Dangerzone 12
Pimpin Paul def. Natalya the "She Devil" with special guest referee Arabian Rainman

Victor Vain def. Acid Trip

Dellico and Demonite upset Stratus and Lord Randolph

Natalya the "She-Devil" was announced to be Lazaroth's mystery opponent. After the match began Natalya showed her appreciation for the Dominion and accepted the offer to join.

Pretty Boy and Scott Thunder came out to the ring to defend the Tag Team Titles against Law and Order (Wrestling Enforcer/Wrestling Re-Enforcer). It seemed to be a typical title defense for the tag champions until Pretty Boy superkicked his partner and then handed the belts over to the bewildered Law and Order.

Before the main event HaRdCoRe Champion Mr. Malicious made a remark backstage about World Champion Angelica Acid and whether-or-not she had the balls to face him.
In response, World Champion Angelica Acid made an amusing remark about Mr. Malicious's testicles, and then went out to the ring for this unique mixed Title vs. Title match.

Mixed / Title vs. Title Match
Mr. Malicious def. Angelica Acid unifying the HaRdCoRe and World Titles. It was probably one of the most brutal beat-downs in the history of our sport.

No-Remorse '99