Dangerzone 5 & 6
Dangerzone 5

Lightheavyweight Championship
Bad Boy Barrett def. Midnight Lightning

Mr. Malicious def. Demonite

Barrett and Military Man came out to the ring to induct 'Cunning' Chris as their new member in the AssassiNation. When Dellico came out to the ring to talk 'Cunning' out of joining we found that it was a trick and Dellico and 'Cunning' Chris attacked Barrett and Military Man.

Victor Vain def. Midnight Lightning

Stratus def. Hannible

World Title Match
Pretty Boy vs. Scott Thunder
Scott Thunder retained the title after Cadavor interfered by pushing Pretty Boy off the top rope.

Dangerzone 6

Lightheavyweight Championship
Bad Boy Barrett def. little Paul Paul, who was no more than the age of 9

'Cunning' Chris & Dellico def. the Masked Assailants

Mr. Malicious def. The Menacing Gesture

Rain vs. Midnight Lightning, Demonite came out to help Midnight Lightning while Stratus came out to assist Rain (his brother in real-life). Everything went crazy and the locker room emptied as the ring filled with crazed wrestlers. Thunder made a grand entrance and somehow took control of the situation and forced Stratus to run the Gauntlet to earn a title shot. Promising him that if he could last through the Gauntlet he could wrestle Thunder for the world title the Dangerzone after Redemption. (as Thunder was set to face Mr. Malicious at Redemption)
Stratus agreed and Thunder put Stratus up against Mr. Malicious and then his own brother Rain. Both times Stratus came out the victor.

Victor Vain def. Pretty Boy with the help of outside interference from Cadavor.

World Heavyweight Championship/No-DQ Match
Scott Thunder def. Hannible
This would be Hannible's last match in the T.W.O.

Redemption '98