Dangerzone 13
Law and Order retain the Tag Team Championship against Demonite and Army Dude despite the fact that Wrestling Re-Enforcer shot himself in the head at the onset of the match.

'Cunning' Chris returns to his roots as a male wrestler to defeat his longtime rival Rain.

Acid Trip wrestled Ron the Technician and the match ended when Acid Trip poured a full bag of sugar right into and around Ron's mouth. After gaining the pin Acid Trip said "you have been converted." It was speculated that Ron had been converted into a creature known as Sugar High, but neither him nor Acid Trip were seen again.

At this time, Pimpin' Paul and the Arabian Rainman met Natalya the "She-Devil" in a back-alley. Paul propositioned her, asking that she join him as his hoe. When she refused, he put her in the cage with Rainman. Needless to say she kicked his ass. Afterwards Pimpin' Paul, disappointed in his colleague once again, chucked Rainman into a dumpster and shut the lid.

Stratus def. Dellico once and for all. The Lightheavyweight Title was not on the line however because Stratus exceeded the weight limit three times.

Scott Thunder brought Cadavor out of retirement to take on Lazaroth and Hades. He would have won too if Pretty Boy hadn't come out to the ring and blinded Thunder with a handful of powder.

Mr. Malicious came out to the ring to defend the World Title in what he thought to be as a match against Victor Vain whom he'd last wrestled at Extravaganza '98. Instead, after about ten minutes of combat, and superkicking Malicious into a board, 'Victor Vain' pealed back his ninja mask to reveal Pretty Boy underneath. Upon this shocking development Thunder charged the ring and walloped Pretty Boy with the Singapore Cane. While Pretty Boy was dazed Mr. Malicious powerbombed him three consecutive times, retaining the World Title.

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