Dangerzone 15
This Dangerzone took place on the day of Debuts in the TWO.
It featured the debut of Crack-Edd, Gus the "Annihilator", Arachnid, SPB, and the return of Bad Boy Barrett and Angelica Acid.

Lightheavyweight Champion 'Cunning' Chris def. Crack-Edd

Gus the "Annihilator" def. Dellico in a HaRdCoRe Rules Match

Arachnid def. Midnight Lightning

Scott Thunder def. Bad Boy Barrett

Earlier in the night Paramecium brought out the midget Mr. Malicious and "beat him for the belt" (much like Thunder did at Redemption '98). Afterwards Thunder and Angelica Acid came out to the ring and challenged Paramecium to put up his belt against Angelica Acid in the Main Event. He did and the match ended in a DQ when Thunder interjected himself by walloping Paramecium with the metal folding chair. Then Natalya and "Cunning" Chris the real-life sister and brother of Paramecium came out to the ring and fended off Paramecium's attackers. Afterward it was announced that the Trifecta had been formed.

Dangerzone 16