Redemption '98
No. 1 Lightheavyweight Contention Match
'Cunning' Chris vs. Rain: Went to a time-limit draw

Demonite def. Victor Vain

Pretty Boy def. Cadavor

Arabian Rainman def. Angelica Acid by DQ because of outside interference by Big 'C'

1st ever Tag Team Ladder Match
The AssassinNation (Bad Boy Barrett/Military Man) def. Dellico/'Cunning' Chris

T.W.O. World Title Match

What was supposed to be Scott Thunder vs. Mr. Malicious turned into a Scott Thunder vs. a midget dressed as Mr. Malicious. The real Malicious was missing in action.
Then Stratus came out to the ring demanding that Thunder give him his title shot early. Thunder agreed and the two wrestled for a good 25 minutes.
The match ended in a screw-job
not unlike the McMahon-Hart finish at Survivor Series '97.

Scott Thunder was not too happy.

Stratus walked away with the World Title, but fans would have to tune in to Dangerzone 7 to see what would happen next.

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