanded that he be given a World Title Shot.

Paramecium however told Stratus that the next person to receive a World Title Shot would be the person who could win the Big Bad Battle Match at the next TWO Pay Per View the Big Bad Battle 2001. In that match, 18 of the TWO's top Superstars will be allowed to compete and the last man standing will be declared the number one contender at Paramecium's title.
    But Stratus said he shouldn't have to prove himself because he's proved himself worthy the past 3 years he's been in the TWO. Paramecium agreed but said that since Stratus is the current HaRdCoRe Champion that he couldn't possible compete for another singles title in the TWO, because the rules strictly forbid that. So he said either enter and win the Big Bad Battle Match, or prove yourself as a worthy title holder by defending the HaRdCoRe Title for the next few months until he eventually loses it, and then ask for a World Title Shot.

{Our Next Match}
     Jade, the female competitor who lost the Women's Title to Natalya the "She-Devil" at EXTRAVAGANZA III faces the woman who cost her the belt, the special guest referee of that Women's Title Match, Missy Maniac.

     Jade attempts to gain a measure of payback on Missy, and comes real close. But unfortunately, Natalya the "She-Devil" knocked out the referee just before he could count the pin in Jades favor. Jade and Natalya then started going at it.

     Jade was able to get a hold of Natalya's Women's Championship Belt, and clocked the champion over the head with it, knocking her unconscious. The fans went crazy as the referee rang the bell and awarded the match to Jade via disqualification.

Interviewer:  I'm speaking now with Superbman who debuted earlier this evening defeating Father Athos, the leader of the Justice League. Superbman, you were asked by Wrestling Enforcer to join the Justice League, how does that make you feel having just debuted tonight.

Superbman:  Well, it makes me feel very accepted. I'm very happy with my debut winning the match and already being noticed by TWO veterans. I feel great. The only thing is, I don't know if I want to join the Justice League, it doesn't seem like my kind of thing.

Interviewer:  So as of right now you are saying that you're undecided as to whether you would like to be part of the group?

Superbman:  That is correct, I just got here, and I don't know yet what I would like to do in the TWO. I haven't even thought about what I really want to do with my career yet.

Interview:  When you make up your mind will you let us know right away?

Superbman:  When I make up my mind you'll be the first to know.

Interview:  OK, thank you, and good luck on your new career.

Superbman: Thank you.

{Our Next Match}
     Cadavor, former member of the New Dominion takes on his former tag partners Lord Randolph and Demonite in a handicapped match.

     Before the match begins Lord Randolph tells Cadavor that this is his last chance rejoin the group and continue with their mission. He tells Cadavor that if he where to leave the group now and go against his own teammates it would ruin them and plan may never come to be.

     Cadavor looks at Lord Randolph, and thinks for a minute. Then says,  "that is exactly what I want to happen" with that said Randolph and Demonite attack Cadavor and try and end the match quickly. Cadavor on the other hand has his own plans for the match. And pulls of a fairly quick victory after throwing Randolph over the fence and tombstoning Demonite for the win.

     Arabian Pimpman and the TWO CEO and World Heavyweight Champion Paramecium have a meeting. Pimpman asks Paramecium for a World Title shot, but Paramecium tells him he will have to enter the Big Bad Battle and win in order to earn a title shot.

     But Pimpman says he has reason to think that Paramecium will decide otherwise because Pimpman has a hoe waiting for Paramecium should he decide to give him the World Title shot. Paramecium asks Pimpman what this hoe looks like so Pimpman offers to show Paramecium a picture.

Paramecium:  She's not wearing any clothes in this picture!

Pimpman:  She's not a fan of clothing. What do you think?

Paramecium:  Well, she is definitely hot!

Pimpman:  Then should I assume we have an agreement?

Paramecium:  You have yourself a deal, I'll see you in the ring tonight, and I hope to see her...

Pimpman:  You'll see her as soon as you're ready.

Paramecium:  Looking at this picture I'd say I'm ready right now.

{Our Next Match}
     the Acronyms PAB and DMS take on the Tag Team Champions Hell's Faction members, Sinsyde and Arachnid. Before the match begins Arachnid and Sinsyde are seen in the back arguing.

     Arachnid yelled at Sinsyde saying it was his fault that Arachnid did not win the HaRdCoRe Title at EXTRAVAGANZA III, but Sinsyde insists it was just an accident and he should leave it at that. But Arachnid accuses Sinsyde of costing him the match on purpose because he was jealous that Arachnid was getting the HaRdCoRe Title shot and not he.

    Sinsyde tells Arachnid to calm down because the HaRdCoRe Title is not what matters now because Hell's Faction have the Tag Belts and need to defend them tonight, so they need to keep focused on the goal at hand.

     the Acronyms, PAB and DMS come very close to winning the Tag Team Titles from Sinsyde and Arachnid and the only thing that saves them is outside interference on the part of fellow Hell's Faction member Draco. With his help, the Hell's Faction are able to retain the Tag Team Titles.

{Our Next Match}
     Allen Vector, former Lightheavyweight Champion and the TWO's Longest reigning Lightheavyweight Champion wrestles the winner of the Gun in the Tree match at EXTRAVAGANZA III Army Dude.

     Before the match begins Army Dude says he will never use the gun against anyone ever again, and the only reason he used it against Wrestling Enforcer was to teach him a lesson. And now that Wrestling Enforcer is one nut less of a man, maybe he'll think twice about messing with Army Dude.

     Allen Vector also says a few words before the match begins. Vector tells us that he should be the Lightheavyweight Champion because it was he who held the belt before loosing it to Armand at EXTRAVAGANZA III, and now that Armand has passed on the belt should be given back to him. But since the powers that be don't agree with that theory then he'll just have to enter the Lightheavyweight Tournament next week and beat 7 other guys to become the new Lightheavyweight Champion.

     Allen Vector and Army Dude wrestle in a classic match, this match being sort of a testing ground for the Lightheavyweight Tournament was given only a twenty minute time limit. And unfortunately, since Army Dude and Allen Vector where such a good match for one another neither competitor could gain a pinfall over the other in that allotted period of time. Therefore the match went to a time limit draw.

Spaz who was banned from competing at EXTRAVAGANZA III laid out a challenge to Mr. Malicious, another competitor who was also banned from the event. The 2 had encounters previous to EXTRAVAGANZA III and where unable to settle their feud at the Pay Per View, and so Spaz challenged Mr. Malicious to settle the feud tonight at Dangerzone 37.

{In the Ring}
     Spaz and Mr. Malicious wrestle in a No-Holds-Barred Lights Out Feud match. The winners of this match were the fans as they saw 2 of the TWO Superstars tear into each other with reckless abandon. Mr. Malicious went so far as to even pull out an ax, and attempt to use it on his opponent. The match ended when Malicious performed his patented maneuver, the Flip Flop Drop on Spaz, dropping him face first on the steel chair rendering him unconscious for the ten count.

{Scott Thunders Announcement}
     Scott Thunder was Kamikaze's mentor and Interim CEO of the TWO going into EXTRAVAGANZA III. But Kamikaze lost the match to Paramecium, and because of the special stipulations of the match, Paramecium was then allowed to reassume control of the TWO as the 1 and only CEO. Scott Thunder on the other hand was left out in the cold with nothing but failed protégé at his side. So Thunder dropped Kamikaze and rejoined with his former partners, the Acronyms, PAB and DMS.

     Scott Thunder came out to the ring, at Dangerzone 37, disappointed that Kamikaze had lost the match at EXTRAVAGANZA III. Thunder said he could care less whether Kamikaze or Paramecium where the World Champion, but Kamikaze let Thunder down because even though Thunder had shown Kamikaze the ropes, and trained him backstage for the past weeks he still lost the match and that loss would cost Thunder the ability to run the TWO as he saw fit.

    Therefore Scott Thunder said it was a good thing he had a fail-safe put into the contract for the Match at EXTRAVAGANZA III. Scott Thunder said in the fine print of the contract that Kamikaze signed it stated that in the event that Kamikaze loose the match to Paramecium, and Thunder would therefore forefeet his place as Interim CEO of the company, that Kamikaze's contract would be under Scott Thunder's discretion.

     With that said, Scott Thunder said that he has decided to punish Kamikaze for loosing the match at EXTRAVAGANZA III by officially ripping up his contract and rendering him not only fired, but banned from active competition. With that said he sarcastically wished Kamikaze his best with the hopes that he may be able to salvage a decent football career.

{the Main Event}
     Paramecium defends the World Title against the Arabian Pimpman.

     Before the match begins, Paramecium tells Pimpman that it is kind of unfair to wrestle him at a time like this, because after about a half hour with Pimpman's hoe, he is feeling very spent and may not have enough energy to defend the World Title the way he would like to. However, a deal is a deal and therefore the match must continue as planned.

    The match gets off to a good start with Pimpman giving a good showing, and Paramecium hitting a few high spots. Unfortunately the match was ruined by HaRdCoRe Champion Stratus, who took it upon himself to attack Paramecium and break up the match.
The match was thrown out, and Stratus quickly grabbed a microphone. He said it was BS, how Paramecium denied Stratus a legitimate title shot by saying that he would not defend the World Title until he faced the winner of the Big Bad Battle, when he would end up going against his word and granting a World Title shot only half an hour later to an undeserving pimp who only got the match through dealings of prostitution.

 Stratus demanded that when Paramecium come to, someone show him the tape of what transpired tonight and allow him to see the error of his ways and grant the next World Title shot, immediately to the "Human Holocaust" the HaRdCoRe Champion Stratus.