Dangerzone 40
The show started off with a bang! Paramecium came out to the ring and announced that tonight several big things would happen:

In tonight's Main Event, Scott Thunder the Icon of the T.W.O. will take on his former protégé' Kamikaze. If Kamikaze wins, he will be allowed to resume his career as usual, without Scott Thunder's influence. If Scott Thunder wins, he will be allowed to dictate Kamikaze's career.
Then T.W.O. HaRdCoRe Champion Stratus came out to the ring.

Stratus: I know you have a lot of big matches taking place tonight, but I also noticed that you didn't mention anything about you and I and our respective opponents tonight.

Paramecium: What's the problem?

Stratus: The problem is, who are you wrestling and who am I wrestling?

Paramecium: I already signed the World Title Match between you and I for the Big Bad Battle, what more do you need?

Stratus: I'm wondering if it's possible that the 2 of us could wrestle... TONIGHT!!!

Paramecium: NO! Stratus, that is not possible. You see, I have better plans for you tonight. You see... tonight... you are going to have to show me that you are still worthy of challenging me for the World Title at the Big Bad Battle in 2 weeks. You have to prove to me that you are the single best and most worthy wrestler in the TWO. And tonight you will have the opportunity to prove that to me, by taking on everything I can throw at you... when you face the Gauntlet.

{That's right ladies and gentlemen, tonight Stratus will face Paramecium's Gauntlet. He will have to outlast every opponent that Paramecium sends his way.}

{Debut Match}
Chiko Bombardez
We begin the evening's festivities with Draco coming out to the ring to take on the returning Chiko Bombardez. Chiko wrestled for the T.W.O. very briefly in 2000, and tonight he would return again, this time giving it his all to make an impression in the TWO.

Chiko does leave an impression, as on his first night back he defeats Draco of the Hell's Faction. The win comes so unexpectedly that nobody in Hell's Faction was ready to help Draco cheat to a victory.
Afterwards, Draco makes a big stink about how a rookie like Chiko doesn't deserve to beat a wrestler of Draco's caliber and that it was a fluke. He says if there was another match, Draco would win, hands down. Therefore Draco challenges Chiko to a rematch at Big Bad Battle 2001. Then he will show Chiko the true capabilities of Hell's Faction  member Draco.

Later on we found that Chiko accepted the challenge, and therefore a match for Big Bad Battle to take place with these 2 individuals was made official.

{Women's Handicapped Match}
Current Women's Champion-Natalya the 'She-Devil' and Missy Maniac take on former Women's Champion Jade in a handicapped match. It appears as though Jade has a decent handle on both opponents, attempting to gain a measure of revenge for their treachery at EXTRAVAGANZA III when Natalya the 'She-Devil' unjustly regained the Women's Title with biased officiating on behalf of Missy Maniac.

However, Jade was not able to gain the measure of revenge as she had hoped. Instead, history repeated itself, as Natalya the 'She-Devil' and Missy Maniac were able to use their outnumbering to their advantage and win the match over Jade.

Backstage: Jade challenged Natalya's ability to defend the Women's Title with honor, and challenged her to put it on the line at Big Bad Battle 2001. This time, it would be an equal playing field as she asked that Missy Maniac be barred from ringside, or even from being able to compete or show up to the arena at all. The match was signed.

{Tag Team Championship Match}
Mr. Malicious showed up to the arena with Ax in hand, as he had promised, to take on Arachnid and Sinsyde of the Hell's Faction for the TWO Tag Team Championship. Unfortunately, as was with the case in the match previous, the Ax wasn't even enough to even the playing field against 2 opponents. The Tag Team Champion's Arachnid and Sinsyde were able to retain their Tag Team Title this night, but would be ordered to defend them again at Big Bad Battle.

It would be at the Big Bad Battle, that Arachnid and Sinsyde would be forced to defend their Tag Titles once again against Mr. Malicious. The only stipulation was that Mr. Malicious would have to find a legitimate Tag Team Partner. In an interview, Malicious said that he knew of a wrestler in the TWO in the need of a Tag Team Partner, and so he would attempt to get that man for his match at the Big Bad Battle. When asked who this man was, Malicious refused to comment.

To find out who Mr. Malicious chooses for a Partner to take on Sinsyde and Arachnid for the TWO Tag Team Championships, check out the results of the Big Bad Battle... coming soon.

{Crack-Edd's winning Streak}
TWO official's were looking for someone to challenge Crack-Edd as an attempt to stop his winning streak. But finding an opponent wasn't as easy as you might think. Most wrestlers were afraid of Crack-Edd, not for the terror he imposes on his foes, but instead for the rumors going around the locker room that Crack-Edd is jinxed. Every wrestler backstage is convinced that when they step in the ring, they are doomed to lose, not for the reason that Crack-Edd is more skilled then they are, but for the reason that everyone seems to lose by odd circumstances.

One wrestler in the TWO stood up to the challenge at Dangerzone 40. Cadavor, a man who has been trying to rebuild his reputation as one of the TWO's icons. Cadavor, really has nothing to lose, his career hasn't been going very well for the past couple of years and any kind of significant victory could easily gain momentum for him and catapult him back into main event status where he believes he belongs.

Unfortunately tonight was not the night Cadavor was looking for. Instead of bringing an end to Crack-Edd's winning streak, he caused himself another setback in his career. Cadavor thought he had the match won, when he scaled the fence for his signature maneuver. Instead, he slipped on an oily portion of the fence and came crashing down. The fall was so brutal, Crack-Edd simply covered the man for the pinfall.

Arabian Pimpman: Look dead dude, I know what your problem is out there.

Cadavor: Oh you do, do you?

Arabian Pimpman: That's right. I've been in the TWO since the beginning, just like you. And I know all about you. When you first came here, you were great. Then after a couple of losses your career went into the toilet. Do you know why?

Cadavor: No, tell me.

Arabian Pimpman: You're too tense, too stiff. Now I know some girls that like that, but in the TWO you can't let that happen to you when it comes to wrestling matches. Not those kinds of wrestling matches anyway.

Cadavor: What are you saying?

Arabian Pimpman: I'm saying you need to loosen' up. Live a little. Don't be so intense. It's affecting your work. Do you know what you need? Do you know what secret weapon I use to go out there and keep me in a good mood and ready to work?

Cadavor: No. what?

Arabian Pimpman: A lap dance man. What you need is a lap dance. And I know the perfect women for you.

Cadavor: Get the hell out of here, I'm serious about my wrestling career, I don't have time to goof around.

Arabian Pimpman: Dude, are you all right? If you can't afford it then I can put the first one on the house.

Cadavor: I'm not poor.

Arabian Pimpman: Look, dude, I'm sorry I should have known, a stiff like you, I can get some guys who are into that stuff too.

Cadavor: I am not gay! Now get the hell out of my dressing room!

Arabian Pimpman: I get it, you're not poor, you're not gay. Look dude, I don't know when the last time is you got any, but you seem very irritable to me.

Cadavor: That's it!  I am going to kick your ass!!!

Arabian Pimpman: Holy S#*t, I am getting the hell out of here!

{Pimpman took off as fast as he could, with Cadavor following closely behind. Finally, Pimpman was able to lose him when he accidentally fell in an open manhole}

Cadavor: There is no way in hell, I'm following that freak down there.

{{{Another match has been added to the Big Bad Battle lineup. Cadavor will take on the Arabian Pimpman}}}

{Jobber Championship Match}
The next match will go down in the record books. Stumpie, the current and defending Jobber Champion of the Teenage Wrestling Organization took on his former friend Midnight Lightning. In this match Stumpie was able to pull of a victory for the first time in a long time when he pinned Midnight Lightning with his fat ass for the 1-2-3. Therefore Midnight Lightning was declared the new TWO Jobber Champion and a weight was lifted off of Stumpie's shoulders.

Interviewer: How does it feel knowing that you are no longer the TWO Jobber Champion.

Stumpie: It feels great. It was so hard finding a guy that I could beat in order to drop that belt. But I did it. I finally won a match!

Interviewer: Well, good luck in the future, I hope this isn't the last time you win a wrestling match.

Stumpie: Thank you for the kind words. I hope now to break Crack-Edd's winning streak!

Interviewer: Good luck. And speaking of good luck, here is the man of the evening now, Midnight Lightning. Lightning, how does it feel to be the new TWO Jobber Champion.

Midnight Lightning: It feels good. I think. I never planned on winning a TWO Championship and now, here it is.

Interviewer: Congratulations, hopefully you will hold that title for a long, long time.

Midnight Lightning: I hope so.

{Justice League vs. Father Athos/Army Dude}
Father Athos and Army Dude, former enemies where able to put their past differences aside and take on common enemies in the Justice League. Army Dude has feuded with Wrestling Enforcer and the rest of the Justice League for a long time now, and Father Athos doesn't like the Justice League because they fired him from the group a month ago a replaced him with a rookie, Superbman. Tonight Superbman and Gus the Annihilator will be fighting this match on behalf of the Justice League, because Wrestling Enforcer has still not yet received medical clearance from the doctors to wrestle since being shot in the nuts by Army Dude at EXTRAVAGANZA III.

Father Athos and Army Dude displayed a remarkable showing tonight as they valiantly took on the evil Justice League. Unfortunately, they were not victorious as Wrestling Enforcer was able to handcuff both Father Athos and Army Dude causing them to be partially immobilized. In this time of weakness, the Justice League acted and were able to defeat their enemies.

{Afterward Backstage}
Wrestling Enforcer: Army Dude, I am calling you out. Don't think that I have forgotten what you did to me at EXTRAVAGANZA III. I have been waiting for the opportunity to achieve payback on you, and tonight I partially did. But at Big Bad Battle 2001 I plan on finishing the job. That is right, today I received medical clearance to return to action in 2 weeks at the big Pay Per View, and that is when I will get my opportunity to permanently impair you, the way you have to me. I already have the papers signed, and the match will take place whether you want it to or not. Unfortunately, it isn't a Gun in the Tree Match as I had hoped. Apparently those kinds of matches are now outlawed in the TWO. But it will be a special kind of match. A match that the TWO hasn't seen in over 2 years. That's right, at the Big Bad Battle 2001 you, Army Dude, shall face me in the return of the TWO Trampoline Match. The loser is the man thrown from the trampoline, and at Big Bad Battle 2001 I will hurtle you from the trampoline and you will hopefully be injured for life, just as I am.

Later on Army Dude not only heard of his match at Big Bad Battle 2001, he said that he was looking forward to it.

{Lightheavyweight Tournament Semifinals}
It was only a few weeks ago that 8 of the TWO's top Lightheavyweight contenders entered the tournament for the vacated Lightheavyweight Championship. Tonight only 4 wrestlers remain. After tonight only 2 will go on to the Big Bad Battle 2001 in the final confrontation, with a new champion being decided.

Tonight, both Acronyms where eliminated from the Tournament. Allen Vector defeated former Lightheavyweight Champion Dellico (DMS), and Spaz defeated former Lightheavyweight Champion PAB.

Now Former Lightheavyweight Champion Allen Vector and a guy who has never previously held the Lightheavyweight Title will meet at Big Bad Battle 2001 in the Tournament Finals to decided the fate of the vacant Lightheavyweight Championship.

The updated brackets are as follows

Opening Round
Allen Vector
Army Dude

'Cunning' Chris


Gus the Annihilator


Allen Vector



Allen Vector

Big Bad Battle 2001
Tournament Champion

[It is now time for the Dangerzone 40 double Main Event: Starting with...]
{...the Gauntlet}
HaRdCoRe Champion Stratus comes out to the ring, ready to fight. It isn't long before Paramecium begins sending people Stratus' way.

First Stratus is forced to face Paramecium's brother 'Cunning' Chris. Chris is obviously not ready to take on this man who is almost 3 times his size, but Paramecium assures Chris that it will be OK, and that he needs his help as his brother. Chris enters the ring and is beating within one minute.

Next Paramecium sends Midnight Lightning into the ring. Lightning, who is still on a high from winning his first Championship earlier in the evening, is eager to show off his stuff in the ring. He too is eliminated in under a minute. He goes backstage screaming, "I'm still the champ! I'm still the Champ!"

Next Paramecium sends Arabian Pimpman into the ring. Pimpman still stinks of sewer stench, but is ready to put the boots to Stratus for what Stratus did to Pimpman's camel last week.

As Pimpman is nearing the ring he grabs a microphone and stresses that he does not condone the actions that took place with the World Trade Center and he hopes that Bin Laden and his men are hunted down likes dogs. This insights a large applause from the crowd.

Before Pimpman is able to get to the ring, however, he is attacked by Cadavor. Cadavor was attempting to catch Pimpman earlier in the evening, but was unsuccessful. Now he got him. Pimpman is then thrown into the ring and pinned by Stratus.

Paramecium's next challenge for Stratus is to make him face Arachnid and Sinsyde of the Hell's Faction. Defeating these 2 will take a little out of Stratus, as they are the most difficult opponents he has had to face yet tonight. But with the help of Mr. Malicious, the job is done.

Paramecium orders that the ring be cleared of all the riffraff... with the exception of the biggest piece of riffraff, Stratus himself. Then Paramecium sends in the entire Justice League, Superbman, Gus the Annihilator and even the Wrestling Enforcer. Enforcer complains to Paramecium that he is not cleared to wrestle, but Paramecium sends him in anyway.

While Stratus is working on them, Father Athos runs in and takes on Superbman, and Army Dude enters to take on Wrestling Enforcer. After each of the Justice League members are eliminated, Stratus turns to the 2 other people in the ring, Father Athos and Army Dude. Stratus takes a few moments in finishing them off as well. By now, the TWO commentator Chuckie D. is referring to Stratus as the 'Human Holocaust', because of his ability to destroy so many people.

Now with Stratus visibly tired, Paramecium sees his perfect opportunity to attack. Paramecium sends himself into the ring, as Stratus' final opponent.

The fans cheer Stratus on, as he has made it this far, now is his chance to take on the man he hates so much, the TWO World Champion Paramecium. Unfortunately, Stratus' fatigue' and Paramecium's speed and cunning are too much for Stratus to handle. The 'Human Holocaust' goes down for the count, and Paramecium is there to gain the pinfall victory.

After regaining consciousness, the TWO HaRdCoRe Champion is ready to take on Paramecium one-on-one for the TWO World Title at Big Bad Battle 2001.

{Scott Thunder vs. Kamikaze}

These 2 obviously have a history.
1. Scott Thunder helped Kamikaze to gain the World Title from Paramecium at last years Dangerzone's a B*tch.

2. Then took on Kamikaze at Payback's a B*tch with the World Title on the line.

3. After Paramecium interfered and cost Thunder the match, Thunder and Kamikaze formed a bond. Scott Thunder would help train Kamikaze to defeat Paramecium in  the return match at EXTRAVAGANZA III.

4. Then, when Kamikaze was not successful, Scott Thunder threatened to have him fired from the TWO.

5. Now, at Dangerzone 40, Scott Thunder and Kamikaze would fight for the fate of Kamikaze's career.

    The match began fast and brutal. Thunder laying into Kamikaze with all he had, because of what Kamikaze's loss at EXTRAVAGANZA III cost Scott Thunder. Kamikaze laying into Thunder because he is the man who could hold the fate of Kamikaze's career in his greedy hands. I don't have to tell you who the fans where behind. If they could have, the fans would have booed Thunder into quitting wrestling, but Thunder is too stubborn to care what the fans think.

    Kamikaze, surprisingly, was able to give Scott Thunder the Kamikaze Dive. Scott Thunder on the other hand was able to sneak his Singapore Cain past the referee and use it to his advantage in the wrestling match as well. It all came to a crashing end when Kamikaze grabbed a hold of the Singapore Cain and was caught by the referee cracking Scott Thunder over the head with the foreign object.

    Kamikaze was immediately disqualified and, to the horror and amazement of everyone watching, from that day forward would be recognized as Scott Thunder's property.