Big Bad Battle '99
Angelica Acid/Natalya the 'She-Devil' def. Arabian Rainman/the REF

Hades def. Lord Randolph

Rain was awarded the Lightheavyweight title on forfeit when the champion Bad Boy Barrett didn't show

It was supposed to be Stratus vs. Dellico in a ladder match but Stratus instead attacked Dellico in an interview prior to the match causing Dellico not to be able to wrestle. The last minute substitution of Demonite was made. And so Demonite was the one sacrificed to the veracious monster known as Stratus that day.
Stratus beat Demonite after slamming him through a makeshift table

Rain agreed to put up his newly won Lightheavyweight championship against Lord Randolph, and wins.

Lazaroth nearly killed Victor Vain in what could have been a match of the year

Pretty Boy/Scott Thunder successfully defend the Tag Belts against the team of Stratus and Hades

Big Bad Battle Match

Order of entry
1. Stratus
2. Rain
3. Dellico
4. Masked Assailants
5. Arabian Rainman
6. Lord Randolph
7. the REF
8. Wrestling Enforcer
9. Demonite
10. Hades
11. Angelica Acid
12. Zygoplath
(a substitute, from the UWA, for Victor Vain who had been hospitalized earlier in the card)
13. Lazaroth
14. Pretty Boy
15. Scott Thunder
Order of Elimination
1. Dellico
2. Masked Assailants
3. Arabian Rainman
4. Wrestling Enforcer
5. Lord Randolph
6. Rain
7. the REF
8. Zigoplath
9. Stratus
10. Hades
11. Demonite
12. Pretty Boy
13. Lazaroth
14. Scott Thunder

Winner and New World Champion
Angelica Acid

HaRdCoRe Master of the Mat '99