Pre-Dangerzone Era
Master of the Mat '97:

It was the T.W.O.'s first show, an 8 man tournament to crown the T.W.O. World Heavyweight Champion.
In the finals of the tourney, Scott Thunder def. Pretty Boy to become first ever T.W.O. Champion.

Redemption '97:

After Scott Thunder failed to defend the World Title, he was stripped of the belt and a match was held. In that match, T.W.O. newcomer Mr. Malicious won the Championship.

No-Remorse '97:

The Ultimate Teenager made his debut and lost to T.W.O. World Champion Mr. Malicious, Law & Order solidified themselves as the top Tag Team in the T.W.O. and 'Cunning' Chris became the T.W.O.'s first Lightheavyweight Champion.

Rage Party '97:

Pretty Boy def. Mr. Malicious for the World Heavyweight Championship. Natalya "The She-Devil" is the dominant female in the T.W.O., 'Cunning' Chris holds on to the Lightheavyweight Title, Dellico "The Mexican Sensation" makes his debut and the first T.W.O. Trampoline Match is held.

Years End '97:

'Cunning' Chris' interference causes Pretty Boy to drop the World Title to Cadavor.
The Malitia - consisting of Mr. Malicious, Victor Vain and Cadavor reeks havoc on the T.W.O.

Big Bad Battle '98:

Scott Thunder makes his return to the T.W.O. winning the Battle Royal Match. He demands a World Title shot but is denied one. Cadavor leaves the malitia causing friction between he, Mr. Malicious and Victor Vain, Bad Boy Barrett wins the Lightheavyweight Championship from 'Cunning' Chris, 3 wrestlers make their debut in the T.W.O. - Stratus, Rain, and Military Man. Stratus starts a feud with Pretty Boy, Rain starts going after the Lightheavyweight Championship and Military Man starts a feud with Wrestling Enforcer.

Master of the Mat '98:

Pretty Boy wins the Master of the Mat Tournament and decides that he should receive a World Title Shot. Angelica Acid makes her debut in the T.W.O. and is instant opposition for Natalya "The She-Devil" as top female. The first Restraint Match is held. Hannible makes his debut and joins Scott Thunder in a plot to take down the T.W.O. Dellico and Victor Vain tear things up with a high flying affair that took people's breath away.

Following this show, the T.W.O. Board of Director's decided to start a show format of Dangerzones/PPVs. These shows would not actually be broadcast on cable, but would be similar to WWE's Raw/PPV format.

Dangerzone 1