Dangerzone 16
Arabian Rainman def. Missy Maniac with the help of Pimpin Paul

the Lightheavyweight Champion 'Cunning' Chris def. Gus the "Annihilator" after Crack-Edd interjected himself in the match

10-year-old Hardcore Twins def. Black Belt Mistress

SPB def. Crack-Edd

Dellico fought Midnight Lightning for the No.1 contender ship at Chris's Lightheavyweight title at Extravaganza, the match ended in a draw after Arachnid threw a tantrum and attacked both competitors choking them out. It would be decided that both competitors would go on to Extravaganza to face Chris in a Three-Way-Ladder Match for the Title.

Arachnid stormed into the back and bumped into SPB (who was trying to read a comic book) the two came to blows, and it was decided that they too would wrestle at Extravaganza '99.

Pimpin Paul def. Bad Boy Barrett w/special referee Scott Thunder

Main Event:
Thunder & Angelica Acid def. Paramecium & Natalya the "She-Devil" in a Mixed Tag Match to see which male competitor would go on to face Mr. Malicious at Extravaganza II.

Extravaganza II