Dangerzone 7 - 10
Dangerzone 7

Victor Vain def. Demonite

Mr. Malicious def. 'Cunning' Chris

Then we went back to the ring to see:
Rain def. Midnight Lightning

Stratus def. Cadavor

Lightheavyweight Championship/Ladder Match
Bad Boy Barrett def. Dellico

3-Way Tag Team Championship Match
Scott Thunder def. Angelica Acid/Big 'C' and the REF/Arabian Rainman

When the match was over Thunder gave the other belt to the referee of that match... Pretty Boy.

Dangerzone 8

This was a recap show of everything that happened in the year of '98 for the TWO.
"the 1998 Year In Review"

Dangerzone 9

The REF fought Demonite for the right to referee the shows for the evening. Pretty Boy was the referee for this match as to avoid any confusion. The match ended after he super-kicked Demonite, who then fell face first into a puddle on the ground. Not only did he lose the match but he lost his pride.

Hades debuted beating Military man

Mr. Malicious def. Midnight Lightning

Stratus/Rain beat Dellico/Little Lamirda

Lightheavyweight Championship
Bad Boy Barrett lost by DQ to Victor Vain

Intergender Match
Scott Thunder def. Big 'C'

Mixed Tag Match
Pretty Boy/Angelica Acid beat Natalya the 'She-Devil'/'Cunning' Chris

Dangerzone 10

It should be noted that Lazaroth made his interverial debut at Dangerzone 9 in what appeared to be some kind of dungeon.

At Dangerzone 10 he debuted in the ring by attacking Victor Vain.
At Big Bad Battle '99 would be his in ring debut match against Victor Vain, No DQ.

Ron the Technician somehow lost to a guy half his size with half the brain capacity... Raging Randy

Hades def. Wrestling Enforcer

Mr. Malicious def. Arabian Rainman

Lightheavyweight Championship
Bad Boy Barrett def. Military Man (his former Tag Partner in the AssassiNation)

Stratus/Rain def. Demonite/Midnight Lightning

Natalya the "She-Devil" def. Big 'C'

Pretty Boy came out to wrestle Cadavor. It was a suspiciously easy match for Pretty Boy to win. Then Cadavor pulled off his mask and we found out it was Scott Thunder imitating Cadavor. Scott Thunder, Pretty Boy and Angelica Acid (The Triple Threat) celebrated this phony match up.

Big Bad Battle '99